Mor Severius Moses Gurgan Consecrates a Malayalee Metropolitan for Ankamaly

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KOTTAYAM: Mor Severius Moses Gurgan the Primate of the Syrian Orthodox Church of Europe, whom the Malankara Orthodox Church had consecrated as a Metropolitan in 2007 has consecrated Ramban Fr. Varghese Mattathil as Metropolitan Mor Bartholomaos Joseph at St Gabriel Syrian Orthodox Church in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, United States on March 21, 2010.

Mor Cassianus, the Metropolitan of the Middle-US diocese of the Syrian Orthodox Church of Europe assisted Mor Severius Moses Gurgan at the consecration. Mor Bartholomaos Joseph has been assigned with the diocese of Angamaly and South Kerala of the Syrian Orthodox Church of Europe.

“Due to the prolonged court cases and unhealthy situations between the two waring groups of Jacobite and Orthodox factions in Kerala lot of faithful and priests have requested His Eminence Mor Severius the Primate to help them and to solve the issues between the two factions. The Syrian Orthodox Church of Europe is growing across the world and because of that more bishops will be consecrated soon” says the official web site of the Syrian Orthodox Church of Europe.

Malankara Orthodox Church has asked for explanation to Mor Severius Moses Gurgan on this act, learnt IOH from Devalokam.

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51 Responses for “Mor Severius Moses Gurgan Consecrates a Malayalee Metropolitan for Ankamaly”

  1. baby says:

    mattathil ramban,. was he was a teacher for 2 or 3 years at EHS Veettoor near Muvattupuzha from 1976 ? , if so ,Oh my God he is bishop now.

  2. Congratulations to the new bishops & church
    All orthodox Christians of Kerala , including priests and prelates, rejoice !!!.You got more options

  3. What we did was wrong (the ordination). Now one more new denomination of Church has been established “Syriac Orhtodox Church of Europe”. Now they have a separate identity. So my opinion and request to our church leaders is don’t interfere in others matter (if it will not affect us in any way). Let them grow with their own principle. The new Bishop for Ankamaly is not of our Church. H.G is for the Church of Europe.

  4. Editor says:

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    Also when writing something, please keep in mind to focus only on the news.
    Abuse of church hierarchy will not be tolerated. Your IP address is stored in our server will be used when and where IOH needs it. This is for your information.

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  5. malankara nasrani says:

    To all those dissidents , who pretend to be MOSC believers here :
    Ask H,B Thomas I , why he wanted to consecrate Joseph mattathil as Metropolitan two years back ?? Why didnt he consecrate him
    To Fr. geevarghese.: Very good father your the REAL jacobite preist!!! in this holy week you have used the best of the vocabulary you know to describe H.H Didymose I catholicose. We dont expect much better words from a jacobite preist,a s some from your group commented few years back ” CC pidikkunnoreyum , quatation kareyum pidichu achan aakyiyal ithiul kooduthal onnum pratheekshikkendalleo. Keep up your good work Fr. KEYvargehese…

  6. malankara nasrani says:

    Most of the people who commented here pretends to be MOSC followers but their wording & postings brings out their TRUE colour!!!! Most of those who commented here are jacobite followers & their main AIM is to side line the two bishops Mor Militius & mor anthansios. The Jacobite strategy is very clear they want to use this situation as a chance to side line these two bishops ,create confusion among the MOSC people & throw some mud on the two bishops who left them for UNITY & TRUTH. By this they think that they can spoil the good image of these two bishops among the MOSC people. IOH should not promote these type of postings by FAKE MOSC beleivers.To those trustee board members of IOH ” why are you people spending your money to use this as a place for the jacobites to throw words at our bishops & our church” or does IOH also have some hidden agenda??Request those people behind IOH to kindly moderate all post in this. why you let the hypocratic jacobites call our church devalokam sabha & our catholicose Devalokam catholica?? Are u you guys sleeping & or does you like your catholicose getting humiliated by a group of dissidents??

  7. Koshy says:

    @Manu Varghese Poothakuzhyil,Abu Dhabi

    Tell your 15 year old son, to concentrate on his studies, Read Bible, Study Early Church History, See more of National Geographic and History Channels..

    Their are many good things on the platter for a 15 year old. :-)

  8. Abraham says:

    Rev. Fr Geevarghese

    Are you a priest ???? I doubt so

  9. Abraham says:

    I dont see anything for people to cry so much about..

