The Most Deceptive Act Ever Took Place in Devalokam: Open Letter

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H. H Moran Mar Baselios Didimos 1st March 4, 2010
Catholicos and Malankara Metropolitan
Catholicate Palace, Devalokam
Kottayam 686038

May it please your Holiness,

With due respect and humble submission we the undersigned, Ayroor Kuttikandathil Kudumbayogam president Fr. K.C. Mathews Corepiscoapa, the Vice President K M Mathew and the Secretary Sarala John here by ventilate our grievances and seeking favours from the President of the Holy Episcopal synod Your Holiness Moran Mar Baselios Didimos 1st the Malankara Metropolitan and the Catholicos of the East.

That, the late Dr. Thomas Mar Makarios Thirumeni belongs to Ayroor Kuttikkattil family. One of our family members Mr. Sony from the USA made a vow to offer a Trimass on the Day of Theremin’s 2nd Memorial Perunnal on 28th February 2010 and informed his desire to the concerned persons. Accordingly Fr. K.C. Mathews Corepiscopa (Brother of Macarios Thirumeni) met Bava Thirumeni and discussed the matter, and immediately Bava Thirumeni given an order to the then Devalokam manager Very Rev. Geevarghese Ramban to take the necessary steps towards the action objective. Accordingly for the Trimass H.G Dr.Thomas Mar Athanasios (Kandanadu), H.G. Dr. Mathews Mar Themotheos (London) and H.G.Yuhanon Mar Policarpos (Ankamali) were invited and they all had accepted the invitation.

Unfortunately the then Aramana Manager resigned from the post and Rev.Fr. E.M. Philip was appointed as the new Manager for Devalokam Aramana. So Fr. K.C. Mathews discussed the same matter with Rev.Fr. E.M. Philip the new Aramana manager and he fully heard and responded positively; but it was probably a sarcastic response.

Prior to the Memorial Perunnal service, Mathews Ashen had reminded all the three bishops once again but sorry to say that Dr. Mathews Mar Themotheos expressed his helplessness to attend the trimass as he is forced to leave the place for attending another programme as per the order of the Catholicos designate. But the Bishop did not inform his helplessness to Fr.K.C. Mathews for further arrangements. Nobody shall anticipate such an irresponsible and petty behaviour from an educated bishop like Mar Themotheos. After a verbal exchange Fr. K.C. Mathews suddenly contacted the Catholiocs designate by telephone and discussed about the trimass and he agreed to the same. Nevertheless, K C Mathews Achen again contacted the Devalokam Manager for the same purpose but at that time Fr. E.M. Philip inimically escaped from his responsibility pretending his physical unfitness. It was interesting to note that on the Day of the Perunnal there were two Bishops along with E M Philip Achen, the Aramana Chaplain and other three more priests were attended the Holy Communion at the Devalokam Aramana Chapel but sorry to say that the request to conduct Trimass was ignored and not allowed to celebrate at all. At last, Philip Achen and the power behind the curtain to enforce their dirty tricks were fully succeeded; but the desires of the people who all came from far and near to attend the trimass went astray.

Besides, it is pathetic to say that, it was indurate, inimical and iniquity on the part of the Devalokam Manager that on the tomb of Macarios Thirumeni censoring, reading promeon-sedera and other necessary prayers were not offered and even no respect and homage was given to the late great Macarios Thirumeni. Bava Thirumeni was totally ineptness, frigid and not even made a peep towards the tomb of Macarios Thirumeni while all the people were waiting around the tomb for offering prayers and seeking intercession. It is indeed a great mistake and callous trick on the part of the Davalokam

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18 Responses for “The Most Deceptive Act Ever Took Place in Devalokam: Open Letter”

  1. Well,well, I was very disturbed while reading the posting by Mathews Achen. I couldn’t comment on it without hearing the other side of the story. During my recent visit to Develokam I spoke with the concerned Achen and involved bishop. The fact is far away from reality. There were prayers. HH started the Promeon while he was seated (please understand the age and mobility of HH) at the Northern side. The censoring bishop went to all the tombs including HG Mar Makarios on the south side. There is nothing unusual about it. In fact the Holy Liturgy was celebrated for the Memorial day of HG Mar Makarios.

