Malankara Withdraws the Approval and Acceptance of Mor Severius Moses Gorgun

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KOTTAYAM: Baselios Marthoma Didimos I, the Catholicose of the East, on the throne of St. Thomas, had withdrawn the approval and acceptance granted to Metropolitan Mar Severios Moses Gorgun, vide order no, 131/2010. The withdrawal of the acceptance was announced in respose to the explanation submitted to the Catholicos by Mor Severius Moses Gorgun, which became unacceptable to the Malankara Church.

Read the full text of the Order given below

H. E. Metropolitan Mor Severius Moses Gorgun
Syrian Orthodox Church of Europe
Ahornstr, 24b, CH-9240 Uzwil.

Blessings to Your Eminence in the name of the Triune God.

Amidst all the spiritual bliss of the season, some of the recent actions of Your Eminence, cause us great distress and pain. We are referring to the event of the consecration that Your Eminence has done and the responses that Your Eminence has sent to our successor His Beatitude Paulose Mar Milithios Metropolitan on his query about the event

Initially We were rather reluctant to accept the ‘website’ news that you have consecrated a Metropolitan for the Diocese of Ankamali and South Kerala, as a factual one but now that you have confirmed it, we try to come in to terms, with this unpleasant news. To add on, your irreverence and immaturity, you have again puzzled and agonized me by sending such an irresponsible answer as if it is your right.

If you would gratefully recollect yourself about your own consecration as a Metropolitan, with out the due consent of our Holy Episcopal Synod; but then later on; considering the integrity of our Church and in compassionate ground though reluctantly we approved it; with all those sensitivity that had caused, you wouldn’t have attempted that would cause pain.

It was quiet evident in our letter No. 237/ 2009 dated May 12th 2009, that you have no right to interfere in the affairs of the Malankara Orthodox Church and your ecclesiastical jurisdiction is confined only to the Syrian Community in Europe. You have not only wilfully violated that by consecrating a metropolitan to the Malankara Church but also viciously tried to condone it by sending this response to our successor His Beatitude Metropolitan Paulose Mar Milithios.

Let us again reiterate the fact that with this we have lost all confidence in you. It is our responsibility that we should safe guard the holiness, discipline and integrity of the Holy Church and this left me with no further choice other than withdrawing our approval and acceptance for you.

We would like to let you know that we withdraw the recognition and previlage,that we have confirred on you as the primate of the Syrian Orthodox Church of Europe.vide No. I42A /2009 dated March 16,2009. It goes without saying that all the consecrations that you have done are against the faith and practises of the Orthodox Church hence would be deprived of its validity.

We do hope and that you would refrain yourself from harming the Church by spitefully engaged yourself in vicious actions in the future.
May God bless your Eminence.

Baselios Marthoma Didymus I
Copy to:
1. Heads of all Oriental Orthodox Churches
2. H. E. Cardinal Walter Kasper
3. Members of the Holy Episcopal Synod of the Malankara Orthodox Church

Explanation Letter from H. E. Metropolitan Mor Severius Moses Gorgun

Greetings to Your Beatitude Mor Milithios in our Lord Jesus Christ:

In brotherly love I want to respond to your e-mail. The Syrian Orthodox Church of Europe wants to help all the people who are asking for help. Its my duty as the Primat and Father olthe Syrian Orthodox Church of Europe to help those who asking us. The consecration of the Indian Bishop for Angamaly and South Kerala took place because there is a big need for it.

Be assured that as the Primat of our Church I am very sincere to the Church which consecrated me Metropolitan and elevated me to the head of our Church. We are now through that a own Church in the Oriental Orthodox family and have the holy rite to consecrate bishops according to the need we have without asking other Churches. The new Bishop is told to keep away from the problem between the two factions and he has the order to serve the poor and those who asking our Church for help. What we did should be considered as a brotherly act and not as an act against anyone.

As you also already know I wrote to you during the last two years letters without receiving any answer from your Grace. Through my answer to you you have to know that I have nothing against you. I look forward to have deeper brotherhood and relationship with the Malankara Orthodox Church.

Be assured of my love to His Holiness and the whole Synod. I am open for more conversations.

Yours in the love of Christ our Lord.
+Primat and Metropolitan Mor Severius Moses

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41 Responses for “Malankara Withdraws the Approval and Acceptance of Mor Severius Moses Gorgun”

  1. Abraham says:

    Difficult to help you brother.

    As long as you choose what to read and what not to read.

    Upto you.

  2. Abraham says:

    “shall i ask a thing if \UR\ church was in nestorian faith why u came into antiochian faith”

    Am sorry, it was \OUR\ church

  3. Abraham says:

    Okay, I would explain what I know,

    The portuguese branded us heretics and tortured us because of the Nestorian connection. That was their ‘trump card’ against us. After the Coonen Cross Oath, we the Indian Christians called for help, and the help came from the Antiochean Church (Adbul Jaleel). After years of connection with the Antiochean’s, we gradually moved from East Syrian rite to West Syrian rite, it was a gradual process, however, as per my knowledge, heightened during the Dutch time.

    Same as how, the Syro Malabar, who initially thought of keeping the East Syrian rite, is gradually turning Latin.

