Some Thoughts On Bull E125/10 From HH Ignatius Zakka Iwas I

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Shreshta Catholicos at Puthencruze? If a power instance has to turn to a temporal mundane higher decision making body, that instance has no inherent power as such in it. Its existence is one of dependence and one of subordination. In contrast therewith the Malankara Metropolitan and Catholicos of the East has complete temporal and spiritual powers to execute everything according to the guidance of Holy Spirit, counsel from the Holy Episcopal Synod and Malankara Association.

7. With ample support from Biblical citations the bull is categorically condemning anyone, who seeks spiritual and ecclesiastical positions through monitory donations or gifts in kind. It must be highly appreciated that the Holy Father affirmed this fact. However, the talk of the town on precedence with the Syrians is some what contrary. One simple question needs to be answered. ‘What power did St. Peter, the Chief of the Apostles give to the Sultan of Turkey?’ Or in other words, ‘is succession of St. Peter’ something that is bestowed by and from the Sultan of Turkey?’ If yes, Patriarch H.H. Abded Messiah’s appointment of a Catholicos in India is invalid. If not, HH Patriarch Abdallah’s authority is invalid.

8. What was the heresy of Arius, the arch heretic from Alexandria during the early decades of the fourth century? As we all understand, Arius denied the fact that the Second Person in the Holy Trinity is God. Further, he said that the Son of God is a creation within time with is notorious statement “there was a time, when the Son was not”. Did Mar Severios Moses Gurgan affirm something similar? If not, the correlation of Mar Severios Moses Gurgan and Arius in the bull is out of context. If it is meant only rebellion against the authority of the Patriarch of Antioch, it is purely disciplinary and a theological heresy can not be alluded to Mar Severios Moses Gurgan’s case. Moreover, the question, whether Arius of Alexandria was an aspirant to the throne of St. Mark in Alexandria, is yet to be unambiguously and authentically answered by Church historians.

9. If the Patriarch of Antioch had excommunicated Fr. Moses Gurgan before 2007 for indiscipline, why was he excommunicated again in 2007? Any priest, who is excommunicated is excommunicated and does not become a part of the Church, even if he receives any higher ecclesiastical order thereafter from any other instances outside. Therefore, the excommunication of Mar Severios Moses Gurgan in 2007 does not make any sense. To add more confusion the bull in consideration is further excommunicating Mar Severios Moses Gurgan ‘officially’. Now, were the earlier two excommunications unofficial?

10. The English text of the bull and its Malayalam translation have discrepancies between each other. There out a doubt can arise. Which one does the Holy Father really envisage, the English text or the Malayalam text? Or do we need to resort to any Syriac text, if one exists?

11. Was this bull written originally in Damascus? Or did it set out from Kerala in the darkness (Judas also went out from among the disciples’ collegium and Jesus Christ in darkness) to Damascus and come back with a red sign and seal? There is precedence (humans and bulls) for such events and it may not be wrong to doubt in this line.

12. Does this bull affect those, who gave girls into the families that belong to ‘Churches of Excommunicated’ or does it not? 99.9% of marriages among Syrian Christians of Kerala and outside are arranged and marriage is an intrinsic spiritual interaction. This bull is unconditionally affirming that any clergy or laity, who joins and associates with anyone excommunicated, will be voluntarily excommunicated and expelled from the primary membership of the Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch. Now, it seems like many among the ‘Malankara Jacobite Syrian Church’ are already excommunicated voluntarily and are expelled from the primary membership of the Church.

13. The term ‘voluntarily excommunicated and expelled’ needs attention though. If someone, who rebels against the authority of the Patriarch of Antioch is to be voluntarily excommunicated and expelled from membership of the Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch, why did the Patriarch of Antioch bother to repeatedly excommunicate the personalities mentioned in the bull? Why do you want to stab some one, who is already shot dead?