    However, after the Holy Qurbana, when dhoopprarthana starts they all go to the northern part first, because of the protocol. In the future also, it will be the same protocol. Please understand that our church respects and recognizes age and rank in all matters, even at the memorial service. So why do we weep?

    Second, HG Mar Makarios was the bishop of our Church, not simply the brother of Rev. Fr.K.C. Mathew, and that is why his remains are kept at Devalokam. It is the responsibility of the Church and Devalokam authorities to pay due respect to our fathers. Families may abstain from taking undue responsibility of celebrating the death anniversary of their beloved ones in a common place, like Seminary or Devalokam. We remember our fathers and let it be done by the people involved at the respective places.
    There was a communication errors due to over involvement that one of the bishops for the moonninmel showed up late. Was it intentional? not at all.

    The tomb and surroundings of HG.Mar Makarios is well maintained, (thanks to Christophoros Rmaban). People need to visit the tombs of our bishops frequently and pay homage. Let their souls rest in peace; let’s guard each others’ dignity-living or dead.

  2. Cyril Thomas says:

    Just Pathetic (the Situation and the people who are behind such acts)
    Just another day in our lovely Church!
    And we wonder why so many people leave our church?
    I blame our Bishops and Priests who corrupt the BODY OF CHRIST!…SHAME ON YOU!

    Hopefully, Someone will take Fr. E.M. Philip out of Devalokam before he destroys whatever credibility we have left!

    And there will come a time when no one pays respect/prayers at the tomb of the our forefathers. This is nothing new!

    Just glad to know that H.G. Mar Makarios knew what the situation was before he passed away.

  3. Koshy says:

    The article in “Vishwasa Rakshan” claims that, a fist fight broke out, between the relatives of Bishop Makarios and the seminary autorities…. They have made a mountain out of a mole… surely they got the lead from this article here..

    Why make a mockery of the Church

  4. Koshy says:

    Their are matters, that needs to be kept private… Many Church loving people like me, do not want to read all these things.. If something has happened to one family.. let them take it to the concerned…. Will it solve the pproblem, by shooting such and open letter. Orthodox Church is not about one family , their are many many innocent people who wish to see the church in good light.

    This same event, is shown in an even more bad light in the jacobite weekly, “Vishwasa Rakshakan”. What was the need for, Fr. K C Mathews, for spoiling the name of OUR church ?

    This type of senseless posts are hamperin THE CHURCH…. the priests and bishops, whom you are accusing will turn to dust in a few years.. but THE CHURCH, has to bear the burden of all these.. and please also bear in mind, THE CHURCH, do not belong to individuals…

  5. John says:

    Is this Fr. K.C. Mathews Corepiscoapa from Indian Orthodox Church, shame on you father for posting suct an open letter. Better you follow moses gurgan.

  6. John Mathew says:

    Why criticize the author for posting an open letter? He clearly has a grievance and — thanks to modern technology — he has an avenue for that. What’s wrong?

    We have a long history of poor-quality bishops and leaders, both in Malankara, and in general Christianity. These qualities should not be hidden, but rather exposed, so that, on seeing their shameful behavior, perhaps these bishops, priests, etc., repent and correct themselves.

    I’m not claiming the author of this letter is correct; however, I feel that the over-simplistic reactions by others against this have no meaning.

  7. Robin says:

    Here is another great example of an open letter and it truly reveals the blind faith practiced by many in Kerala. Truth be told.

  8. Tessy says:

    Open letters express our concerns. Taken in the right perspective, these open letters are platforms for improvement. Ofcourse, there is criticism and points of thought that needs to be properly addressed by those in authority.

    What has happened here certainly needs to be deplored and corrrective actions taken by the authorities, such that the same mistakes do not recur at all in future.