  4. Abraham says:

    You should also, answer that question… the question applies to all, Jacobites and Orthodox as well ..

  5. arun says:

    shall i ask a thing if ur church was in nestorian faith why u came into antiochian faith

  6. Koshy says:

    Read It – Before the Portuguese arrival, Indian Church had better connections with Nestorians and not the West Syrians …. Please read better books…
    A. Parthian Period

    There were also Christians at this period in India. In one of his rare notices of Christianity beyond the Roman empire, the fourth-century Roman ecclesiastical historian Eusebius of Caesarea mentioned that Pantaenus, an eminent Christian scholar and Stoic philosopher, left Alexandria in about 180 and went as a missionary to India, where he found Christians who traced the origin of their community back to the apostle Bartholomew. They owned a copy of Matthew’s gospel, supposedly given to them by the saint. Pantaenus, who knew neither Hebrew nor Syriac, clamed that this gospel was written in Hebrew, but it is more likely to have been an early Syriac translation. Shortly afterwards the Christian teacher Bardaishan, working at Edessa, wrote authoritatively on the brahmins of India. He may well have derived his information on India’s caste system from Christian friends who had been to India.

    It is not surprising to find Christians in India at such an early date. Goods and art objects from Roman Alexandria and Syria were certainly reaching the Indus River and its upper reaches in the first century AD. Traders tended to land on the Malabar coast of India, and carry goods overland to the east coast, and it is probably significant that the first Christian communities in India were founded along this coast. The Malabar coast also had a settled colony of Jews and this, more than any other single factor, may have encouraged early Christian missionary work in India. As elsewhere, the first Christian converts were made from Jewish communities. Christians could also be found in the Punjab, in the city of Taxila. There, uniquely in the ancient world at this date, Buddhists and Christians could have mixed freely, without the intervening barrier of the pagan gods of the Roman and Parthian empires.

    B. Sassanian Period

    Persian Christianity in India, implanted during the Parthian period, prospered and grew during the Sassanian period. The Nestorian monk Cosmas Indicopleustes, who visited the Christians of India around the middle of the sixth century, mentioned three distinct areas of Christian settlement: in northwest India, around the trading port of Calliana near Bombay, from which brass, sisam logs and cloth were exported; along the Malabar coast in southern India ‘in the land called Male, where the pepper grows’; and in the island of Ceylon (Sielediva). By the fourth century the Church of the East had begun to send out bishops to these communities. According to the Chronicle of Seert, the bishop David of Maishan left his diocese in 295 to go to India, where he preached the faith among the Indians. Other bishops surely followed in his footsteps, though the supply of Persian bishops to the Christians of India was never easy, and there may have been long periods when no bishop was available. Cosmas noted that the Christians of Calliana had a bishop appointed from Fars, while the Christians of the Malabar coast and Ceylon had priests and deacons but not bishops. By the end of the Sassanian period the Christians of India had accepted the leadership of the church of Fars, which also claimed Saint Thomas as its founder. The connection with Fars went back at least as far as the late fifth century, when the metropolitan Ma‘na of Rev Ardashir sent copies of his Syriac translations of Greek devotional works to India for the use of the Indian clergy.

    D. Abbasid Period

    After several centuries of dependence on the Persian-speaking metropolitans of Fars, who also boasted of their descent from the apostle Thomas, the Saint Thomas Christians of India were finally brought under the authority of the patriarchs of Seleucia-Ctesiphon towards the end of the eighth century. The patriarch Timothy I, who was determined to break the power of the bishops of Rev Ardashir, detached India from the province of Fars and made it a separate metropolitan province. There is a tradition in the Indian church, recorded by the sixteenth-century Portuguese writer Diogo do Couto, that two ‘Syrian’ bishops, Shapur and Peroz, were sent to Quilon from Mesopotamia in 823, the year of Timothy’s death. They were accompanied by ‘the famous man Sabrisho‘’, perhaps a metropolitan consecrated by Timothy for India. As he had done in Fars, Timothy doubtless took care to appoint progressive churchmen for India to eradicate the undesirable practices introduced into the Indian churches by conservative Persian bishops. He may well have tried to promote the use of Syriac in preference to Persian, but if he did he was not immediately successful. A number of copper plates belonging to the Malabar church have survived from the second half of the ninth century, recording certain privileges extended by the local Hindu rulers to the Christians of Quilon. The main text is in Old Tamil, as might have been expected in an official Indian document, and the signatures of the witnesses (Jews, Moslems and Zoroastrians) were in Hebrew, Arabic and Persian respectively. None of this is surprising, but it may be significant that the Malabar Christians did not insist upon a Syriac translation of the text. Towards the end of the ninth century, in response to an appeal from the Indians, the patriarch Enosh or a near-contemporary consecrated another Syrian metropolitan, Yohannan, for India, along with two suffragan bishops. On his arrival in India Yohannan may well have met an exotic foreign visitor, the English bishop Sighelm of Shireburn, who was sent in 883 by king Alfred to offer thanks at the shrine of Saint Thomas near Madras for his great victory over the Danes at Edington five years earlier. Sighelm’s impressions of the Nestorians of India would have been of great interest to the scholarly Alfred, but have unfortunately not survived. One of Yohannan’s suffragan bishops, ‘Dua’, was consecrated for Soqotra, and the other, Thomas, for ‘Masin’, a region traditionally identified with southern China. If this identification is correct, the consecration of a bishop for southern China, easily accessible from India by sea, might be connected with the collapse of the Nestorian mission in northern China several decades earlier.

