Christian Leaders Lament Foreign govt’ lack of Attention, Concern over Iranian Nuclear Program

Written By: on Apr 7th, 2010 and filed under News, World News.

Christian Leaders for a Nuclear Free Iran (CLNFI) would like to thank the foreign representatives of Germany, France, Russia, Spain, Hungary, Austria, and Mexico for meeting with CLNFI representatives, and hearing their concerns about the looming threat of Iran developing nuclear-weapons capabilities.

Even if we did not agree on all matters, or the best path forward in dealing with the problem of a nuclear-armed Iran, these foreign representatives have demonstrated their seriousness, concern, and openness to international cooperation in stopping Iran from developing a nuclear weapon.

Alternatively, CLNFI is saddened and disappointed by the refusal of several foreign representatives to take the threat of Iranian nuclear weapons seriously enough to agree to even a brief meeting with its representatives.

Representatives of Egypt, Gabon, Uganda, Nigeria, Belgium, Brazil, Turkey, Bosnia, Japan, and Sweden, have refused repeated attempts to meet with a high-level delegation of American Christian leaders about their concerns over Iran’s clearly demonstrated program to develop nuclear weapons capabilities. We are very concerned that these foreign representatives are not taking what is perhaps the most pressing foreign policy issue facing the civilized world seriously enough.

Over 40 world leaders will meet in Washington, DC on April 12 for a Nuclear Security Summit to enhance international cooperation to prevent nuclear terrorism, an issue which President Obama has identified as the most immediate and extreme threat to global security.

The emerging threat of a nuclear-armed Iran should be at the top of their agenda.

CLNFI has sent letters to the House and Senate asking for Iran sanctions legislation passed with overwhelming majorities in both houses to be settled in conference, passed, and sent to President Obama’s desk.

For details on press release: Contact: Dave Mohel, Email: [email protected]

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  1. dhan says:

    Why are christians getting involved in political matters, especially pastors that support Christian Leaders for a Nuclear Free Iran (CLNFI) The group, which calls itself “Christian Leaders for a Nuclear-Free Iran, includes Pat Robertson of the Christian Broadcasting Network, Southern Baptist Convention chairman Johnny Hunt, Charles Colson of the Prison Fellowship Ministries, Richard Land of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention

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