    Genuine Open letters are windows to correct our functioning. Here’s one such letter seen in the net;

  9. Biju Mathew says:

    Its Pathetic! Is this the example the church leaders give the layman? Do you wonder why more and more people turn to protestant believes these days?

    This and so much more! RETURN TO YOUR FIRST LOVE!

  10. It is a shocking news what happened at Devalokam Aramana Chapel during the second death anniversary celebrations of Makariose Thirumeni. It is the bound duty of the chief celebrant to offer censoring, “Kukiliyon” and reading promeon-sedera to respect and homage to the late great Macarios Thirumeni. I don’t know why this happened. May be by mistake. We have to forgive. If you refuse to forgive others, God will refuse to forgive you.

    But blaming the Catholicose designate is not good at this point. That should be avoided. It is the prime duty of the Aramana Manager to make arrangements for the ceremonial functions of the Aramana Chapel.

    To err is human; to forgive is divine. Human justice says, if you do the crime, you receive the punishment. Divine grace says, if you do the crime, God’s only Son receives the punishment. Most of us would like both to be judged by grace and to judge others by harsher standards. But that’s hypocrisy. Humanity’s Judge must be perfect.
    Fr.Johnson Punchakonam

  11. Philip A.C says:

    I am saddened in reading the incidents in IOH related to the 2nd memorial service of L/L HG Dr. Thomas Mar Makarios at Devalokam. It was really shocking in reading Mr.Joykutty, Detroit who has given an eyewitness account that no incense was placed at the Tomb of HG Makarios on his memorial day. How can such a thing take place? Forget about the Manager Achen or HB or any other HGs who were present on the occasion, what about the person who was carrying the sensor when the Kukilion “In righteous shall Priests be clothed…. was sung? How come even the other Bishops who were present didn’t remind the bearer of the Sensor or they themselves didn’t volunteer to offer incense at the Tomb of Mar Makarios. Can all of them become absentminded at the same time? Was the Chaplain Achen not present on the occasion? He has spent a good time at Parumala and should be accustomed with such things.

    Last year, during the same occasion I was present at Devalokam. I don’t remember whether there was any TriMass as we mostly concentrate on the Celebrant at the centre. During that occasion His Holiness and the Arch Bishop from Armenia HE Aghan Baliozan were present apart from a few Priests. There was not even a recently consecrated Bishop around inspite of sharing the mantle of the dioceses (US & Europe) formed and developed by Mar Makarios. Very Rev.Geevarghese Remban, the then Aramana Manager was the Celebrant. After Holy Qurbana there was a memorial meeting in which our PRO Prof. Elias Sir gave the commemorative speech on Mar Makarios which was really touching. Later incense was placed first at the Tomb of HG Makarios and HH put the incense into the Censor in the presence of HE Aghan Baliozan and only later incense were offered at the Tombs of our Late Catholicos who are entombed on the North Side of the Chapel. His Holiness was present through out the time of prayers at the Tomb of Mar Makarios. There were a couple of students from Alma College aswell during the prayers. Neyappam and Pazham were served and also a book on Mar Makarios was distributed free of cost.

    There is no point in fighting or defaming or cursing someone. Jesus says that there are Eunuchs who are born by birth, some are made Eunuchs by men and some have become Eunuchs for Heaven…..

    Similarly there are Priests who have been made out of their self devotion and faith, some have been forced to become due their parents pressure or vows and some have become priests because they couldn’t find a better option in life. So when you encounter with the later ones, you will definitely have problems. At times I wonder is it not because we have many of the later ones that we have problems in our church and the factional feud that is going on is it not seeing any end.

    We need to pray for those narrow minded people who are in positions. Devalokam is a place where we go to see Daivam, but at the same time we ignore the fact that Devil is also not that far from Daivam. We are often prevented from reaching the abode of Daivam due to the handiwork of the devils around. Let us ignore the devils around and pray to our Daivam to find a way out of these problems.

    With Prayer and Fasting we can get rid of our problems, so let us do that during this Lenten season and see that such issues never take place anymore anywhere.