    Their was absolutely no plans for the IOC… the bishop was consecrated by two bishops of the church, without the knowledge of the church. Both the bishops were asked to give an explanation…

    The church wouldnt have wanted to disgrace both these bishops and would have agreed to consecrate Bishop Gurgon, rather than lettin him and his followers move to any Uniate church….. Which would have been better ?… looosin many orthodox christians to Uniate Church or holding them in Orthodox Belief….

    Pathetic seeing the attitude of many commetors here… a mountain is made out of a mole…. I sincerely believe, that his consecration was done in good faith…. and MY bishop, Didymos I, is not a person, who take undue advantage of any situation…..

  10. 27th March, 2010
    To His Beatitude Paulose Mor Milithios, Catholicos Designate and Metropolitan.

    I greet you in brotherly love and say:

    Our Office brought to our attention the letter on March 27, 2010 of His Holiness Mor Baselios Didymus I and therefore it seems to us important to respond to that letter.

    1. In the letter was mentioned that my consecration took place without the knowledge of the Holy Synod of the Malankara Orthodox Church. We already have the documents in our hands of the decision of the Holy Synod on August 07, 2007 when the Synod decided to consecrate a Metropolitan for Europe. Its not fair to try to push the Synod decisions in a other light.

    2. In the letter it is mentioned that I had to take the approval of your Synod in order to be able to consecrate a bishop. But you know very well that the consecration committee with the approval of the Holy Synod issued the Sustatikon (Certificate of my consecration to Metropolitan and Primat) of my consecration that I am able to consecrate Metropolitans without any approval of any Church authority, even without the approval of the Malankara Orthodox Church. About this decision it is also written, that His Holiness the Chatholicos gives his blessings and that the Holy Synod approved it.

    3. In the letter of His Holiness which I got on March 16, 2009 His Holiness with the Holy Synod recognized to accept me as the Head of the Syrian Orthodox Church of Europe. Since that date we are an independent Church and we are no more depending
    on the Malankara Orthodox Church in anything.

    4. In the letter of the 27th of March 2010 is mentioned that I wrote in a harsh way to you. Nothing in that letter was harsh, it was full of love and brotherhood. The copy of it is already sent to different Malankara offices. Because of all these I want to let you clearly know that you and your Church have no authority over our Syrian Orthodox Church of Europe, its Primat and its Holy Synod. After we became independent and autocephalous its not possible for you to rule over us. In brotherhood we want to encourage your grace to stop every polemics against our Church. His Holiness the Catholicos has a great heart and we all know about His deep spirituality. We visited His Holiness twice in India and he showed us every time his love and joy but unfortunately you tried after every visit to push things in a different light. That is not the first time that you put words under the name of His Holiness. As the Catholicos Designate you should never do things like that and especially you never should use his health issues for own and personal reasons. During the last two years I wrote to you so many letters in order to stay in contact with you but you never answered any of our letters. How do you think it will be possible to continue a relationship with your Church?

    We don’t have the time to argue about these things every time because we want to use and we have to use our time for the salvation and the good of our faithful. Instead fighting against each other we should work together. If your Church and the Jacobite Church would work together your own people would not suffer the pain which the both Church hierarchies are giving to them. On March 3, 2010 I wrote to both Catholicoi an official letter about the sad situation of our faithful in India and I got no reaction. I wrote in that letter that I got uncountable requests from priests and faithful to help them because of the Church problems.

    Why didn’t you write to me any response to that letter? It seems that every one has his one plan. But our mission is to help those who ask us and to be holy tools in the Holy Hands of our God and Lord Jesus Christ. We know what we do and we know what we have to do in the future. If you really want to speak with us and discuss every thing like brothers in our Lord Jesus Christ you are very welcome and we are open for that. But our door is closed for fights and hatreds.

    In brotherly love
    Primat and Metropolitan
    Mor Severius Moses

  11. binoy says:

    we are the member of malankara sabha. i am very shame for our sabha.malankara sabha donot take any action to mar athanious and milithious for the serioue problems.gurgan will make more bishop or kerala. our priest who failed bishop election will join goorgan and make bishop

  12. Itty Pothen says:

    Read the open letter in the net to H.H. Catholicose of Armenia.
    Cheruvali’s absconding and subsequent emergence is briefly mentioned.