    E. Seljuq Period

    Little is known about the Nestorian metropolitan province of India during this period. Sporadic contact seems to have been maintained between the Saint Thomas Christians and the Mesopotamian heartland of the Church of the East, but it was not always possible for bishops to be sent to India. A manuscript note of 1007, recopied in 1138, mentions that the province of India had been suppressed, ‘because bishops were unable to reach it’. Clearly the province was later revived, as it was again in full communion with the Church of the East at the beginning of the fourteenth century.

    F. Mongol Period

    In 1301 a manuscript was copied in the church of Mar Quriaqos in Cranganore on the Malabar coast of India. An elaborate colophon to this manuscript mentions the patriarch Yahballaha III and the metropolitan Ya‘qob of India, demonstrating that links between the Saint Thomas Christians and the Church of the East in Mesopotamia were strong at this period. Cranganore, described in the colophon as ‘the royal city’, was evidently the seat of the Nestorian metropolitans of India, indicating that the main strength of the Indian Christians was by now along the Malabar coast. Nevertheless, there were still Nestorian communities around Bombay, which were noticed by Franciscan and Dominican missionaries in the early years of the fourteenth century. There were also Nestorian communities on the Coromandel coast, around Madras and in Meliapur, with its celebrated tomb of Saint Thomas. Their numbers, however, were modest. The Latin missionaries mentioned only fifteen Nestorian families in Tana, a port near Bombay, and another fifteen families in Meliapur.

  7. arun says:

    bishops Joseph and Abraham are from India they do not the follower of nestorian faith but they believed in our orthodoxy faith . it is orthodox religion leaders creation that Indian church do not had any relation with Antioch. i would like to say that if orthodox want to go to nestorian faith they can still go to that but remember that once these nestorian people was under the holy see of Antioch later this nestorian ideology raised the letters and monks from the Persia were the believers of Antioch faith

  8. arun says:

    dear koshy in that period all persian were not in nestorian faith. try to understand it

  9. Koshy says:

    If at all any evidences are available, it proves the conenction between the Indian Church and the Nestorian Church. Recall the letter from Patriach Timothy of Babyloian Church to the archdeacon called Arken in the 8Th century. The Bishops Joseph, Abraham and Sebstiani duing the portuguese time etc. All of them were persians and not syrians.

    Please do read proper history books. The connection between Antioch and India is only from 17th century.

  10. The only answer for all this is reconciliation. It is long overdue and i will not stop saying it until both sides realize it. We are all looked at as fools by the governments of India, Syria, Turkey, etc who think these minorities are idiots. Jesus Christ would recommend reconciliation no?

