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The Most Deceptive Act Ever Took Place in Devalokam: Open Letter

H. H Moran Mar Baselios Didimos 1st March 4, 2010
Catholicos and Malankara Metropolitan
Catholicate Palace, Devalokam
Kottayam 686038

May it please your Holiness,

With due respect and humble submission we the undersigned, Ayroor Kuttikandathil Kudumbayogam president Fr. K.C. Mathews Corepiscoapa, the Vice President K M Mathew and the Secretary Sarala John here by ventilate our grievances and seeking favours from the President of the Holy Episcopal synod Your Holiness Moran Mar Baselios Didimos 1st the Malankara Metropolitan and the Catholicos of the East.

That, the late Dr. Thomas Mar Makarios Thirumeni belongs to Ayroor Kuttikkattil family. One of our family members Mr. Sony from the USA made a vow to offer a Trimass on the Day of Theremin’s 2nd Memorial Perunnal on 28th February 2010 and informed his desire to the concerned persons. Accordingly Fr. K.C. Mathews Corepiscopa (Brother of Macarios Thirumeni) met Bava Thirumeni and discussed the matter, and immediately Bava Thirumeni given an order to the then Devalokam manager Very Rev. Geevarghese Ramban to take the necessary steps towards the action objective. Accordingly for the Trimass H.G Dr.Thomas Mar Athanasios (Kandanadu), H.G. Dr. Mathews Mar Themotheos (London) and H.G.Yuhanon Mar Policarpos (Ankamali) were invited and they all had accepted the invitation.

Unfortunately the then Aramana Manager resigned from the post and Rev.Fr. E.M. Philip was appointed as the new Manager for Devalokam Aramana. So Fr. K.C. Mathews discussed the same matter with Rev.Fr. E.M. Philip the new Aramana manager and he fully heard and responded positively; but it was probably a sarcastic response.

Prior to the Memorial Perunnal service, Mathews Ashen had reminded all the three bishops once again but sorry to say that Dr. Mathews Mar Themotheos expressed his helplessness to attend the trimass as he is forced to leave the place for attending another programme as per the order of the Catholicos designate. But the Bishop did not inform his helplessness to Fr.K.C. Mathews for further arrangements. Nobody shall anticipate such an irresponsible and petty behaviour from an educated bishop like Mar Themotheos. After a verbal exchange Fr. K.C. Mathews suddenly contacted the Catholiocs designate by telephone and discussed about the trimass and he agreed to the same. Nevertheless, K C Mathews Achen again contacted the Devalokam Manager for the same purpose but at that time Fr. E.M. Philip inimically escaped from his responsibility pretending his physical unfitness. It was interesting to note that on the Day of the Perunnal there were two Bishops along with E M Philip Achen, the Aramana Chaplain and other three more priests were attended the Holy Communion at the Devalokam Aramana Chapel but sorry to say that the request to conduct Trimass was ignored and not allowed to celebrate at all. At last, Philip Achen and the power behind the curtain to enforce their dirty tricks were fully succeeded; but the desires of the people who all came from far and near to attend the trimass went astray.

Besides, it is pathetic to say that, it was indurate, inimical and iniquity on the part of the Devalokam Manager that on the tomb of Macarios Thirumeni censoring, reading promeon-sedera and other necessary prayers were not offered and even no respect and homage was given to the late great Macarios Thirumeni. Bava Thirumeni was totally ineptness, frigid and not even made a peep towards the tomb of Macarios Thirumeni while all the people were waiting around the tomb for offering prayers and seeking intercession. It is indeed a great mistake and callous trick on the part of the Davalokam authorities. No body will forgive and forget the most deceptive act ever took place in our church history.

The contribution of H.G.Dr. Macarios thirumeni towards the Orthodox Church was great. His interlocution and his tactful approach was the only reason behind the Honorable Supreme Court decree in 1958 (regarding the Trust properties, Parumala Seminary, M.D. Seminary and Pazhaya (Old) Seminary etc.) made favour to our church, was commendable. People of Orthodox Church still pay gratitude to him for the wonderful and great achievements and also his gumptious personality. Besides, he was the master brain for the immediate enthronement of Didimos Bava and also the chief celebrant for the consecration of the present Catholicos held at Parumala Church as well.

So it is in-dubious fact that Macarios Theremin’s perunnal shall become ineptness year after year and finally extinguish by the Catholicos designate’s indurate dexterity. We all know that Militheios Metropolitan had kept on a very great enmity and always contained detachment and hatred towards H.H. Mathews 2nd Bava Thirumeni and also to the late Macarios Thirumeni. Paulos Mar Militheos thirumeni had strongly made ceaseless obstacles and hindrance all the way to H.H. Mathews 2nd Catholica Bava Thirumeni. It was certainly a wise decision of H. H. Mathews 2nd Catholica Bava that his physical body to be buried at Sasthamkotta Chapel inorder to escape from the harsh, infuriate and inhuman embarrassment from Devalokam after his death too. No doubt; the Niyukta Bava will go up to the maximum extent to take vengeance and kick the bucket to those who oppose him. The words of late Mathews 2nd Bava thirumeni were apt and he said many a time that “Militheos therumeni is having a tendency to keep on fight and litigation in the church”. It is not at all a tradition and a legacy of the Church.

Fr. E.M. Philip is only a puppet and ofcourse he is acting like a clown in the hands of Niyukta Baba. Nevertheless it is an irony to say that during the last 58 years of the history of Devalokam Aramana this was the first time a married priest has been appointed as the Manager. In addition to this, it is noted that one person is holding manifold responsibilities in his clutches such as the Principal Secretary to the Catholicos, Devalokam Aramana Manager and so on and so forth; and also Niyukta Bava is planning to crown him as the Secretary to the Kottayam Central Diocese as well. Indeed he shall ruin the centre of the church very soon and gradually the church as a whole.

It is not an exaggeration to explain that our Niyukta Catholica is going to become a big zero in the administrative scenario. As you know the Kunnamkulam diocese is in chaos and dilemma, and each and every parish church face number of burning issues. It was a record that more than 15 years the said Metropolitan continuously threatening the people and reigned the Kunnamkulam Diocese with out convene a Diocesan meeting. The Metropolitan is always indifferent and taking futile and frigid decisions on the one side and ignoring the cry of the true and faithful church members on the other.

So we here by express our great agony and pain for this impediment and mischief acts done by Niyukta Catholica Bava by his ladle Fr. E.M. Philip on the 2nd death Memorial service of Macarios Thirumeni at Devalokam Chapel held on 28th February 2010. Now it becomes a filthy tendency among the Devalokam Aramana bureaucrats to high light their programs always and get good coverage through the news media although the programs were dismantled and dishonored at the sight. The Devalokam news strategy was excellent inorder to escape from the criminal dispute in this regard.

Bygone is by gone. Yes, we would like to celebrate Macarios Theremin’s third Death Anniversary with great piety by the next year and so on for the forth coming years. It is incredulous to get justice from Niyukta Catholicos and also from the existing Aramana Manager.

So this is our humble request and prayer to the Holy Synod that kindly make a necessary arrangement to visit our people to Devalokam without any threat in future. Also kindly appoint a Metropolitan from the Holy Synod to control the forth coming memorial perunal of Macarios Thirumeni in February 2011 and bless us.

With high respects and prayers

Your Holiness spiritual children in the Lord.

1. Rev.Fr. K.C. Mathews Corepiscopa 2. K.M. Mathew 3. Sarala John