Catholicate Centenary Celebrations: Details Released

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KOTTAYAM: Catholicate centenary celebrations will be inaugurated in the second week of November at the nation’s capital on a grand scale.

The Holy Episcopal Synod and the Malankara Sabha Managing Committee is also planed to meet on the previous day in New Delhi

The Centenary inauguration day will be observed in every parish of the Church as the Catholicate flag day as well as a day set apart for prayer.

Seminars and colloquiums on the history and importance of the Catholicate will be organized at parish level from 1-25 August.

Seniors of the Church above 80 years will be honored at parish level as part of Catholicate centenary celebrations.

Meetings of ecumenical bodies, namely, WCC and NCCI will be organized at the diocesan head quarters of Madras, Kolkotha and Ahmedabad dioceses.

Meetings of World Religions and Culture will be organized at diocesan level all over the Church.

Catholicate day celebrations for the year 2011 will be organized regionally in Kerala, namely, at Sasthamkotta, Karthikappally, Thrikkunnathu Sseminary, Pazanji and Sultan’s Battery. Dioceses outside India will organize various programs under the auspices of their spiritual originations.

Exhibitions proclaiming the Malankara Christian heritage will be organized. More over, pilgrimages to historical centers of ancient Christian importants from the far south of Kerala, Thriruvithamkode through to the northern end, Sultans Battery are also planned.

In September 2012 a meeting of the Heads of all Christian Churches will be convened at the Catholicate palace, Devalokam, Kottayam under the presidentship of the Catholicos of Malankara.

A grand meeting of members of Malankara Orthodox Church will be organized at the Marine Drive Ground Kochi, where the faith of the Church will be proclaimed and reaffirmed.

As part of centenary celebrations 100 cancer patients will be treated gratis and so also 100 Cardio Vascular patients with heart surgeries. 100 girls will be helped who financially struggle to get their marriages arranged and 100 bright students with financial constraints will be given scholarships.

A Church museum, where the history and tradition of Malankara Church being exhibited, will be set up at Parumala. Books and documentaries that explain the history and tradition of Catholicate are planned to be published in English as well as in Malayalam.

The Church will pay more attention to the environment by implementing the ‘Green Church Project’.

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1 Response for “Catholicate Centenary Celebrations: Details Released”

  1. Philip A. C says:

    “The Church will pay more attention to the environment by implementing the ‘Green Church Project’
    This is clearly evident from the condition of the Secretariat building that is left ‘abandoned’ at Devalokam complex. At the way it is left out we can expect more greenery inside the building by 2012. If the CCCCC Convener can organize a big flex printed with the Centenary logo on it, that can be used to cover the building and also post one of the security guards at Devalokam in front of this abandoned building so that no one reports on the condition of the building.
    The Association Secretary had made crocodile tears on the condition of the Secretariat building when he took charge. I don’t see any possibility of his tears getting wiped off when he completes his term in 2012.
    If our Bishops forgo the contribution they get from the Catholicate Day collection for atleast one year and donate it for building the secretariat many will follow their example and the building construction will be over in no time. Surprising H.B is not showing any enthusiasm for it. May be future H.B’s may!
    I really wonder have any of the Bishops expressed their concern on this building during any of the Synod meetings. If so what was the outcome. May be the Synod Secretary will be in a position to appraise on this.

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