  13. preju thomas says:

    Nov Gurgan is saying that IOC has no right to withdraw his recognition and they are not allowed to interfere or control his church bcz his church is independent .remember these same words used by methran kakshi before some decades aganist the Holy throne and Patriarch ,nov the same things happening to them “nee alakkunna parakku thanne ninakum alakum”keep it up

  14. preju thomas says:

    Vattasseril methran is the roll model for IOC.He brought an excommunicated Patriarch and ordained a retired bishop as catholicos.(he is also not attend that function,why ?) This same thing happened when they ordained Gurgan as a bishop and the recognition by the synod.”Paramparyam kathu sukshikkunna nalla thalamura” For each and every thing IOC leaders say about their bible(1934 const),is this ordination was happened by the rules of that “Holy Book”.”VITHACHATHU KOYYUM”.Allow milithious and athanasious to do more favours to IOC bcz IOC got 2 aramana(mannuthy&muvattupuzha)by free of cost

  15. Philip A.C, Auckland says:

    Dear Geevarghese.
    Don’t you believe the so called Syrians and Indians are decedents of Adam and Eve like every body in this world. What has Jesus taught us about brotherly love?

  16. PC Mathai says:

    I am deeply pained. These events show that we lost farsightedness. Our leadership is lacking. Who to blame? I don’t know. Simply power politics. Let the Holy Spirit work and redeem the Church.

    New Delhi

  17. Geevarghese says:

    Dear Thomas Kuttikandathil – What did you mean by “anyone from these tribe and creed”? does this mean from the Syriac tradition ?? Dont we owe the priesthood, holy Chrism, liturgy, sacramental rights, vestments and traditions to these tribe and creed? Are we ready to give up all this and promote a Swadesi Church so that we do not have to worry about these tribe and creed?

  18. As Saint Vattaseril thirumeni reminded” never trust anyone from these tribe and creed ”.This incident remind us the consecration of two bishops perumpallil and cheruvallil in the early 70s and thrown back to malankara to start a 2nd war with the malankara church.Hope our two synod members will distance themselves from these problem creators.The place for any one joining them will be in the dust bin.

    Thomas Kuttikandathil,

  19. the church must learn from the experience, we should make contoll over all bishops, rambans , priest and all members. the bishops from trichur and kandanadu must take the responsibility of gurgon

  20. Philip A.C, Auckland says:

    To all those innocent and wise lambs of the Antiochian sect.

    Do you have any idea who started all this nonsense.
    Get back to the history books. Try and find out who ordained Palakkanuthau Athanasios in the 1840′s and who ordianed HB Thomas and Late HG Perumbalil in the 1970′s and with whose permission it was done. Isn’t the problems that our church today is facing is the aftermath of all that.
    So don’t play that innocent card otherwises in this passion week, you may all get resurected without crucification. Then we may all have too many Gods to worship which will be toomuch for we sinners.

  21. Philip A. C says:

    To all those innocent and wise lambs of the Antiochian sect.

    Do you have any idea who started all this nonsense.
    Get back to the history books. Try and find out who ordained Palakkanuthau Athanasios in the 1840′s and who ordianed HB Thomas and Late HG Perumbalil in the 1970′s and with whose permission it was done. Isn’t the problems that our church today is facing is the aftermath of all that.
    So don’t play that innocent card otherwises in this passion week, you may all get resurected without crucification. Then we may all have too many Gods to worship which will be toomuch for we sinners.

  22. The bullet from Devalokam misfired!! —

    H.E Moosa Gurgan’s recognition withdrawn by “Metran kakshi”

    The virus developed in Mannuthy has started biting its own species.

    Read H.H Didimos Letter to H.E Moosa Goorgan Read Read

    H.E Gurgan who was ordained by the secret approval of the “Metran kakshi” synod has been suspended by their Catholicose. This imposter who was given recognition, encouragement and all moral and ’spiritual ‘ support to spread dissent in the Syrian orthodox church has punched back his spiritual head.

    It is said that in response to the explanation demanded by their Catholicose designate, Gurgan told him that ordaining metropolitans for his church is his right and he need not seek permission from anyone.

    At this juncture the saying ‘you reap what you sow’ becomes very apt for this occasion.

    The “Metran kakshi” had envisioned Moosa gurgan as an instrument against His Holiness, the Patriarch. Even when Moosa Gurgan took Eldose Kaungumpillil, who was excommunicated by His Holiness, the “Metran Kakshi” were secretly rejoicing and hoping for a split in our churches in the UK. Now the tables have turned.

    Didimos Ist says in his latest communiqué to Moosa Gurgan ” Your irreverence and immaturity , you have again puzzled and agonized me”.Now that he feels the agony when people cause dissent, hope he shall soon stop encouraging every dissent he is encouraging in Malankara churches.