  11. Dear Mr. Arun,
    I would like to answer your question……..
    1. If orthodox people have their own qurbana why they still uses the qurbana of Syriac orthodox?
    You have to study the origin of the liturgy.
    Christianity has many forms of liturgy. The most widespread ones are the Byzantine rite and the Latin, or Roman, rite. The Byzantine rite is used by the Greek Orthodox Church and several other Eastern churches. The Latin rite is used by the Roman Catholic Church.
    We are using the Divine Liturgy of St. James, is the oldest Eucharistic service. It is the ancient liturgy of the Church of Jerusalem and is attributed to the Apostle James the Just, the Brother of the Lord.
    This liturgy originated in Jerusalem during the late fourth or early fifth century. It quickly became the primary liturgy in Jerusalem and Antioch. Although it was later superseded in Jerusalem and Antioch by the Liturgy of St. Basil and the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, it had already spread to other areas of the Church.
    The oldest manuscript traditions are in Greek and Syriac, and there are also extant manuscripts in Armenian, Ethiopic, Georgian, and Old Slavonic.
    The Liturgy of St. James was composed by St. Cyril of Jerusalem c. 370. Today it is the principal liturgy of the Churches of the West Syrian tradition: the Syrian Orthodox Church, the Syrian Catholic Church, the Indian Orthodox Church, the Syro-Malankara Catholic Church, and the Mar Thoma Church.
    The Liturgy goes back to the Apostles themselves, or rather the Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit through the Apostles.
    Each Apostle evangelized the geographical area allotted to him and, because they were Jewish, more or less replicated the 1st century synagogue service, altered to the purposes of teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. The liturgy grew, yet always according to a specific form. St.Thomas the Apostle came to India and preached the Gospel and started the Church.
    St. Mark’s liturgy is the basis of the one used in Alexandria, St. James’ liturgy in Jerusalem we the basis for St.Basil’s liturgy (St. Basil the great, one of the Cappadocian Fathers of the fourth century) was a modification or abridgment of St. James’ and St. John Chrysostom’s was an abridgment of that.
    According to tradition, the Jerusalem rite, or that of St. James was delivered by Our Lord to St. James. It is the ‘origin’ of all the other rites.
    Byzantine rite actually is based more upon the Liturgy of the Apostles, which was first recorded by St. Luke (according to the tradition). St. Basil borrowed much of the Jerusalem rite when he was restoring the rites in his area (so, there is also Cappadocian rite .. and the East Syrian and Armenian rites are related to the Antiochene through Ss. Mari, Addai, and Gregory)
    There are also many other rites which have not been served for hundreds of years, or even since the first millennium, or first centuries.
    2. St.Thomas Tradition
    St. Thomas, one of the apostles of Jesus Christ came to India and preached the Gospel. That he converted many people into Christianity, founded churches, ordained ministers and was finally martyred and buried here – is a belief held by the Malankara Church through generations.
    Church historians agree that the Malankara Church was founded by St. Thomas, the Apostle. Tradition has it that the Apostle Thomas ordained two bishops, Kepha and Paul, respectively for Malabar and Coromandal (Mylapore). This is supposed to mark the beginnings of the first hierarchy in India. The Christians were called Thomas Christians. The Church of the Thomas Christians was one of the four great “Thomite Churches” of the East. The three others were the Edessan, the Chaldean (of Mesopotamia or Iraq) with Seleucia-Ctesiphon as its centre, and the Persian (of Persia proper or Iran). These four Churches were “Thomite” in the sense that they looked to St. Thomas as to their Apostle. Among these Churches the Church of Seleucia-Ctesiphon emerged as the organizational centre, mainly owing to the political importance of this place as the capital of the Persian Empire. The Indian Church had close contact with these Churches. A connection to the East Syrian Church (Chaldean) was established after the arrival of another Thomas (Knai Thomman) and several families from Cana in the year 345 A.D.
    The tradition in the Persian Church also holds that Church too was founded by St.Thomas. Therefore it may be legitimately assumed that these two churches had cordial and strong relationship and intercommunion. Christians were persecuted in the Persian Empire during the 4th century. To escape the persecution the Persian Christians fled to different countries. One such contingent of Christians under the leadership of Thomas of Cana, who was a leading trader, reached the Kerala coast in 345 AD. It is only reasonable to presume that such migrants have helped to bring the Malankara and Persian Churches closer. And the Kerala Christians had very good and close relationship With the Persian Church till the arrival of the Portuguese in the 16th Century
    The Malankara Christians have held for centuries that this Church has a foundation which is as ancient and apostolic as that of any other ancient church in the world. The Nazrani community was always proud of its antiquity and traditions. This church which existed on the Indian soil for centuries had a place of honour in the Indian society.
    Although this church grew independently in India, it existed almost in isolation from other ancient Churches. This church had a very good relationship with the ancient Persian Church. Afterwards it came into contact with the Roman Catholic Church and with the Antiochan Syrian Church and the Anglican church from 17th century onwards.

  12. Eldho says:

    I wonder why most of the commentors are attacking each other. Gurgn can be a threat for both the factions. Please wake up. I wish this could be a reason for both churches to unite.

  13. neworthodoxmallu says:

    Mathew is spot on…..what the hell are these red robe gurus fighting, chains, position??

  14. Koshy says:

    Most of the commentors here are Jacobites, claiming to be Orthodox. The ones who comment , (my Church) , member of IOC.. are all making themselves more suspectible..

    What was done was out of Good Faith. None of these commentors, would personally know the Muattupuzha and Mannuthy Bishops, let alone know their intentions… Better stop making assumptions… I see no one… having any love towards the Church… and none of these commetors show any Christian morals or values…

    This is not the place to fight like a pack of wolves…

  15. Now emerges a third faction rooted on syriac orthodox traditions. MOSC, Jacobite and Mannuthy, Moovattupuzha and Gurgan faction. These factions are going to see indiscipline in its peak and they would have a hard time controlling it. For the laymen and clergy of all these factions, there is always a door open without compromising faith and doctrines. All those desperate red robe aspirants now has a third door open for them.Needless to say it will lead us to destruction. Straight forward laymen will get sick of these games and would make an exit towards protestant churches.There is only one solution I could see which is UNITY. Stop fighting for wordly assets, Stop fighting for thrones, Stop fighting for other silly matters, Stop accumulating new buildings and lands. Both factions must sit together and resolve all differences and be one in CHRIST. Win souls for Christ and be a witnessing church.

  16. oommen puramattom says:

    Being a zealot jacobite i have the opinion that some sort of understanding between soc and ioc is the need of the hour.Atleast unity in not accepting excommunicted priest,bishop or even layman by either churches, inorder to prevent such incidence..Hope sense will prevail to avoid embarasement and disintegration of both churches..otherwise very soon we both will be the laughing stock in kerala.

