Dn Paul Cherian Ordination

on Mar 18th, 2010 and filed under Photo Gallery.

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6 Responses for “Dn Paul Cherian Ordination”

  1. Joshua J says:

    Paul Cherian Achen holds an English service once a month for the Holy Cross Mission Parish and it is a parish that needs more members and it slowly growing. Achen is such a humble guy and has been a great soldier in Christ. His service is beautiful, with his chant-like melodious voice that beautifully resonates within the church. Simplicity is what we need. We need to go back to the basic tunes, back to basic teachings and keep a relationship with Christ our priority or our kids will get bored and fed up with made up tunes, malayalee achens preaching in malayalam and saying the evangelion in malayalam.

  2. Joshua J says:

    With the new wave of USA achens being ordained as priests, they are going to spread the gospel through their services and definitely have more english qurbanas each month. I want two english services each month One for the first sunday, and two for the third sunday. It is extremely important to know what we are singing about.

  3. Tukaram k says:

    I am an ex student of balagram yacharam, currently working in lvprasad eye institute hyderabad as an optometrist, i completed my entire education in balagram with the help of you people mainly Rev. Fr ki philip, during this period we use to offer prayer six time a day, though it is in malayalam we enjoyed a lot.
    yes its a good idea of having English version of Holy Qurbana and it is required not only in usa but also in india to enjoy a understandable prayer
    thank you

  4. Well, I think it is a good idea to have our services in English where it is required. Now most of the youngsters even in Indian states other than Kerala, do not read nor better understand meaning of Malayalam. Why not to have an English version of Holy Qurbana?

  5. Anil Thomas says:

    i completely agree with having english version of service. i personaly could not understand many words which is used in the service. becoz i was born and brought up in bangalore so i c’nt read or write malayalam. now iam a decon in our church but i use mangalish service book.

    thank you

  6. arun thomas says:

    Rev. Fr Babu varghese,

    Thank you for tour reply of my comment . I was mentioned that deakons who ordinate as preists in USA they dont have churches and your reply was unclear.

    I know that most of our priests who born in USA conduct services like HOSANNA as you mentioned in your reply. but my concern is those who born in USA they never going to get any church to serve as priest because of politics and our community nature. T o avoid this there shold be a english version of orthodox service is necessary and most of our our young people like that because they dont understand wht is going on in our church ( even in malayalam …most of yougsters just singing songs but no one knows real meaning of this… and some songs have no tunes and even preists are struggling to sing some songs. or SKIP SOME PART ..eg>> in good friday.

    We really need a english version of service and that would be understandable and not lengthy. and if we encourage our young generation our church will grow in USA otherwise most of churches will be close after 30-40 years.or before.

    As you know that in kerala, we dont use syrica that often and we use malayalam. SO THE SAME WAY in this country we need a langaue that everyone knows ..english. NOT MATTINGLISH..

    I will conclude with one question . Could you please tell me how many ordinated preists from USAnow serving in church in USA??

    thank you

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