    Hope now that he realizes the pain and agony caused by the irreverence of subordinates, he shall accord His Holiness the Patriarch the respect, honour and submission as stipulated in the Malankara church history, traditions, his own 1934 constitution and the 1995 SC verdict which are so dear to them. Now that he realizes the pain and agony, hope that he shall stop agonizing and paining the supreme head of the Malankara church through his words and deeds.

    H.H. Didimos I continues in his official communique…

    “If you would gratefully recollect yourself about your own consecration as a Metropolitan, with out the due consent of our Holy Episcopal Synod; but then later on, considering the integrity of our church and in compassionate ground, though relucantly we approved it; with all those sensitivity that had caused, you wouldn’t have attempted that would cause pain.”

    Hope H.H.Didimos I will in future stop feeling “compassion” towards the people excommunicated by His Holiness and stop approving excommunicated people on ” compassionate ” grounds.

    In the coming days we may see a lot of activity along the Bishops Mannuthy – Moovattupuzha freeway. It is beyond doubt that the same people who developed this virus secretly at Mannuthy are the backstage players in this drama.

    After their ‘unity efforts’ by filing more cases and being sidelined by their new masters, they are looking for options. Let them search in the darkness created by this group of excommunicated people — Maybe they will find a Catholicate at Mannuthy and Patriarchate at Moovattupuzha in this darkness.
    May good sense prevail in Devalokam.

  23. Joseph says:

    H.H Catholicos excommunicated gurgan

  24. Tom says:

    If these two bishops are left alone, they will dig a graveyard to the holy church.Are these people so powerful that no action is taken , or is the leadership afraid of losing the aramanas and few churches they have. eliye pedichu illam chudaruthu.

  25. H.H. Catholicose’s disciplinary action against H.G. Mar Gorgun.

    His Holiness Moran Mar Baselios Marthoma Didimos Ist, Catholicose of the East, on the throne of St. Thomas, has withdrawn the recognition which was granted to H.G. Metropolitan Mar Severios Moses Gorgun, vide order no, 131/2010. H.G. Metropolitan Mar Severios Moses Gorgun was acting as the Metropolitan of Syrian Orthodox Church in Europe and Indian Orthodox Church had granted recognition to be so vide the Order of H.H. The Catholicose of the East (No. 237/2009 dated 12th May 2009) As against the routines and practices of the Holy Church, H.G. Mar Gorgun consecrated a Keralite Monk with the name H.G. Joseph Mar Barthelomos and appointed the new Bishop as the Metropolitan of the Angamaly and South Kerala Diocese of the Syrian Orthodox Church in Europe, without seeking the approval or having consultation with the Holy Episcopal Synod of Indian Orthodox Church when and where he claims that H.H. Moran Mar Didimos Ist Catholicose is his Spiritual Father. Upon hearing the news H.B. Paulos Mar Militios, Catholicose Designate wrote a letter to H.G. Mar Gorgun seeking explanation for the in disciplinary action. It is learnt that the reply of H.E. Mar Gorgun was not only unsatisfactory, but also rebellious. And this has prompted H.H. The Catholicose to release the order withdrawing the recognition, which was granted previously to him.

    05th December 2007
    His Holiness Moran Mar Baseliose Marthoma Didimose I
    The Catholicose and Malankara metropolitan
    Catholicate Palace

    May it please Your Holiness,
    Kissing Your Holiness’s hands, I submit to state that two of the three Monks who left the Syriac Orthodox Church about five years ago is spreading news in Europe that two of them were ordained bishops here in India last week by His Grace Dr. Thomas Mar Athanasios Metropolitan of Kandanadu Diocese & His Grace Dr. Yoohanon Mar Milithios of Trichur Diocese, of the Malankara Orthodox Church.

    These three Priests left Syriac Orthodox Church quarrelling with former Metropolitan of the archdiocese of Europe Mor Julius Yeshu Cicek. I am attaching herewith two photographs of the ordination of Ramban Moosa as Mor Severios Moosa Gurgan for the Syrian Orthodox Church, Arch diocese of Europe, by His Grace Dr. Thomas Mar Athanasios Metropolitan of Kandanadu Diocese & His Grace Dr. Yoohanon Mar Milithios Metropolitan of Trichur Diocese, of the Malankara Orthodox Church, with the help of some priests under them. Whether this ordination by these two bishops is with a silent approval from the Malankara Orthodox Church or not? It was heard that they left Kerala, without using and showing any sign of a Bishop’s attire, and is now acting in Germany as a Bishop!!!!!

