Mar Themothios declares Sana’a Congregation, as a Church

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YEMEN: Metropolitan Dr. Mathews Mar Thimotheos declared Sana’a Congregation, as a Church in the diocese of UK, Europe and Africa on July 9, 2010 at 4 pm . The congregation will be known hereafter as St. Mary’s Orthodox Church.

There was a meeting thereafter, where the official welcome to the Metropolitan was extended by the spiritual organizations of the Church. A small cultural program by the Sunday School children made the evening colorful.

Earlier on Tuesday, July 6, Vicar of St. Mary’s Orthodox Congregation Fr. Blessen Varughese, managing committee members and the parish welcomed the Diocesan Metropolitan Mar Thimotheos into their midst. There was evening prayers at 7 pm at the Church followed by intercessory prayer of St. Mary, the Mother of God, which around 60 faithful attended.

Metropolitan Mar Thimotheos and Fr. Blessen Varghese visited Fr. George, Vicar of the local catholic church after evening prayers on July 7th. On the same evening there was a reception to the Metropolitan hosted by the St. Mary’s Orthodox Congregation at Mysore Palace Hotel, to which the Vicar, Managing Committe members, spiritual organization leaders and other dignitaries were invited.

July 8th evening marked the St. Mary’s Orthodox Congregation members welcoming the Metropolitan to the Church with lighted candles, which was followed by evening prayers. The Metropolitan also blessed the newly constructed ‘St. Mary’s and St. George’s shrine’. Secretary of St. Mary’s Church, Saana, M.S. Saji designed the shrine.

On July 10 principal of the Indian Embassy School invited the Metropolitan for a small function in the School Auditorium and the bishop addressed all the students. His speech was welcomed widely as one with a strong morally inspiring character.

“This is for the first time a that bishop visits Yemen. The St. Mary’s Orthodox Church as a whole is proud to be a part of it and we thank God for having given us this golden opportunity to be with His Grace during these days in Sana’a, Yemen. We also thank everyone, who prayed for us for the sucess of Thirumeni’s visit”, reflected Fr. Blessen Varughese on the Metropolitan’s visit.

Metropolitan Dr. Thimotheos returned to Kerala on July 10th in the afternoon.

News sent in: Miju Mathew

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  1. Congratulations to Fr. Blesson Varghese and the parishioners!

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