Intensive Training Program for Bishop Elects at Sofia Center Kottayam

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KOTTAYAM: A one month intensive training program for seven Metropolitan Elects begins from Sunday, April 11th, 2010 at Sophia Centre, Kottayam. This training program is to equip the Metropolitan Elects with the responsibilities of an Orthodox Metropolitan.

Catholicos Elect Paulose Mar Milithios is in charge of the program. Various topics like Sacramental Orders, Ecclesiastical Canons, Constitution of Malankara Church, Liturgical Topics, Liturgical Music etc. are to be discussed during the program.

Dr. Mathews Mar Severios, Fr. Dr. T.J. Joshua, Fr. Dr. K.M. George, Fr. Dr. Jones Abraham Konattu, Fr. M.P. George, and Adv. Nambiar are among the leaders of the training program.

Fr. Dr. Youhanon Ramban (Orthodox Theological Seminary), Fr. Yaquob Ramban (Mt. Horeb Ashram, Sasthamkotta), Fr. Dr. Youhanon Ramban (M.T.C. Mavelikkara), Fr. Youhanon Ramban (Holy Trinity Ashram, Ranni), Fr. Dr. Zachariah Ramban (Orthodox Theological Seminary), Fr. Dr. Geevarghese Ramban Pulikkottil (STOTS Nagpur), Fr. Dr. Abraham Ramban (MGOCSM) are the attendees of the training program.

None of the attendees of the program is allowed to go outside the Orthodox Seminary premises during the training program except to celebrate Holy Qurbana on Sundays. Moreover, this program is thought as the time as well as opportunity for them to mentally prepare themselves to receive the office of a Metropolitan from the Holy Spirit.

Consecration of the seven Metropolitan Elects takes place at Mar Elia Cathedral, Kottayam on Wednesday, May 12th, 2010.

This time, all the new Metropolitans will get a set of holy vestments, staff, miter and holy cross from the Church as a gift. Arrangements are underway to get the needed things ready by the date of consecration. Preparation for the staff and holy cross is going on at Trissur. Fr. Biju Paranthal is making the miter.

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2 Responses for “Intensive Training Program for Bishop Elects at Sofia Center Kottayam”

  1. Baboi George says:

    The Malankara orthodox church has spread its wings to this part of the world about ten years ago from the middle-east. We’ve acquired a property and converted it to our way of worship. We urgently need a much bigger Orthodox Centre where all from our community can come together to practise the traditional and cultural activities. We hope that the newly formed diocese and its metropolitan will have an active role in pioneering our youngsters as the older generation is fast disappearing. The political and legal implecations are changing on a daily basis, and we hope and pray that the church hierarchy understand our desparation and see that an active Indian Orthodox community in London is the key to success.

  2. B says:

    I thought there were 7 bishops elected, why do I only see 5 in the picture?

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