  17. John P. Jose says:

    If our Church really wants to solve this problem and to have real peace within our own Church and possibly peace with the Jacobite Church, we must dismiss the two “Bishops” who created this whole mess. Proven dividers and trouble makers working against the Church should never be accepted into our Church. Did the leadership of Devalokam read HH Zakka’s Kalpana excommunicating Gurgan? Did they think that he would have a miraculous conversion once he was allowed into our Church? Is there any way that our Church can benefit spiritually from accepting someone like this into our Church? Any layman could have easily predicted that accepting someone like Gurgan would cause all kinds of untold destruction. Rather than condoning his ordination, they should have thrown out the rebels from Mannuthy and Muvattupuzha to prevent further in our Church. As long as they keep them with their back door tactics, we can look forward to more dramas within our Church and more people leaving our Church for the Pentecostal and other denominations/religions. Also, if we ever have any genuine hope of uniting as ONE Church and being a real witness for Christ in this world, we must remove these individuals and any others like them for the Glory of God. Then only it will be possible to truly unite Malankara Orthodox and Jacobite Church as one Church.

    John P. Jose

  18. Dear Mr. Philip,

    How did you even judge that I have learnt history through Antikya samrakshana samithi…What I wrote is a fact….Can you factually contradict me ?

    Nobody teaches that Christinity was brought to India by Antiochian fathers. If you think so, it only shows your prejudiced understanding of history. We do teach and beleive that chritianity was sustained here by the Antiochiean fathers….Can you say no ?

    You need not look into history created after the split in the church. Go back and check what common history we have before the split.

    Anyone who knows some history will understand what I am writing which prejudiced minds wont comprehend.

    HH Peter III came as per the request of malankara church (decision taken in the parumala mmeet ) and he was called here because all efforts to stop Athanasios had failed miserably. HH Peter III called Athanasios ‘ Balayar’. So what are you trying to say ?

    You are reaping what you sowed. Because Gurgan was supported silently because your church saw an opportunity to cause disturbance in the SOC and sit back and enjoy….If a simple/humble Bishop like Mor Barnabas of america can comment ‘ this will be a punch to the patriarch ‘ in his exalted mood, what about the others ???

    Ippol kannadachu iruttakiyittu oru aaryavumilla….When a ramban excommunicated from the Holy church was given ordination and acceptance from your church, the stage was set for this drama…

    Now let your church leadership experience the agony, pain and embarrasment that happens when peole start biting the hand that fed them.

    May good sense prevail!!

  19. neworthodoxmallu says:

    I am soon starting a new group..please join me…more details to follow

  20. Vilson says:

    I request the concerned no to make this dais to through dirt to each other. Don’t think all the common laymen from both side are against the other faction they are not at all interested to see the others as enemies. Many common laymen are relatives and participating the functions and occasions in each other’s families and churches up to the level of priests from both side. (Even bishops from both factions will visit the house of the people of other faction during many occasions). There is no objection to attend and take part in the holy communion of the church of either side. There is no objection about the priest hood or validity of Bishops of either side. Then what for we are fighting to each other just like politicians. They through dirt to each other in public to gain vote from the public but personally it is not the case.

    Due to various reasons we are separate churches. Whether any of those who fight in this dais or any such stages, will deny if there is a proposals comes from brides or grooms from the other side or even from Malankara Rite only due to the church he belongs to (even we will not deny Marthomites). No. Even there may be some exceptional cases (may be, not sure) most people will not deny only because of their church. I am from South Kerala (Ex. Travancore). At least in this part of the kerala this is the situation. I am not sure about the practice in Ex. Cochin State. The situation is same as concerned in Ex. Malabar area also it seems to be.

    Even The people from other faction visit the tomb of Parumala Thirumeni. Even Malankara Rite people visit there and even used to keep his Photo along with Arch Bishop Benedict. From some one source I heard that once some nuns visited one house of Malankara Rite, they saw the photo of Parumala Thirumeni in that house and asked them to remove it from there as he is not a saint accepted by Catholic Church, then the people of that house replied that if we have to remove that photo we have to remove the photo of Arch Bishop Benedict.

    No body has the right to say, that Mar Ivanios deceived our church. Even after so much of years, did we could bring peace in our church, or did we could solve at least 50% of the problems. None of both factions are fulfilling the basic duty of a church.

    Don’t put to common laymen’s mind that both factions are enemies by publishing nonsense in such dais or any other stages.

    See what is written in Bible “Suppose you are offering your gift at the altar. And you remember that your brother has something against you. Leave your gift in front of the altar. First go and make peace with your brother. Then come back and offer your gift.

    I heard this from many bishops during their preaches in many churches, but none of the leaders are doing this.

    We have deviated from the main objective of the church, (the purpose of the church) and wandering here and there for the truth and the actual beneficiaries are protestant groups, who reap based on these subjects and making the mind so as to join them.

    My humble request to all is wake up as we cannot even dream of becoming one church, let us be separate church and live happily.

  21. Two of Malakara Church Bishops ordianed (other one joined via fax) Mossa Gurgan as methran with ulterior motives. Now its biting us back and we deserve it. The ordination has not gone well below the throats of ordinary faithful. Why no assocation or synodal approval was not taken in advance?. Why the ordianation took place at an undisclosed place?. Why didn’t Holy Episcopal synod lheaded by Bava thirumeni took the lead in ordination?.Unfortunately there is no forum for the ordinary laymen to ask these questions.