    Philip A.C., Auckland

  12. It is very sad what happened at Devalokam during the second death anniversary celebrations of Makariose Thirumneni.

    I appreciate the IOH for publishing the news related to it and the letter of Mathews corepiscoppa.
    It is the duty of the media to bring out things like this and make public awareness and create opinion. We cannot publish such items in leading news papers. It is the duty of the Church journal to cover incidents happening in the church and the editors of IOH are doing a commendable work. People used to say that such things should be discussed in the synod or in respective bodies in closed doors. It will not produce any results at all. That is our experience in public as well as in church life. Some people and some attitudes will never change unless it is exposed publicly and create public opinion. Journals like IOH are doing that to some extent.

    There are certain norms and certain traditional ways of observing the death anniversary of our departed parents, priests and bishops. As far as I understand it was not properly done at Devalokam or the authorities did not take enough pain and attention to make it successful.

    The traditions of the Church should not be neglected by the jealousy of some immature bishops or by the ignorance of an Aramana Manager. The proper way of honoring our departed bishops is to put Doopam and read Prumion at their tomb. It is not a good sign if it is neglected by somebody even in the presence of our most respectfully old Holy Catholicose.

    H.H. The Catholicose or the Holy Synod should take the matter seriously and make necessary arrangements for celebrations in the future. It is really shameful for the whole church if such things and chaos happen again at Devalokam.

  13. A very sad incident indeed.Whosoever is the villain behind the curtain responsible for this should understand that Makkarios thirumeni was the only clergy in our church who had a glimpse of Devalokam before buying it and became instrumental in buying Devalokam as the headquarters of our church.Nobody on earth will be able to deminish the glitter of this shining star of the orthodox church by any means.The orthodox community should remember the magnanimity of this thirumeni with due respect. As Devalokam is the resting place of Makarios thirumeni the orthodox church need not to be afraid of any enemies.
    We hope in the coming years no one will hurt the feelings and sentiments of the family members and other admirers of this beloved thirumeni.

    Thomas Kuttikandathil,

  14. I was invited for the 2nd memorial service of late Bishop H.G. Thomas Mar Makarios which scheduled to be conducted on February 28th 2010. According to my best knowledge that the program was with a tri-mass and after the H. Qurbana there was a public meeting etc.

    On Thursday the February 25th 2010 I was informed that the tri-mass is cancelled, and the Bishop (Bishop H.G. Dr. Mathews Mar Themotheos) was forcefully taken away for another place for some function. After listening this I immediately conducted the present Devalokam Manager Rev. Fr. E.M. Philip who was at the time at the Parumala Hospital. He informed me that because of the behavior of V. Rev. Fr. Dr. K. C. Mathews Kuttikandathil Corepiscopas, all the programs are changed. The mistake that he pointed out was that if any program being conducted at the Devalokam must be under the full knowledge and understanding of Devalokam authorities whereas this program scheduled with out that.

    Immediately while I conducted the said Kuttikandathil Achhen, he said that the original program scheduled with full knowledge and authorization of our present Bava Thirumeni and under information with then Devalokam Manager V. Rev. Gheevarghese Ramban.
    Unfortunately the said Ramban immediately moved out of position. Immediately the matter was made under the full knowledge and agreement with the present Manager Achan (The aforesaid Achan).

    Again I tried to conduct the Rev. Fr. E. M. Philip. Next day, Friday the February 26th 2010 I was trying to reach his residence at Kurichi according to the address that the Achhen given to me to talk with him in person and settle the matter. Unfortunately I could not trace out the house, even-though I tried about 1 1/2 hours at the location that he said to me. At this junction I strongly recommend that never place a married priest as the Manager of Devalokam Aramana.

    In the history of our Church, it is the first time that I heard a married priest is kept as the Manager of Devalokam Aramana. However on the same day evening I conducted the said Achhan via phone and he agreed me that he shall stand as the third person for the tri-mass, which programmed.

