Fr. Dr. T.J. Joshua Retires from the Orthodox Theological Seminary

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KOTTAYAM: Fr. Dr. T.J. Joshua, the great grand guru and the golden tongue of Malankara Church decides to retire from the Seminary. He had served the Seminary almost from the time of its revival at M.D. Seminary without an interruption to this day, namely for more than five and a half decades! Thousands of priests, deacons, and many metropolitans are blessed to have Fr. Joshua as their teacher and therefore, ‘hats off’ to our great professor!

“I won’t be there in the seminary as teacher next academic year and I have informed about this officially to the concerned authorities”, said Fr. Joshua to IOH in a special telephone interview.

“Retirement age at the Orthodox Theological Seminary is 65. However, with special directives I was continuing as a teacher even at the age of 81. Now, the new generation has to come up and assume responsibilities. The trend now in our Church is to continue on positions, if one is given, until one is removed. I wish to see a change to this tendency. This is the reason why I took the decision to retire. Orthodox Seminary is a sweet memory to me. I was blessed to work with four principals. Catholicos Baselius Mathews I and LL Metropolitan Dr. Philipose Theophilos were my teachers in the Seminary. Fr. Dr. K.M. George is my student. I had also served as the acting principal of the Seminary. Orthodox Seminary made me what I am now. I am thankful to the Seminary”, Fr. Joshua carried on. It was with George Thazhakkara that Fr. Joshua had been talking over phone.

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7 Responses for “Fr. Dr. T.J. Joshua Retires from the Orthodox Theological Seminary”

  1. Shaji Roy says:

    please remove the comments of C.M Thomas who try to spread hatred only. It hurts many people who know Joshua Achan, and for those who hear him once. Please remove the comment.


  3. Dear Mr. Thomas,
    It looks like you are frustrated about something like many other orthodox family grown men. you are the same people who donot value spirituality ,power of prayer,bilical knowledge.If you had learnt even one thing about orthodoxy or the word of god from our dearest Joshua achen who has been the wealth of knowledge of the malankara church you would not have wrote this. There are definitely many priest who could have got those kind of remark from youbut you showed your frustration on the wrong oneI hope god forgive you for this remark you wrote pray for forgiveness we will remember you too.

  4. ashok john says:

    please remove the false and slanderous comments made against Joshua achen by the first commenter as soon as possible. it is a shame to have these sorts of comments about a great leader of the church remaining on a church site.
    kind regards,

  5. Amith Mamen says:


    When you accuse someone you should know the person in detail . Joshua Achen is a great Malpan of our church and he is guide to many people .dont invite curses to your life while accusing a saintly person like joshua achen .May God Forgive you

  6. Kiran Raj says:

    Mr Thomas,
    It is not proper to talk in this manner about a senior priest, especially when he is retiring. He himself has mentioned about the retirement age in seminary being 65 and he continued in the post till the age of 81, under special directives.
    You talked about Achen getting income from three sources (remember, all these sals are not 6 or 7 digit figures) and also about having spousal income. Whats the problem with that?

    There are many us having more than one source of income and also spousal income. So whats the problem if a priest is having multiple sources of income
    … If it was for money, then i think Achen would have definetly earned more if he was not teaching in seminary and spent that time for writing and seminars or lectures outside… Also Achen taught in seminary even when numerous diseases were troubling him….

    And then about not giving chance for others to grow- if these so called “little trees” had the talent and willpower then who can stop them from growing… Your view that he responsible for others lack of growth is simply silly.
    Then about playing politics, as our church functions in a democratic way, a decision or viewpoint of a person may not be liked by all. That does mean that if I don’t like a person view or decision, I should say/write whatever I feel like in a open forum.

    And then about praying and meditating. Don’t have to tell him to do that… Just read all his books and articles ..will know all about praying and meditating

    Kiran Raj

  7. C.M.Thomas says:

    Finally it happened.Twenty years too late.Hope synod looks at few other
    oldtimers at Seminary,warming chairs for lenghty periods.
    This is the plight of our church and society.when someone gets a chair,he will do everything to stick on to it.There was a time this priest was Sunday School
    director and Vicar of a church around Kottayam.Three income for one person,who enjoyed substantial Spousal income also.
    He was like a Banyan tree that never allows little trees to grow under.
    May be it is time for him to prey,and meditate than playing power politics in Church.

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