    Malankara Orthodox Church should say whether this ordination is approved or not? We have a strong procedure for electing a bishop. Is there any special rule to ordain a Bishop by two bishops and some priests without the knowledge the Catholicose and Malankara Metropolitan / Holy Episcopal Synod / Managing Committee and the Malankara Association? They violate all the procedures of the Holy Church. Why our Church is mum to these kinds of illegal actions? What happened to the Holy Episcopal Synod?

    Requesting Your Holiness’s prayers,
    Yours in the Lord
    Fr. Johnson Punchakonam
    Copy to;
    1. Secretary, The Holy Episcopal Synod
    2. Metropolitans of the Malankara Orthodox Church
    3. Priests Trustee
    4. Lay Trustee
    5. Association Secretary
    6. Working Committee members

    Attachment: News in Mathrubhoomi dated 5th December 2007

  26. Dear All,
    The above response is my sons respose.His name is Grejo Poothakuzhyil.He is only 15 yrs old. He is also watching thies sad things. So he respond from my mail.

  27. An immediate action should take place over those bishops and especially mar milithios and mar athanasios. Please Bava thirumeni take action about this in the next ecumenical synod

  28. thomasmt says:

    HG Milithios was always a person without any values. As reverend PC Johanan ramban reminded us He was in-charge of court cases for the jacobites. i have learned from my relatives that after the supreme court verdict he wrote a lengthy article claiming that jacobites have won the case and sold it in all patriarch churches. when he realised that orthodox church is a better pasture he had no hesitation in jumping ship claiming that it is all about peace. What peace he was able to bring and how many people folowed him is known to all.He is a politicial animal and power crazy. The entire Gurgaon episode is a calculated move by him. soon we may see a 4th catholicos from Trichur.GOOD SAVE OUR CHURCH FROM SHEPERDS LIKE THIS

  29. Congratulations Mar Milithios of Trissur and Mar Athanasios of Kandanadau for the good advice to the German Patriach. This is the time to realize above 2 advisors of German Patriach.( Shortly Mar Severious Gurgan will be Patriach ).by 2012, ( Catholicate Century year), we will get one more duplicate Cathloliocs ).I blv, Mar Milithios Trissur will be the New Catholicos under Gurgan Patriach. ( This is my perosoanl opinion).Thies two will distroy our church. BE CAREFUL ABOUT TRISSUR MILITHIOS AND MAR ATHANASIOS.

  30. Varughese (Georgekutty) Punnoose says:

    Mar Milithios and Mar Athanasius should have been excommunicated when they ordained Mar Gurgaon in 2007. Like many other writers have opined, we are not learning from past misdtakes. We need sweeping changes in the process for the election of metropolitans, most importantly the abolision of the Screening Committee. Let every parish be a polling booth and let the PEOPLE elect their leaders. Members of the screening committee has their own narrow outlook towards each candidate and deserving persons are cunningly denied a chance to be elected.

  31. Gurgan took advantage of the position and consecrated bishop for Angamaly in India.What can the Devalokam Catholicos do? Nothing.Thala Kunnichu irrikuga.

    Kunjachen Manarcadu

  32. Jigme says:

    Reconciliation between factions is a must at this time. There is no place for this. I think the short-sighted egos of all sides will result in mass exodus of many people from the One True Apostolic Faith. I think it is high time we heed the words of many Oriental Orthodox patriarchs and hash this out…I am ashamed to think that secular governments must look at us as all a bunch of fools when they see this stupidity between Malankara-Syriac faithful. The time for placing blame is over…

  33. John says:

    The issue that has come before us is not one of Jacobite vs Orthodox, I personally believe that this far exceeds that issue and is issue that centers around Orthodox Christianity alike . This is just outright unethical on the part of Bishop Milithios and Athanasios. An action needs to be taken against them becasue all along they have proclaimed that their motive has been to create peace. What kind of peace have they created?? All they have created is utter chaos! This issue is going to just get more complicated. Maybe the next action of the bishop that is 28 years old will be to consecrate the excommunicate priest of the Jacobite church as a bishop. The fact that this so called is bishop is only 28 shows how unethical all these action have been. Don’t be surprised if you see a H.H Milithios and H.B Athansios soon. An action needs to be taken soon!! Enough of these factions!!

