Diocese of of South-West America released the logo

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HOUSTON: Alexios Mar Eusebius, Metropolitan of the South West American Diocese released the new logo of the Diocese on Saturday, Aril 10th, 2010 at St.Thomas Orthodox Church, Houston.

Chor-Episcopos Dr. P. S. Samuel, priests, deacons, and seminarians diocese were present on the occasion.

Tony Mathew, a young artist from St. Thomas Orthodox Church, Houston, designed the logo with consultation of Jinsu Kuncheria’s ( St.Gregorius, Houston) and Dn Jacob Kurian ( St.Thomas Houston). Rev. Fr. Mathews George ( St. George Orthodox Church, San Antonio ) was the chief coordinator of the project.

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10 Responses for “Diocese of of South-West America released the logo”

  1. Person says:

    The logo is okay.. it could be much better.. the way the shield/crest looks isn’t great plus the ribbon around the bottom and the Indian thing doesn’t look good.. and the font used could be better as well..

  2. Orthodox Kid says:

    Mr. Thomas Kuttikandathil & Mr. John Mathews..
    You guys have nothing to do, but argue with insulting comments at each other on a public website? And you call yourselves Orthodox Christians? Find something better to do.. lol

  3. maple says:

    I think it looks fabulous

  4. I personally dont like the Canadian symbol on a logo specifically designed for SOUTH-WEST AMERICAN DIOCESE.The Bishop and the committee that accepted it should cancell it and approve a new LOGo designed for SW American Diocese immediately.

  5. Mr.John Mathew is right.Mor Militios will be the new VADAKKAN BHAVA and Mor NICK and some ACHEN THIRUMENImars(some priests dress like Thirumeny and act like Thirumeni)will be the supreme heads in the USA

  6. Mr.John Mathews,
    I must appreciate you as a highly educated man with vast knowledge for finding faults in anything and everything.You are going to say sorry again in your afterthoughts and when you learn more things.
    2.America means not united states only but Canada is also a country in the north America.Before Canada-Europe diocese came in to being the churches in Canada were under the American diocese.When the dioceses were reorganised again to form two new diocese namely Europe-Africa and south west diocese of America a few chuches in canada came under north east diocese of America and few under south west diocese of America.The church leadership need not to be blamed for the problem there,but people like you are sufficient for creating problems.
    3.How do you call me a protestant Marthomite?But I am not a so called marthomite.I am proud to be called a Marthoma christian,because st,Thomas founded the Indian church.I think your fore fathers were also st.Thomas christians.The orthodox,Jacobites,Marthomites,syro malabar catholics,Malankara catholics are all part and parcel of this great community.But you say st.Thomas never came to India and the church here was founded by some one who came from Edessa or Antioch.Stick to your theory but do not try to impress or impose upon others.Your mor itself is evidence for your origin.you say you are not a jacobite your writigs show you are not an orthodox but some thing in between.
    4.The throne is not a new invention.Every bishop have a throne.The bishops who ruled Malankara who were known as Marthoma metrans were on the throne of st.Thomas.The name from Marthoma to Deevannasios was changed with the interference of Antioch in Malakara.Today the official name of Malankara mtropolitan is Marthoma.
    5.If you have allergy to jai jai catholicose you should keep away from the scene.For the first time jai jai catholicose reveberated in the atmosphere on the reception given to H.H.Gheevarghese 2nd catholicose while returning from the calcutta visit on hereing the news of adverse high court verdict against the orthodox church.The reception was given to thirumeni from Adoor to Kottayam with more than 700 motor cars in the words of late Mr.P.C.Abraham who was among the organisers.Mr. K.C Mammen Mappillai was at the fore front of the procession with jai jai catholicos to boost the morale of the orthodox community.Yes victory to the catholicose, which the catholicose ultimately got in 1958.We still chant victory to the superme head of the orthodox community or the church.
    lastly I follow the teachings of our great church fathers st. vattaseril thirumeni,H.H.Gheevarghese 2nd bava thirumeni and H.H.Vattakunnel bava thirumeni in church matters.
    Thomas Kuttikandathil,

  7. Why argue my dear friends over a logo?soon we will be having an ORTHODOX SYRIAN CHURCH OF EUROPE(in addition to SYRIAN) IN KERALA AND AMERICA.Already two Bishps, ONE for Angamaly and ONE for Kandanad have been consecrated by H. E. Metropolitan Mor Severius Moses Gorgun Syrian Orthodox Church of Europe.The news spread during lent time ,so most people didn’t notice.
    SOON we will have a VADAKKAN BHAVA in Kerala.Watch and see,ALL THE BEST

  8. Mr. John Mathews,
    The reason is a few orthodox churches in Canada are also coming under the juridiction of this diocese,very simple.Why do you afraid of our church so much.I think you are afraid of ‘ jai jai catholicose’.It is not political but spiritual also.(‘jai sri Ram’).It is said that the satan tremble at the sight of the cross.The real orthodox people will never get irritated in hearing jai catholicose.

    Thomas Kuttikandathil,

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