  22. Philip A.C, Auckland says:

    Dear Mathew Chembagaparambil
    Your reply may have takers who have learnt history through the publications of Antiochia Samrakshana Samiti after the emergence of Cheruvallil and Perumballil Pithakanmar in the 1970′s which teaches christianity was brought to India by the Antiochian Fathers. There could be some innocent takers. But the real ones who knows history amongst your lot will feel regret in having a person like you in their midst. Do you know why HH Peter III/IV the Patriarch came to India and what did he say about Palakkunathu Athanasios? If this is what you know about Palakunnathu Methran what to talk to you about the others.
    Don’t think I am justifying the recent actions. But when some intelligentsia and philosophers talk about what we saw we reap and so on, I wonder what are they talking about? If one doesn’t learn from their mistakes and find ways to solve it, then this will continue. That is all I am saying.
    Regards Bro. You have a blessed Lenten season.

  23. Michael says:

    Please put also the letter of Mor Severius Moses to H.B. It’s in the Malankara Orthodox tv website. He wrote a long one. In that you can see also the truth. Be fair and put his answer.

    thank you.

  24. Nothing is going to happen to the Indian orthodox church because of Gurgan’s action.This incident remind us the way two bishops namely perumpallil and cheruvallil were cnsecrated and thrown back to malankara in the early 70s.The syrian church of Europe is now reduced as a garbage bin where the excomunicated one can be swept in.Hope the two synod members will distance themselves from these people heeding to Saint Vattaseril thirumeni’s golden words”never trust people from these tribe and creed ”.As now H.H.bava thirumeni already took firm action against them no one need to be in anxiety or sleeplessness.

    Thomas Kuttikandathil,

  25. To Mr. Philip A C,

    You need to go back to your history books sir…to see who started all this nonsense..And by history books I dont mean His-story but to use your god given common sense to do some independent research.

    Palakkunnathu Athanasios was ordained by the Patriarch because there were regular reuests for a metran and Palakunnathu deacon succeeded in lying and convincing HH that he was elected and sent from Malankara. Why blame the Patriarch when the cheating happened from one of our fellow malankara nasrani ?

    In 1974, Mor Gregorios and Mor Divannasios were ordered as elected by the Palliprathipurusha yogam of the Jacobite church and as per the wishes of the people.

    The 95 verdict so freely misinterpreted by your faction has stipulated that all elections that happened after 31st dec 1970 has no representative charecter of the church. Those were elections for the particular factions. So if the election and ordination of these two Bishops were a crime, by the same logic all the elections and ordinations in the metran kakshi are a crime. Kaadadachu vedi vekkaruth.

    The problem that our church facing today is one of ingratitude and rebellion…

    May good sense prevail..

  26. don’t understand why Mr Moosa Gurgan and his colleagues using syrina orthodox in their church name.Also they are taking all excommunicated peoples.Some are even expelled more thand 4 times from different churches and due to several reasons.And all of them got punishments more than 2 times from their previous churches.How shame is this?

  27. I think methrankakshi deserves it.They shouldn’t accept these garbagges first of all for using against the other faction.But they will never learn the lesson.I feel pity for the group of rubish with Moosa Gurgan.Sinned and sinning again.Going to a end up in big trouble.

  28. lajy says:

    Robin or thomas who ever posted there comment does no history of malankara .Malankar christian exited when St peter establishing christrian in syrian .Most people use bible has evidences ,bible related story is middle east country history were it was not mentioned other part world history. Malankar was colonised by syrian christian no jacobite denie this .Even western power when they came also was tried best to colonised there faith they also claim St peter throne. According jacobite theory then india must be part U.K .Our country ruled for so many years in to single nation which was diveded houses . patriarch was good person who follows bible foot steps why he cant be spirtual leader than boss of malankara .
    Middle east person does not know value of decomracy if it was exited syrian he would know .If you take pope example there many type of christian expect , him has their spirtual leader he never tried to be the boss of that chruch so every part of the world RC growing in big manner ,respect law of the land .Syrian chruch of europe only accepted malankar chruch only for spirtual leadership .Like patriarch never tried take control over their chruch . Robin must understand fact instead blinding spreading hatred our spureme court of this country
    expeted 1932 rules & bava .If Jacobite is correct why your bava claim head of india instead claiming to be east becauses of supreme court & jacobite is made into trust to escape from judgement , propery belongs malankar head . Robin, election conducted why your holy fathers dident come for election becauses if they would have come they would loss election if they had win election every one malankar would have respect judement. This would have lead to unity .Dont see jacobite point view ,yoy must know fact orthodox chruch & schools almost every part of india why jacobite doest have becauses your less population compared to metran kashi faction expect America & europe becauses late 70 & 80 job oppurunity for nurses wanted there .Many of the jacobite they come to orthodox chruch for prayer can you buit chruch for 5 members outside kerala .what your joing to do _________
    Simple appointing more Bishop like pakisthan army comparing with army of india but they dont realy require this ,this type theory followed in jacobite can you denie this .
    Bishop who joined us from your side in kerala they are highly educated person only becauses supreme court judement. Do thing in India judgement come in favour of foreign spritual rule in this country .

