Seven Golden Lamps are Gifted from Above to Malankara

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KOTTAYAM: The golden moment in the history of Malankara Syrian Church! According to the apostolic heritage of Malankara Church seven dignified priests have been elevated to the height of Metropolitan according to the canons of the Holy Church.

The seven candidates were elected to the bishopricate at the Malankara Association met at Sasthamkotta on February 17, 2010.

Consecration ceremony was consummated at the Cathedral of Malankara Metropolitan and Catholicos, namely, Mar Elia Cathedral, Kottayam.

Fr. Dr. John Mathews Ramban was consecrated as Dr. Youhanon Mar Demetrius Metropolitan. Fr. Dr. Nathaniel Ramban was called by the name Dr. Youhanon Mar Theodoros Metropolitan. Fr. V.M. James Ramban was named as Yaquob Mar Elias Metropolitan. Fr. Youhanon Ramban will be known from now on as Joshua Mar Nichodemus Metropolitan. Fr. Zachariah Ramban was given the name Zachariah Mar Aprem Metropolitan. Fr. Geevarghese Pulikkottil Ramban will be Pulikkottil Geevarghese Mar Julius Metropolitan. Fr. V.M. Abraham Ramban will be distinguished from today on as Abraham Mar Seraphim Metropolitan.

Before the commencement of the second part of the consecration ceremony the Vice-Principal of Orthodox Theological Seminary Fr. Dr. Jacob Kurien delivered a pregnant and highly thought provoking sermon. He affirmed that the newly consecrated seven Metropolitans are the seven golden lamps and seven stars as it is depicted by St. John the Evangelist in the first chapter of the book of Revelation.

The Holy Scripture says that number seven is the accomplishment of fullness. Fr. Jacob Kurien felicitated that the newly consecrated Metropolitans be able to remain the golden light of Jesus Christ, who proclaimed that He was the good shepherd.

The golden tongue of Malankara Fr. Dr. T.J. Joshua gave vivid commentaries of the ceremony at appropriate times as well as necessary directions to the faithful to actively taking part in the event.

Photos courtesy — Malankara Orthodox TV

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1 Response for “Seven Golden Lamps are Gifted from Above to Malankara”

  1. Philip Abraham says:

    Best Wishes to all the New Metropolitans.

    May Your Graces be in the forefront to Shepherd our Church and lead the flock in the ‘light and salvation’ of our Great Shepherd the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

    May Your Graces uphold the dignity and reveal the example of life tread by the great Saints whose names have been bestowed upon Your Graces.

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