  34. Geevarghese says:

    Gurgan bishop is 28 years old and was ordained when by Bishop Milithios when he was just 26. This explains how rage against the Patriarch and the Jacobites was the only motive behind this ordination. Soon will this Gurgan bishop ordain a catholicose for the Malankara diocese of Syro Orthodox Church of Europe and the candidate will most probably be Bishop Milithios. And in turn, they will all join and ordain Gurgan bishop as Patriarch. What ever happened to the great traditions, orthodoxy and canons? Bishop Milithios in his blog states that the newly ordained Joseph bishop will be a threat to the Jacobites. What an apt statement for a bishop to make going into the Hasha week. I pity the ignorant faithful who provide these hypocrites with the riches so they could go around performing ungodly things at will.

  35. Booby T says:

    Why don’t Milithios and Athanasios Thirumenis take any responsibility or even make a statement about the situation. In one blog by Milithios thirumeni, He said he has no opinion, because the aforementioned Bartholomeus is a former Jacobite and will only cause them a problem. Does he not realize he ordained this Bishop Gorgun and this bishop was accepted by the Catholicos of the East by Kalpana. Now he makes our Church look like a fool and the responsible Metropolitans simply wash their hands of the mess and use factional politics to justify their arrogance. I wish to see both the bishops disciplined by the synod. Ivanios Thirumeni of kottayam was correct when he publicly dismissed the consecration of Gorgun and felt the IOC should not accept him, too bad no one listened. I have also heard that Assistant Metropolitian of America Nicolavos Thirumeni might join the Syrian Church of Europe if he is not given the Diocese after Barnabas Thirumeni retires.

  36. binoy says:

    this matter is very shame for malankara christian

  37. At the end as long as the church members are ready to pay hefty amounts in various names to run the church as well as the luxurious life of bishops, there will be many aspirants for the post of Bishops. Dont think any one of them are trying to get support to work for christ, but for material benifits and other things. Again i remember our bishops many many occassions in their “prasangam” during the Quarbana that those who come for church first think whether he is having any thing with his brother fist clear all those and then go to church.
    In that case how many of our bishops are eligible to enter the church if the above is made mandatory for all. Let there will be a new church with out court cases as there are many faithfuls who is not satisfied in both orthodox church and not interested to join any Protestant groups can join this new church (if come into existance). In case there are people to support the church it wil not become as the fate of Rene Vilathi ( but i read some where still the church there in America founded by Bishop Rene vilathe). I hope and request Mor Severius Moses Gurgan the Primate of the Syrian Orthodox Church of Europe not to come under any of the orthodox faction of kerala even if his consecration was by Malankara Orthodox church. It is not the problem of any of the both orthodox church if they cannot stop the cases and the problem within their churches , for which the money comes from ordinary lay man.I appeal the the lay men dont contribute hefty amounts to churches only to see that their money does not goes for the cause for christ. but goes for cases, capturing churches, defaming the other faction, to spend for laxurious life of bishops (exempting the poor priest). Pray for the peace in the church and pay for the needy people around you for their real cause.

  38. oommen puramattom says:

    The prophetic words of Late Lamented P C Yohannan rembachen are being fullfilled in its entireity.As long as the whale have the two Jonaas in its belly these will continue to happen.In simple naadan words ………….. chumannaal chumakkunnorum naarum

  39. Our Sabha developed virus to counter Patriarchate but it sarted biting us.We have not learned lesson from Mar ivanious who joined with ROME. We dont have any control over syrian bishop of europe if is part of chruch how can he can ordinate bishop with out approval of the spirtual leader .Rome has different type christian faith expecting pope has there leader they cant ordinate bishop with out approval of pope . We have to learn many thing from rome . This independent syrian group has become sabha collages were sabha does not control on them . We should not accepted Patriarchate

    bishop to our sabha when they loses cases .If we decided include europe bishop it should part our sabha accepting rules & work independently.

  40. “Due to the prolonged court cases and unhealthy situations between the two warring groups of Jacobite and Orthodox factions in Kerala lot of faithful and priests have requested His Eminence Mor Severius the Primate to help them and to solve the issues between the two factions.

    The Syrian Orthodox Church of Europe is growing across the world and because of that more bishops will be consecrated soon. The Primate gives the blessing to all.”