14. Finally, those Orthodox Metropolitans of dignity, who have realized and got convinced that the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church is not a slave to anyone and not to be under any kind of slavery, may it be spiritual or temporal or both, who were unanimously recognized by the Malankara Association and approved by the Holy Episcopal Synod of Malankara, are depicted as children of deception and are cursed quoting Lk 6:44. This is not a deed of dignity. Your Holiness must have acted with better wisdom and divine discretion. May the Holy Spirit guide the supreme leadership of Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch and her franchisee, the ‘Malankara Jacobite Syrian Church’ with a spirit of equilibrium and non-prejudice

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12 Responses for “Some Thoughts On Bull E125/10 From HH Ignatius Zakka Iwas I”

  1. Itty Pothen says:

    Going by the wordings in this Kalpana, it’s an easy guess for any one with common sense to understand that the Kalpana was drafted in Puthencruise “wholly enriched’ with certain wordings and H.H. was asked to endorse with his signature.

    The wordings in this Kalpana run concurrently to the “Prestigious Yellow paper Publication” Viswasasamrashakan;

    (Quote): “….the enemies, who were excommunicated by the Holy Synod held in Damascus in 1975. And we saw our enemies promoting, with the sole evil purpose of harming our Church. Those born of hypocrisy and deception can only show their inherent nature”.

    (Unquote): Pity the Patriarch who had to stoop to such low language level to keep up the faith.

    Let’s recall and be reminded of the Kalpana of Jesus the King of Kings and the Prince Patriarch of all Patriarchs’;

    (Quote): But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in heaven. (Mathew 5: 44-45).

    (Unquote): Let the Malankara Indian Orthodox Church continue to pray for H.H. the Patriarch in our first Thubden, such that we may be sons of our Father in heaven.

    To summarize let us bear in mind, Mathew 7: 1-2;

    “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

    “But it is God who judges: He brings one down, he exalts another (Psalm 75; 7)”

    Presume the Bible in Syriac contains the above verses too.

    Itty Pothen.

  2. Philip A.C says:

    Unfortunately things are happening like that. A word on the NRIs. Gone are their glamour. People in India especially in Kerala are rich to call the shorts.
    If a Priest trusts in God, he simply does not have to leave his parish to make money for building his church. God will provide. The best example is being followed by Kallungathra Manalel Church where Rev. Fr.K.M.Zacharia is the Vicar. With a family of under 200 with hardly any NRIs they are role models in fundraising for the entire Christian community. 90% of the faithful give 1/10th of their earnings to the church. The Vicar set an example by giving his 1/10th from his earning and the people followed.

  3. IOC is now seems to be underhands on some NRI and Rich people
    Where are the beleivers? Are we lanting seeds on violence here
    Do we have enough strength other than few NRIs
    I see some preist conducting “Film shows” in Dubai – for building some hall.Are we doing marketing here in the name of god? Is it wise for a priest to collect money by that sort of “Cinematic Dances”
    Seeing only mud throwing here.Quiting reading this site.
    It should publish good thngs which will help our community to grow.
    Day by day I am seeing IOC becoming a commodity for few to sell…There is no hard beleivers or prayers in Jesus.No reason one why Pentecost growing there.
    [email protected]

  4. anup says:

    I feel JOC and IOC have common faith so ecumenism is easy (but accept as seperate chruches and respect each other). Think problem exist only in few churches and that can be solved (Pray 4 the solution).

    Commenting on all and igniting the young minds with hatred (nothing more all these people with better writing skills and tounge will do).

    People should avoid commenting Supreme Heads, Bhishops and about chruches etc of both faction.

  5. AC Philip says:

    In short what Anup says is take whatever nonsense somebody writes about us. Don’t defend. How can you have double standards? If people like Dr.Biju was in the Jacobite faction, these types of bulls will never see the light of the day. Unfortunately how can you expect people like him to be amongst their midst. That is meant for those narrow minded and feel like the frog in the pond.

