The Pentecost And Human Fulfillment

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that water is used in the service of Pentecost as a lively symbol of the Spirit.

(b) Fire: (Acts 2:3). As the pillar of fire and cloud led the Israelites through the desert, the Holy Spirit is understood to function as the light to the Church. Fire is also a symbol of purification because many precious metals are purified through fire and fire symbolizes the energy needed for our forward journey.

(c) Dove (Mt 3:6). During the time of Christ dove was a sacrificial object which restores the communion with God

(d) Advance (Eph 1:14): the Greek equivalent of Arrabon means an advance payment or first installment. Life in the Holy Spirit is a foretaste or advance experience of the life in heaven.

(e) Seal (Eph 4:30): Seal is a guarantee of ownership. The seal of the Holy Spirit which the Christians receive in baptism always reminds that they belong to God (1 Cor 6:19, 20)

(f) Oil (1Jn. 2:20, 27, Acts 10:38): Oil was important for healing in ancient days. The Holy Spirit restores the health of soul and mind.

Besides these the Holy Spirit works in numerous ways to bring people to perfection. The Holy Spirit makes us aware of sin and judgment, strengthens us to stand for the truth, assists in prayer, gives an inspiration for mission, leads us in deification, imprints the image of Christ in us, brings about fellowship, leads us to truth, produces fruit of the Spirit and imparts special gifts etc. Among these five important functions of the Spirit are highlighted here. Holy Spirit:

1. Imparts wisdom

“Whoever travels without a guide needs a two hundred years for a two days journey”. This saying of Jalaluddin Rumi , the famous Sufi saint can be understood well in relation to the Holy Spirit who serves as a great Guru and guide. St. John the apostle goes to the extent of saying that there is no need of external teachers when we follow this Spirit who dwells in us (I John2:20, I John 2:27). It is essential to overcome the temptation to identify wisdom with accumulation of information in this age of IT. Wisdom means the light to discern evil and good, to understand relationships – between God and creation, between human beings, between humans and non human creation and to understand priorities in life.

Jesus Christ used the expression ‘Spirit of truth’ many times (eg. Jn. 16:13, 14:17…..etc) deliberately to contrast with the ‘Spirit of deception’ or lies (Jn.8:44). Even if the humankind has acquired an immense quantity of knowledge in various fields, sometimes they are deceived to consider evil as good and good as evil and the least important as the most important, and vice versa. The guidance of the Spirit of truth which imparts a power of discernment and leads to all truth is essential especially when we face the complex issues of modern life. The Holy Spirit is opening the treasure house of Gospels which contain Christ the wisdom and makes it attractive to all for the fullness of life in all ages.

2. Empowers the faithful.

It seems that it is not lack of knowledge but the lack of power to practice what we know as good is the biggest issue of the world. In spite of the fact that the apostles learned many things directly from Jesus Christ, they failed a few times to follow them. But the abundant experience of the Holy Spirit empowered them to overcome the weakening forces like fear, guilt, inferiority complex, sufferings etc and to commit themselves to the ministry of God’s Kingdom on earth. Human conduct is the sum of repeated habits. Power from God’s Spirit is necessary for deleting negative habits and developing good habits.

When the Holy Spirit is permitted to work effectively, a spiritual fervor (Rom.12:11) in worship and enthusiasm in mission are evident. The Holy Spirit indwells and inspires internally to continue the ministry of Christ boldly. When the disciples were empowered by the Spirit, they turned the world upside down. The last words of Christ just before his ascension vindicate this: “You shall be witnesses to

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  1. Seraphim says:

    When the day of Pentecost came, they were of one accord.
    Acts 2:1

    Quite possibly, the single most relevant sentence in these times, in a world governed by rupture and disunity.


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