    His solution is great. We expect another Catholicose very near. As Charly said, a well calculated politics in the Church is coming out with its firm foot-steps. This is the best time to start a new Church in Kerala. This is the real politics. Now the newly ordained Metropolitan Mor Bartholomaos Joseph has been assigned with the diocese of Angamaly and also a South Kerala diocese of the Syrian Orthodox Church of Europe was started in Malankara Church. I could say it is the sad chapter of the Malankara Church history or the “dark days”. Who knows that they want to form a third faction within the Malankara Church? There will be a third group within the Malankara church with some bishops and the senior bishop will declare himself as the Catholicos and Malankara Metropolitan. A group of people and priests from two factions will follow them. If the Church does not take strict actions, then we open the door for further indiscipline in our church.

    Moosa Gurgan Mor Severious from Syriac Orthodox Church, Germany was ordained as bishop by His Grace Dr. Thomas Mar Athanasios Metropolitan of Kandanadu Diocese & His Grace Dr. Yoohanon Mar Milithios of Trichur Diocese, of the Malankara Orthodox Church. This ordination and appointment of Metropolitan Mor Bartholomaos Joseph is with their blessings and direction.
    Moosa Gurgan Mor Severious left Syriac Orthodox Church quarrelling with former Metropolitan of the archdiocese of Europe Mor Julius Yeshu Cicek. The Monk Moosa Gurgan was expelled by the Late Syriac Orthodox Archbishop Mor Yulius Cicek for indiscipline. He then joined a Roman Catholic Monastery. Now the new Bishop is being installed for a new autocephelous church named the Syriac Orthodox Archdiocese of Europe. If this new archdiocese will be completely independent or will be under the Catholicose of the Indian Orthodox Church is not known and is not clarified yet. Is he accepted 1934 constitution…..? If not, He can ordain Bishops or start parishes, or diocese any where in the world.

    I think under special circumstances M O C synod will recognise this ordination also. Kudos to the master brains of His Grace Dr. Thomas Mar Athanasios Metropolitan of Kandanadu Diocese & His Grace Dr. Yoohanon Mar Milithios of Trichur Diocese, of the Malankara Orthodox Church..

    What is the official stand of Malankara Orthodox Church?

    Is Devalokam silent on this matter? If so, this will be the beginning of a major administrative chaos in Malankara Church. If the strap goes loose, then the whole book will fly away in the wind.

    Fascination for a European (Malanakara) Orthodox church is good but the means to achieve them used by the bishops is unethical and immoral. Goal does not justify the means. These bishops with their adherence to Marxian philosophy used that materialistic thinking to justify their action. They must have persuaded the hierarchy to that end, who knows? Many years ago, as part of our European quest, a Romans Catholic French priest Rene Vilate was consecrated as a bishop by Malankara church. What happened to him? Where is his diocese and mission now?

    We have a failed unusual system of administration. We impose the constitution on poor faithful members and clergy like Fr.Ninan Kuriyakose, But never read it when it comes to an action by a bishop. The constitution is only for the people and not for the bishops? We believe in a God of justice, peace and order. St. Paul reminds us to do everything in “order”. Let us work for the restoration of peace, discipline and order in our church.

  41. No wonder on this consecration by Mor Severius Moses Gurgan the Primate of the Syrian Orthodox Church of Europe, whom the Malankara Orthodox Church had consecrated as a Metropolitan in 2007 . Why Our Catholicose Dydimos 1st and Our Bishops made the mistake in 2007 by consecrating Mor Severius Moses Gurgan the dissident of Syrian Orthodox Church. “Vithachathe Koyyu”. Orthodox, Jacobite and let it be Orthodox church of Europe or another church in line with Malabar Independent Church come into Existance. Let all those who are not happy with Malankara Orthodox church and Jacobite Orthodox Church Join New church and cases starts about the ownership of churches where they were members or let them go and starts from scrach as Marthomites done.

  42. I know Mattathil Ramban and his history very very well. While the concept of autonomous churches is all right, and every Christian should rejoice at each occasion when His name is glorified, the conferment of the title of a bishop to Mattathil Ramban, of all people, makes us Orthodox Christians of all colors be seen in poor light. What a shame! “”Bishop? Who? He? Oh, My God!!”" is all that comes to my mind.

  43. Johny says:

    Nice one….soon each of us will have a personal bishop assigned to us given the rate at which bishops seem to be consecrated

  44. Robin J Mani says:

    I also wonder if Gurgon invited his masters, Catholicos Didymus, Bishops Milithios and Athanasiose. That would be a true shame and lack of gratitude for all they did for that rouge “monk”. This embarrassment seems to be growing by the day. The other person Cassianus, also seems to be married or has a son. What a disgrace. Congrats to the masterminds

  45. oommen puramattom says:

    I think under special circumstances M O C synod will recognise the ordination as in the case of Gurgan.Kudos to the brains of Mannuthy and Moovatupuzha.It is indeed a shame to all christians.