  29. We reap what we sow. God is watching over us.No church and and No association should forget this fact. Now as a church we have pushed ourselves in to a ‘CORNER’ and none could take us out from there except God.

    I am at a loss to understand what drove the church to allow ordination of a foreign priest as Bishop.Defenitely , it is not compassion, brotherhood, or extreme urge to help the needy. Don’t tell the poor laymen of church that it was revelation.

    Though learned the hardway , its a lesson. Never ever in future we must not give approvals to foul plays by anybody regardless of what position one holds.

  30. Itty Pothen says:

    Malankara Orthodox after involving with the Syriacs around 1653 AD = Marthomites + Thoziyoor independents + Malankara Reeth (Rite) + Jacobites; Therefore the net result assured if anyone deals with the Syriacs at any point of time = Avial.

    Roman Catholics, Anglicans, Seventh Day Adventists, Assemblies of God, CSI, Pentacost, etc etc all Christian denominations in the world put together is around 30, 000 denominations of Christians. Each claim theirs is the right form of Christian worship and they alone are on the correct path to heaven.
    How many denominations and its followers will pass through the final Judgment “HE” alone knows.
    The group of H.G. Mor Severius Moses Gorgun is one among the 30, 000 denominations. The policy of ” live and let live” seems the best in this era of the world.

  31. Philip A.C, Auckland says:

    To all those innocent and wise lambs of the Antiochian sect.

    Do you have any idea who started all this nonsense.
    Get back to the history books. Try and find out who ordained Palakkanuthau Athanasios in the 1840′s and who ordianed HB Thomas and Late HG Perumbalil in the 1970′s and with whose permission it was done. Isn’t the problems that our church today is facing is the aftermath of all that.
    So don’t play that innocent card otherwises in this passion week, you may all get resurected without crucification. Then we may all have too many Gods to worship which will be toomuch for we sinners.

  32. Philip A. C says:

    To all those innocent and wise lambs of the Antiochian sect.
    Do you have any idea who started all this nonsense.
    Get back to the history books. Try and find out who ordained Palakkanuthau Athanasios in the 1840′s and who ordianed HB Thomas and Late HG Perumbalil in the 1970′s and with whose permission it was done. Isn’t the problems that our church today is facing is the aftermath of all that.
    So don’t play that innocent card otherwises in this passion week, you may all get resurected without crucification. Then we may all have too many Gods to worship which will be toomuch for we sinners.

  33. what catholics did in the past is now against will be always happen like this while giving the authorisation for gurgam the orthdox people (metran fraction) had a wild dream that they can make a split in the universal syriac orthodox church. but it do not worked out. now the pain catholics is suffering is what his holiness patriarch also suffered when the catholics behaved to him. now the god acted in the same coin towards to the catholics of metran fraction

  34. If the issue to be solved completely the Bava should take a decision to ex communicate the two bishops who consecrated Moosa Gurgan as our church will not loose any thing even if the flock with them leave our church with them. In future it should be a lesson to all those dicidents and aspirants of bishops post should understand this.

    Dont worry it should not be our agenda to encourage such people even if the opposite faction entertain such things.

    More over if our church is not able to excommunicate these two bishops , they should not give power and let them stay out of episcopal synod and let them give some other charges other than leading our people , which will damage the mind of our people.

    If the church is interested in increasing members, let us first try to stop the flow of our own children going to other churches including Pentecost.

    Also, the church should take a decision even if it is too late even if we will not recognise the other faction. let them function as an independent church , we have no need to bother and later on the things will change regarding the cases.

    I urge our church leaders not to encourage people or our priests or bishops for their interest. Because many times we see our priests and bishops are not able to take right decisions due to the interference of the influences.

    Let our God bless us to be a christ centered church not for gunda centered or court case centered one or not to be another political party style church.

  35. Robin J Mani says:

    Mr. Thomas Kuttikandathil,
    What in decent language had been used and simply comments were written about above mentioned article. Correct me if I am wrong, but it was Kuttikandathil priest who wrote a very provocative and disrespectful open letter to your “supreme head” talking very poorly and disrespectfully to your church’s “supreme head” elect. Where was your outrage and call to stop such letter when it was written by your kith and kin. Basically, your issue is only valid if it offends you. I know many Metran Kashi people who were very irritated by that open letter. Boldness to post our address, really? I hope that was not a challenge.
    Robin J Mani
    Philadelphia, PA (I hope that was enough of an address)

  36.                               05th December 2007
    His Holiness Moran Mar Baseliose Marthoma Didimose I
    The Catholicose and Malankara metropolitan
    Catholicate Palace

    May it please Your Holiness,
    Kissing Your Holiness’s hands, I submit to state that two of the three
    Monks who left the Syriac Orthodox Church about five years ago is
    spreading news in Europe that two of them were ordained bishops here
    in India last week by His Grace Dr. Thomas Mar Athanasios Metropolitan
    of Kandanadu Diocese & His Grace Dr. Yoohanon Mar Milithios of Trichur
    Diocese, of the Malankara Orthodox Church.