  6. anup says:

    Why dear Dr BIJU you scrutinize this much?. It was the stand point view of Jacobite Christians for jacobite Christian, and it is not send to you (or to the Head of Orthodox Chruch of Indian). For jacobite Christans (Those who accept the supreme athority (spirituality) to the HH Mor Ignathiose Zakka IWAS I) these is neccessary and all of them accept.

    I belive that IOC And SOC can join as two sister chruch if the problems (in malankara) are settled. Let us pray for that. Since IOC and SOC have same faith, same tradition.

    People like us should change first. We should not start discriminating then Bhishops will solve out the problem?

    Let us hope for a better tommorrow.

    Anup Thomas

  7. Editor says:

    Bull is available at the end of the article

  8. AC Philip says:

    The bull is available on MTV.
    The reason why we pray for our enemies is because we use the same Bible most Christians use. But when we come to SOC, they may have the famous doctored (kappi kannon) version, may be edited by Rev.Kurianparambil Kaniyan Cor-episcopa.

  9. Thanks Dr. Biju Mathew for your comments on this bull125/2010. Is there any way we could have accessibility to the original or photocopy of the bull?

  10. Eventhough the bull E125/10 dated 25 June 2010 is meant for the people in the’Malankara Jacobite arch diocese’ of the universal syriac church we are concerned with only the language used against us by the patriarch.If we are enemies for the patriarch then the patriarch and his followers are enemies for us also.But still we can pray for our enemies.

    2.As we are going to celebrate the 100th year of our independence the church leadership should open their eyes to read such comments about us and act as per the suggestions put up by the learned people in the church.At least implement some of the points suggested in chapter no.10 (page1339) of the book “Indian orthodox church-History and culture”(2002)compiled by Rev.Dr.Joseph Cheeran,Adv.pulikottil,and Mr.K.V.Mammen.

  11. Philip A.C says:

    Thank you Dr. Biju Mathew for such an outstanding view on the Bull of the Patriarch.

    I am not trying to add much to it. With regard to your point nos.10 & 11. I can categorically say that it all originates from Kerala that includes the famous 203/70 of June 27, 1970 of HH Yakob III. I know a Arabi/Syrian friend who had issues with HH Yakob III on this very Kalpana. He confirms that HH Yakob III had succumbed to the pressure of the Malankara Church.

    Infact HH Zakka himself has in one of his bulls to his daughter Church in Malankara has written, ‘’… you are not informing us any of the developments there and at last you use to take certain decisions and ask us to approve it. That means you consider us only as a person to put the seal and signature on your decisions what ever it may be. As you know, this is a critical time concerning our Church there and any hasty or unwise decision will affect the innocent faithful whom you are representing. And if we sign any improper decision taken by you all the blame will come upon us.”

    Yes His Holiness, the blame will continue until somebody bold stands up in Antioch to say, ‘Stop this nonsense. There is no spirituality in this’.

    But I doubt, even though they claim followers of St.Peter – the Apostle, they still carry the traits of the old Kefa, the fisherman Peter who was always wavery. You need to have people with the metal of St.Thomas saying, ‘Let us follow Him, even if we have to die’.

    Meanwhile, have a look at the difference in quoting St.Paul to the Corinthians in the present Bull. The English version says it is 2 Corinthians 5:13 and the Malayalam says 1 Corinthians 5:13.. Atleast the person who typed the said Kalpana I hope is not an outcast who is sitting in front of any government office with a typewriter who simply types what you give and can make the odd mistake! Even that be the case, we can see a difference of opinion between the drafters of the English and Malayalam version.

    If HH really meant. 2nd Corinthians 5:13, ‘If we are out of our mind, it is for the sake of God; if we are in our right mind, it is for you’, does it sent any signals. No I doubt, because given the History of HH Zakka, there is no hope.

    I am not here trying to point out this mistake, but what His Holiness is trying to do is to, seal the hole with darkness’. If H.H is so found of quoting the Bible, let him follow them in real life and make his followers follow it.

  12. Editor says:

    Comments with proper name and place are solicited. Dubious ones will be deleted.


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