Malankara Varghese Murder Case: 2nd Suspect Arrested

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KOCHI: CBI has confirmed the arrest of 2nd suspect in the Malankara Varghese murder case. Joy Varghese, Muzhiyil House, Alwaye was arrested against charges like conspiring the murder of Malankara Varghese, for providing hideout to the professional killers at his own house as well as arranging payments to them.

Malankara Varghese was one of the Managing Committee members of Malankara Orthodox Church and was killed on December 5, 2002 at Perumbavur, Ernakulam Dist. The Kerala High Court has ordered a CBI investigation in November 2007 into this case.

Chief Judicial Magistrate, Ernakulam allowed Joy Varghese to be in CBI custody for two more days for more investigation. Murder, scheming murder, and violation of ‘Weapons Prevention Act’ etc. are the charges against Joy Varghese, who is also nicknamed as ‘Cement Joy’. It was severely alleged recent times that one of the important suspects was not getting arrested due to political interferences.

Joy Varghese was arrested due to a special complaint filed by Saramma Varghese, widow of Malankara Varghese. His arrest will be an important turning point in Malankara Varghese murder case, it is believed.

“Some prominent personalities of the Syrian Orthodox Church in India were the motive force behind Joy Varghese and there are documents showing withdrawal of Rs. 400,000.00 from their bank accounts”, said CBI sources. One clergy man of the said Church is also under severe surveillance of the CBI. CBI has produced all the seized documents to the High Court in a sealed envelope.

Catholicos Elect Paulose Mar Milithios expressed his contentment over the CBI actions and hoped for the prevailing of justice in the Malankara Varghese murder case.

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