Coorilos Metropolitan’s Muscat visit gives impetus to Ahmedabad Diocese Development Fund

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MUSCAT: “The newly formed Ahmedbad Diocese is like a crawling child on a blind alley which needs to be supported and nurtured by the church members,” said Geevarghese Mar Coorilos, Metropolitan of Bombay and Assistant Metropolitan of Ahmedabad on his recent visit to Muscat Gregorios Orthodox Church (MGOC).

Metropolitan Mar Coorilos wants to build up a foundation from where his new successor can take over the reins easily. The diocese metropolitan was in Muscat on an invitation from the church primarily to take part in the Catholicate Day celebrations and also to launch a fund drive for the new Ahmedabad Diocese.

The 10-day visit was also the bishops last as the acting metropolitan before His Grace relinquishes charge to a newly appointed metropolitan next month on May 12.

Metropolitan chaired a meeting with the newly-formed Ahmedabad Diocese Development Fund members and also the new managing committee members for 2010-11 and planned the initiatives to be undertaken.

As a start-up to the fund, the church’s Martha Mariam Samajam donated a cheque for Riyal Omani (OMR) 150 to be used for various development works in the new diocese. The Mar Gregorios Orthodox Christian Youth Movement also contributed a sizable amount for the cause.

Several individuals and church members have also pledged their support to help build the diocese.

As part of the Catholicate Day celebrations, His Grace also led the congregation during a Holy Qurbana at the chapel and also hoisted the Catholicate flag at the church parsonage premises. Chants of Jai, Jai Catholicos and Jai, Jai Coorilos rent the air. Rev Fr James Geevarghese as Vicar and President of MGOC and Rev Fr Rev Fr Varghese George also attended.

As part of the visit, the metropolitan also delivered devotional address and also conducted Holy Qurbana at the St Thomas Church and at the Ghala PCO hall.

Metropolitan has since left for Doha, Qatar to take part in the Hasa Velli programme at the Malankara Orthodox Church there.

It may be recalled that additional charges were given to HG Geevarghese Mar Coorilos Metropolitan on the basis of the decision taken by the Malankara Syrian Christian Association Managing Committee on October 21, 2008 and the recommendation of the Holy Episcopal Synod that met on February 25, 2009. The Ahmedabad Diocese came into existence through the Kalpana No 93/2009 dated March 2, 2009.

During the tenure of Coorilos as Assistant Metropolitan, the Muscat church successfully hosted the 4th Gulf Orthodox Family Meet (GOYC) in December 2009 and the Orthodox congregation in Sohar in the Al Batinah region (200 kilometers north of Muscat) became a full-fledged church as the St George Orthodox Church.

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