K. Babu honored for Meritorious Services by Govt. of India

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NEW DELHI: Indian Union honored K. Babu for his meritorious services for the Indian Border Security Force. K. Babu is at present serving as the private secretary to the Director General, BSF at New Delhi.

Union Minister P. Chidambaram conferred the medal to K. Babu at a special event that took place at Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi on May 21, 2010.

K. Babu joined the BSF in 1973 and has served at various states in India all through the 37 years of service to the nation. He was conferred with awards for exemplary services three times in the past. Earlier on Independence Day 2007, K. Babu was awarded with Police Medal for meritorious services by the President of India.

Babu is member of the St. Thomas Orthodox Church, Sarith Vihar, New Delhi. He hails from the Thekkethil Puthenveettil family of Kottarakkara Kizhakketheruvu and is son of late Kunchandy and Thankamma. Susheela is his wife and has two children, Subu (Qatar) and Subi (Delhi).

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3 Responses for “K. Babu honored for Meritorious Services by Govt. of India”

  1. AC Philip says:

    John Mathew,
    Whether you know him for 24 years or 24 minutes it doesn’t matter to me. Try to think straight without a crooked mentality.
    Do you mean to say God has not played a role in his upbringing?
    What I meant is that he need to praise God for whatever he got and HE will reward him with more.
    My wishes is from a fellow orthodox church member who does not know him much as you might know him. Atleast you must have showed the courtesy to wish him here rather than attacking me with what you thought.
    Now you decide who need to be careful with words!

  2. AC Philp what do you mean to say that be happy with what you got. after all its his hardwork and sincerety. i know K babu personally for the past 24years. be careful with your words

  3. AC Philip says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! Be happy with what you got. God will reward you

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