Diocese of South–West America Enthroned Metropolitan Alexios Mar Eusebius

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HOUSTON: ‘He is worthy, he is worthy, he is worthy’ shouted the faithful members and clergies representing every parish of the diocese in response to the “Oxios” call by the Catholicos Elect Paulose Mar Milithios. Mar Milithios was leading the enthronement service of Alexios Mar Eusebius, Metropolitan of the Diocese of South West America on May 22, 2010 at St. Thomas Orthodox Cathedral, Houston.

Paulose Mar Milithios (Catholicos Elect) led the holy service along with Dr. Mathews Mar Severios, secretary to the Holy Episcopal Synod and Zachariah Mar Nicholovos, Auxiliary Metropolitan of the Diocese of North East America. Morning Prayer started at 7.30 followed by Holy Qurbana and Enthronement Service at 8.30.

A public meeting was arranged immediately after the Enthronement Service at 11. Paulose Mar Milithios Metropolitan presided over the meeting. The newly elected diocesan Secretary, Rev. Fr. Thampan Varghese, emphasized on the historic significance of the event in his welcome speech. Congressman Al Green presented the Congressional Acknowledgement to Metropolitan Alexios Mar Eusebius. Metropolitan Dr Mathews Mar Severios, Metropolitan Zachariah Mar Nicholovos, Priest Trustee Fr. Dr. Johns Abraham Konattu, Lay Trustee M.G. George Muthoot, Rev. K. B. Kuruvilla (ICECH), Managing Committee Member Dn. George Poovathur and Stafford City Mayor Pro Term Ken Mathew graciously felicitated on the occasion.

Metropolitan Alexios Mar Eusebius of South West America expressed his gratitude to every family of the diocese for their prayer and support in making the event a blessed one. He also expressed his thanks and appreciation to all the clergy, diocesan assembly and council members, MGOCSM, Martha Mariam Vanitha Samajam and to all volunteers, who worked diligently to ensure that the event was held successfully. Dr. Zachariah Thomas moved vote of thanks and the meeting concluded with benediction and festive lunch.

News sent in: Manoj Mathew ( PRO – SouthWest Diocese of America)

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3 Responses for “Diocese of South–West America Enthroned Metropolitan Alexios Mar Eusebius”

  1. Orthodox Kid says:

    @Abrahamn exactly! Thank you, for taking care of Mr. C.M. Thomas’ ignorant comment.

  2. Abrahamn says:

    “Enthronement after a year sitting in the …..”

    This is a typical ranting from an ignorant malayalee layman ….no wonder our our Churches are not growing spritually. Mr. Thomas, if you are so God abiding & know so much as you claim, why don’t you don a capa and do the things our clergy does?

  3. C.M.Thomas says:

    Enthronement after a year sitting in the Throne.
    May be Church is copying American way of doing things.
    “Living together for a year before getting Married”as our
    young people do nowadays.
    We all need massaging our ego continuosly,and faithful
    folks are liberal to open the purse for any celeberation.
    Also a Chance for ‘Holy”fathers to make a piligrimage
    to the sacred “DOLLARLAND”under any pretext.
    Pray that Good Lord forgive those who commercialise
    His name.

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