Some misguided elements trying to embarrass me: Dr Yuhanon Mar Meletius

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BANGALORE : “I really do not know who this Mar Severios Moses Gurgan is and what their plans are. If their intentions are to embarrass and do me harm, I may have to resort to other steps,” said Bishop Yuhanon Mar Meletius, Metropolitan, Diocese of Thrissur.

”I cannot issue kalpanas for all activities or works by some groups against me. I don’t care and least bothered,” was the cool reply which the metropolitan had to say when asked about the recent happenings.

Metropolitan was retorting to various new media reports of his name being associated with the Severios Moses Gurgan group and plans to join them.

There are reports that the Antiochene Syriac Orthodox Church plans to consecrate Severios Moses Gurgan as the new patriarch. At present, Bishop Mor Severios Gurgan is at the helm of the Antiochene Syriac Orthodox Church. Mor Severios Moses Gurgan had recently consecrated two priests as bishops in New Delhi last month.

Dr Yuhanon Mar Meletius who was in Bangalore on a short visit to UTC recently pleaded ignorance on the entire episode.
In a Kalpana dated June 24, 2010, and signed from Mannuthy, Thrissur, Metropolitan has put out a neat reply in Malayalam which explains his points and facts.

”I am with the Orthodox group,” was his answer to a specific query on where he stood at present.

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3 Responses for “Some misguided elements trying to embarrass me: Dr Yuhanon Mar Meletius”

  1. AC Philip says:

    Yes, Try to take it positively.
    Definitely not more than 2-3 years. If Moses Gurgon had not have an issue in SOC, do you think he would have approached H.G Militios and H.G Athanasios. They have fallen into the trap of MosesGurgon. Otherwise, he could have directly approached our Church instead of approaching H.G Militios and H.G Athanasios. In our church one Arabi (Muslim) use to come for Saturday evening service for about three weeks. He introduced himself as a person from Syria and interested in our service. We just left him alone in the Church. Later he started asking our Achen the justification for doing that and this and finally came to question Jesus. Then we had to show us our stand. I feel something similar here. H.G Militios and H.G Athanasios have been trapped. So don’t try to blow things out of proportion.

  2. Is this the German priest consecrated by two or three bishops of our church without the proper procedures and later ratified? Please pardon my ignorance.

  3. Who invited Fr. Moses Gurgan to India? Mar Milithios? Or Fr. Gurgan approached the Bishops from India? How do you expect these Bishops to know the personality of Fr. Gurgan, when his congregation came requesting for Ordination? It was his congregation in Europe, who requested for the consecration. It was to the request of the congregation in Europe that these Bishops responded. Stop writing nonsenses Abeesh. When writing something in a forum like this, behave and use words with dignity. Do not write nonsenses.

    For us, the Orthodox people, Mar Milithios’ words are of importance. Thirumeni said clearly and without doubt that he is part of the Orthodox Church. The Orthodox Church and her Holy Synod will take care of and fix our problems. You do not have to worry about it. Think of your problems and try to fix them.

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