  46. Geevarghese says:

    Itty Pothen is more interested in distracting others from the main subject. The non canonical ordination by Gurgan and his team doesn’t seem to affect Mr. Pothen. He is more concerned on throwing mud at the Jacobite faction. It is indeed a shame in announcing to the world that an excommunicated person who has a secret wife and was living as a cab driver in Dallas, NY was consecrated as a BISHOP by another excommunicated person. What a shame to the Christian world!! So, will the Malankara Orthodox Synod accept this newly ordained bishop and let him stay at Thrikkunathu along with the current Ankamaly bishop?

  47. Really I appreciate HG . Mor Severius Moses Gurgan as H.G. is good in moving the political line. It will be better if we could recognize that some one is working hard when we are sleeping in the matter related to the Church.

  48. The well calculated politics in the Church is comming out with its firm foot-steps. These actions were expected before 5 years but our leaders are still ignorant about the game.

    The planning of an International Orthodox Church is charted out and the formation is moving by step by step. It will be highly appreciable if we could realize to save our church.

  49. The newly ordained Metropolitan Mor Bartholomaos Joseph has been assigned with the diocese of Angamaly and South Kerala of the Syrian Orthodox Church of Europe. Congratulations. There are still some vacancies of Metropolitans in other parts of our country. It is a good chance and opportunity for the failed aspirants in the recent Bishop election of IOC. Kindly contact Mar Athanasiose and Mar Milithiose for details. Indian Orthodox church (IOC)should explore the opportunities for consecrating dissidents and power hungers as bishops of churches of other countries, so that we can change the name of our church as International Orthodox Church (IOC). Congratulations Mar Athanasiose and Mar Milithiose.

  50. Itty Pothen, Riyadh says:

    Mor Dionysius Yuhanon Kawaq consecrated as the Metropolitan at Damascus

    24.3.10 Ref:

    MA`ARAT SAYYIDNAYA, DAMASCUS: His Holiness Patriarch Ignatius Zakka I Iwas consecrated Very Rev. Rabban John Aziz Kawaq as metropolitan by the name Mor Dionysius Yuhanon Kawaq at St. Peter’s & St.Paul’s Cathedral, St. Ephraim’s Patriarchal Monastery here on March 21, Sunday. Mor Dionysius will be the Director of Syriac Orthodox Patriarchate located at Damascus. Metropolitans Their Eminences Dr. Mor Gregorios Youhanna Ibrahim (Archbishop, Aleppo), Mor Theophilose George Saliba (Secretary to the Holy Synod, Archbishop, Lebanon), Mor Osthatheos Matta Rohum (Archbishop, Euphrates & Jazirah), Mor Dionysius Behnam Jajawi (Retired, Syria), Mor Philoxenos Matta Shamoun (Retired, Lebanon), Dr. Mor Coorilos Aprem Karim (Archbishop, Eastern US), Mor Silvanos Petrus Issa Al Nemeh (Patriarchal Vicar, Homs & Hama), Mor Yusuphinos Paulos (Patriarchal Vicar, Zahle), Mor Severios Hazail Sowmi (Pariarchal Vicar, Belgium & France), Mor Gregorios Malke Urek (Patriarchal Vicar, Adiyaman), Mor Philoxenos Mathias Nayis (Patriarchal Assistant), Mor Clemis Daniel Malak Kourieh (Patriarchal Assistant, Beirut) and Mor Ivanios Paulose Al Souky (Patriarchal Vicar, Damascus) assisted His Holiness. Monks, Priests, Deacons and lot of faithful were present.

    Remark: Not a single “Pathrikese faithful Methran” was invited or present in this Consecration Ceremony from the fold of H.B. Thomas 1.

    The saying goes that beauty is skin deep! But here, it’s proved beyond that!! An apt honor for “Ammae maranalum Anthiokayae marakulla” faithful ?

    But Avar, Anthiokayakar maranu poiyallo. Kaariyathodu adukubam thani niram puruthu varum.

    Indeed, a befitting compliment to H.B. Thomas 1 and fold for Anthiokiya Koor.

    But what does that matter whether the fold here is invited or not? So long as the legs of Indian Orthodox brothers are available to be pulled, it makes no difference. That’s what is important.

    Itty Pothen

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