Mar Severios lauds Muscat Youth Movement’s Role in Aiding Charitable Projects

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Metropolitan Mar Severios lighting the lamp to launch youth activities for 2010-11

MUSCAT: The Muscat Mar Gregorios Orthodox Christian Youth Movement’s (MGOCYM) role as a benefactor for various social welfare projects for the Diocese of Kandanad Diocese is exemplary, said Dr Mathews Mar Severios while lighting the traditional lamp to formally inaugurate the Youth Movement activities for 2010-2011.

Metropolitan in his speech recalled how a sum of Rs 1 lakh raised by the Church’s youth movement during His previous visit to Muscat in 1998 set the ball rolling for establishing the Pratheeksha Bhavan, a home for the poor and destitute women who are mentally and physically handicapped.

Pratheeksha Bhavan comes under the Mar Pachomios Charitable Society with the other projects being Prasanthi Bhavan, Prathyasa Bhavan, Pradanam Centre, Pramodam Project, Prasannam Bhavan, Prakasam Institute of Special Education and Prathibha Products.

The Metropolitan recalled how naming the monument in memory of late Joseph Mar Pachomios who was also the first Metropolitan to celebrate the Holy Qurbana at Muscat Church in 1975, helped and blessed it to grow over the years.

Presently, there are 9 projects with work on 3 of them being on going ones. Foundation for the tenth one named the Catholicate Centenary Project will begin in 2012. This will be for cancer and HIV/Aids patients in the land owned by the Malankara Orthodox Church at Peruva, Mar Severios added.

Outling the projects for 2010-2011, Joseph Varghese (Biju Parumala), Vice President, MGOCYM, in his speech mentioned about the new Muscat Education Development Fund (to be named after LL Dr Stephanos Mar Theodosius). Four poor students from the Diocese will be selected and funds raised to help fund their primary school education.

He also said MGOCYM plans to work jointly with the National Association for Cancer Awareness (NACA) to spread cancer awareness and also do its mite for a pollution free Muscat.

The meeting held after the Holy Qurbana was also presided over by Fr James Geevarghese (Vicar and President), John Thomas (Parish Secretary), P K Thomas (Church Managing Committee Member), Cherian P Thomas (Diocese Council Member) and Pradeep Varghese.

The short function ended with Rev Fr James proposing a vote of thanks.

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  1. C.M.Thomas says:

    A friend of mine once told me that christian Bishops;all denominations included,see the faithful as ATM Machines
    .They are smart to find the right code of each”Sucker”
    whose blind faith in church routinely opens the wallet.
    How poetcally they describe the great causes,in Gulf Countries and North America assuming gullibility of the innocent forgetting the EGO
    and Toyota Camray or Benz vehicles that come on the side.
    Do these Princes of Church ever look in the mirror to see and feel the wrath of the Lord hovering over their arrogance and deceit.
    God. Forgive them for they do not know what they are doing.

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