    These three Priests left Syriac Orthodox Church quarrelling with
    former Metropolitan of the archdiocese of Europe Mor Julius Yeshu
    Cicek.  I am attaching herewith two photographs of the ordination of
    Ramban Moosa as Mor Severios Moosa Gurgan for the Syrian Orthodox
    Church, Arch diocese of Europe, by His Grace Dr. Thomas Mar Athanasios
    Metropolitan of Kandanadu Diocese & His Grace Dr. Yoohanon Mar
    Milithios Metropolitan of Trichur Diocese, of the Malankara Orthodox
    Church, with the help of some priests under them. Whether this
    ordination by these two bishops is with a silent approval from the
    Malankara Orthodox Church or not? It was heard that they left Kerala,
    without using and showing any sign of a Bishop’s attire, and is now
    acting in Germany as a Bishop!!!!!

    Malankara Orthodox Church should say whether this ordination is
    approved or not? We have a strong procedure for electing a bishop. Is
    there any special rule to ordain a Bishop by two bishops and some
    priests without the knowledge the Catholicose and Malankara
    Metropolitan / Holy Episcopal Synod / Managing Committee and the
    Malankara Association? They violate all the procedures of the Holy
    Church. Why our Church is mum to these kinds of illegal actions? What
    happened to the Holy Episcopal Synod?

    Requesting Your Holiness’s prayers,
    Yours in the Lord
    Fr. Johnson Punchakonam
    Copy to;
    1.    Secretary, The Holy Episcopal Synod
    2.    Metropolitans of the Malankara Orthodox Church
    3.    Priests Trustee
    4.    Lay Trustee
    5.    Association Secretary
    6.    Working Committee members

  37. Dear Editor,

    Please stop allowing Orthodox Herald as a spitting pan for the Antochean zelots for whatever reason and using indecent language against the supreme head of the Indian orthodox church.And let them be bold enough to write the name and addresses.Please do some moderation on the contents that accuses our church in a publication that runs by our own people.This can never happen in a publication which they run.Nothing is in the constitution aproved by the supreme court that gives ultimate and unlimitted supremacy to the patriarch.They should never dream for that.Let them read all the clauses thoroughly.Everyone knows the way gurgan got cosecrated and the things happened after wards related to this, which is very clear from H.H.bava thirumeni’s letter which is reproduced in this colum.

    Thomas Kuttikandathil,

  38. The bullet from Devalokam misfired!! —

    H.E Moosa Gurgan’s recognition withdrawn by “Metran kakshi”

    The virus developed in Mannuthy has started biting its own species.

    Read H.H Didimos Letter to H.E Moosa Goorgan Read Read

    H.E Gurgan who was ordained by the secret approval of the “Metran kakshi” synod has been suspended by their Catholicose. This imposter who was given recognition, encouragement and all moral and ‘spiritual ‘ support to spread dissent in the Syrian orthodox church has punched back his spiritual head.

    It is said that in response to the explanation demanded by their Catholicose designate, Gurgan told him that ordaining metropolitans for his church is his right and he need not seek permission from anyone.

    At this juncture the saying ‘you reap what you sow’ becomes very apt for this occasion.

    The “Metran kakshi” had envisioned Moosa gurgan as an instrument against His Holiness, the Patriarch. Even when Moosa Gurgan took Eldose Kaungumpillil, who was excommunicated by His Holiness, the “Metran Kakshi” were secretly rejoicing and hoping for a split in our churches in the UK. Now the tables have turned.

    Didimos Ist says in his latest communiqué to Moosa Gurgan ” Your irreverence and immaturity , you have again puzzled and agonized me”.Now that he feels the agony when people cause dissent, hope he shall soon stop encouraging every dissent he is encouraging in Malankara churches.

    Hope now that he realizes the pain and agony caused by the irreverence of subordinates, he shall accord His Holiness the Patriarch the respect, honour and submission as stipulated in the Malankara church history, traditions, his own 1934 constitution and the 1995 SC verdict which are so dear to them. Now that he realizes the pain and agony, hope that he shall stop agonizing and paining the supreme head of the Malankara church through his words and deeds.

    H.H. Didimos I continues in his official communique…

    “If you would gratefully recollect yourself about your own consecration as a Metropolitan, with out the due consent of our Holy Episcopal Synod; but then later on, considering the integrity of our church and in compassionate ground, though relucantly we approved it; with all those sensitivity that had caused, you wouldn’t have attempted that would cause pain.”

    Hope H.H.Didimos I will in future stop feeling “compassion” towards the people excommunicated by His Holiness and stop approving excommunicated people on ” compassionate ” grounds.

    In the coming days we may see a lot of activity along the Bishops Mannuthy – Moovattupuzha freeway. It is beyond doubt that the same people who developed this virus secretly at Mannuthy are the backstage players in this drama.

    After their ‘unity efforts’ by filing more cases and being sidelined by their new masters, they are looking for options. Let them search in the darkness created by this group of excommunicated people — Maybe they will find a Catholicate at Mannuthy and Patriarchate at Moovattupuzha in this darkness.
    May good sense prevail in Devalokam.

  39. George Varghese Tharayil says:

    i agree with robin even though i am an orthodox,in this regard’s,evarkke naanam undo

  40. Dn. NY says:

    We Reap What We Sow (6:7-9)

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