Controversial Bishop Consecration Will not be Recognized: JOSC

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KOCHI: Episcopal Synod Secretary of the JOSC, Metropolitan Joseph Mar Gregorios said that anyone, who is a member of the JOSC, but accepts any ecclesiastical position at any other Church, will be banned from the JOSC. This statement gathers attention in the context that a JOSC member got consecrated as bishop from Primate of the Antiochene Syriac Orthodox Church, Metropolitan Mor Severios Moses Gourgan.

Metropolitan Mar Gregorios carried on to say that Ramban Youhanon had no connection with JOSC. Ramban Youhanon, hailing from Rajakumari, Idukki Dist., Kerala was one among the two bishops, whom Bishop Moses Gourgan consecrated last week at New Delhi

Metropolitan Gregorios raised further questions on the legal correctness of banned people consecrating others. His Church does not consider similar events with any seriousness. He moreover demanded that the MOSC shall make its policies clearer on this issue.

‘People adopting any means to get to the bishopricate is a disgrace to the whole Christianity’, said Thampu George Thukalan, JSOC Sabha Secretary. ‘True Christians can not accept a move to create a new Church’, he further exclaimed.

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6 Responses for “Controversial Bishop Consecration Will not be Recognized: JOSC”

  1. 50 lakh basil,then u will renamed basil mar so and so of bangaluru bhadrasanam ok

  2. What a joke Thampu George Thukalan has cut!!!!!!!!

    Can someone tell me how much I need to pay to be come a bishop in his church?

  3. Thomas P says:

    As of now Gurgen does not need any organisations recognition.It can be seen that very soon some metrans and kathnars with their flocks from both patriarch and metran groups will be in Gurgans clad and they will flourish in kerala, particularly in Ernakulam -Thiruvanthapuram belt.

  4. Metrapolitan Mor Sevorios Moses Gouran acts like a politician trying to create confusion in Malankara Churches. Because of his white skin so many in Kerala may follow him. But Indian Government should prevent him from entering India.
    Just like any politician, he is more trouble than good to Indian christianity.

  5. CSI says:

    Should not Mr Thambu reflect on his own words. Practice what you preach.


  6. CSI says:

    Mr Thampu should reflect on his own words and apply it first to himself. Practice then preach.

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