Metropolitan Elects Proceed to Parumala Seminary on Friday

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KOTTAYAM: Having received blessings from retreat fathers Metropolitan Elects return tomorrow to Parumala Seminary from Mar Baselius Dayara, Njaliyakuzhi. Metropolitan Elects received the goodwill from their retreat fathers with commitment and assurance to uphold the tradition and heritage of the Malankara Orthodox Church, which she inherited from St. Thomas, the Apostle.

Metropolitan Elects reached Catholicate Palace, Devalokam on Thursday, March 11th, and called on the Catholicos to procure apostolic blessings. After evening prayers at the Aramana Chapel, the Catholicos bestowed the Metropolitan Elects with the preliminary session of retreat.

Absence of love is the biggest crisis that the society faces today. This crisis can be overcome with love alone. Presumptuousness is reflection of evil. Love sustains only when ego fades away. “Metropolitan Elects shall become carriers of love and this is the advice that I have to give to you”, the Catholicos said.

“Saint Gregorios of Paraumala was able to open the gates of heaven through prayer, fasting and meditation. May Parumala Thirumeni be your role model in your endeavor to achieve this goal”, the Catholicos exhorted the Metropolitan Elects, who are about to enter into the highest orders of ecclesiastical authority. Catholicos Elect Paulos Mar Milithios and Secretary to the Holy Episcopal Synod Dr. Mathews Mar Severios have also attended evening prayers along with the Catholicos to bless the Metropolitan Elects.

On Friday, March 12th, the Metropolitan Elects reached Njaliyakuzhi Dayara to carry on with the first phase of mediation prior to their receiving of apostolic succession. Catholicos Elect Paulos Mar Milithios and Dr. Mathews Mar Severios were also there to receive the Metropolitan Elects at Njaliyakuzhi.

On the following days Metropolitan of Kottayam, Geevarghese Mar Ivanios led meditations for the Metropolitan Elects. “Creator and the creation intermingle neatly at the Dayara and hearing from a great retreat father like Mar Ivanios has paved ways to know the profundity of truths of the faith of our Church. This will surely help to lay a stronger foundation to lead the Church into the 21st Century. This was a time for us to learn from silence as well”, reflected the Metropolitan Elects in one accord. There were prayers for seven hours of a day at their stipulated times.

On Friday, March 19th, Dr. Mathews Mar Severios Metropolitan will lead deliberation on principles to be followed at sacred proceedings and services. Tomorrow Metropolitan Elects will attend evening prayers at Parumala Seminary and on Sunday, the priests among the elects will receive profession of Remban from the Catholicos at the same venue.

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