    On the day, Sunday the February 28th 2010 early morning while I reached at the Devalokam Aramana I could see that there was no tri-mass, which I feel too bad. Even-though there was our Most Respected Bava Thirumeni, Bishop H.G. Thomas Mar Athanasios (Kandanadu), Bishop H.G. Yuhanon Mar Policarpos (Ankamali) and another three more Priests and Devalokam Aramana Manager Rev. Fr. E. M. Philip were present there was no tri-mass.

    More-than that there was no incense prayer at the tomb of late Bishop H.G. Thomas Mar Makarios. Of-course there was incense prayers at general tombs of our late Bava Thirumeni’s as usual. And there was no public meeting as informed. I did not see any state level or high level ministers, MLAs or MPs.

    At this juncture I strongly recommend that the present Devalokam Aramana Manager Rev. Fr. E. M. Philip of Kurichi must be dismissed from this position and replace with a very capable bachelor Priest.

    These above are the naked truth, which I have seen with my eyes and listen with my ears. Now I feel shame to say that I am an orthodox member. At the headquarters of my Church, in-front of me, if it can happen what else can happen in our churches? It is ashamed for all our church. I want to say that with one night the day shall not arose; further years also the same memorial service shall occur; and I believe that our Lord Jesus shall do the wonders.

    While late Bishop Thomas Mar Makarios alive our Church stoned, but while passed away doing the same stoning is un-etiquette, childish and immature. Please do not repeat it, who ever it may be done, it is very much shame on their part. I never heard that during the memorable service the incense service is not done for our Church Bishop. We must be an example for others.

    Further I want to say that our High Priests and Priesthood should not repeat alike this shamble behavior in future.

    Now I understand that the said Bishop H.G. Dr. Mathews Mar Themotheos (London) fall down from steps and broke his leg and said Aramana Manager admitted at Parumala Hospital.

    Those who read it, please make a note that we should not get punished from God while teasing his Great Priesthood people.

    May God Bless You All,
    With Humble Prayers and Love


  15. It was really shocking when IOH has published such a completely biased with pre-planned agenda of such a priest. I dont know about this achan, but i know about Niyuktha Bava for atleast 20 years. What achan explained about the Kunnamkulam diocese is absolutely wrong and not acceptable by anybody living in Kunnamkulam. before doing such comments achan should visit Kunnamkulam atleast onetime. Its quite long time started to de-name Niyuktha Bava with trivial and “incident made” stories. Achan please stop gossipping going forward. Why he is adament to celebrate trimass with tri-metroplitans itself, if one of the metroplitan is accidentally busy with some occassions??? How achen can claim all these done by Niyuktha Bava? What is the motivation of this open letter to IOH before inquiring the real facts.
    IOH please publish any such information once validated the facts.


  16. Sony Alexander, Texas says:

    Dear Father,

    Reading a letter like this makes me very concerened about what the site has become – the National Enquirer (a US gossip magazine) of the church. We really don’t need issues like this to be aired for public display, which only serves to create further divisions in our laity and church administration. Interestingly enough, this letter casts light on the global legacy of the Late Mar Markarios Thirumeni. The reality is that the Legacy of Thirumeni (right or wrong) is a very polarized legacy; we have some areas in the US and in Kerala that adored Thirumeni; we have other regions, especially in the South-East American diocese that had a very negative experience with Thirumeni especially in the late 1970s and early 1980s, resulting in Mar Barnabas original appointment to lead the US Diocese.

    I would also assert that Mar Markarios thirumeni’s Dhukarono is not even mentioned or remembered in most churches; this is not correct. I feel strongly that irrespective of perceptions, all late Episcopos should me remembered with Dhoopa Prarthana, and Promion-Sedro.

    The other complication with Mar Makarios Thirumeni’s Orma day is that it falls on the same day as that of St. Vattasseril Dionysius Thirumeni; this is the crown jewel of festivals for the Pazzhya Seminary and most bishops want to be part of this celebration. The only solution can be to ensure that at least one bishop is made available to conduct Makarios thirumeni’s orma appropriately, irrespective of whether a Tri-Mass is conducted. In all honestly, I don’t think most lay people care about having a Tri Mass (my eyes can only see one altar at a time)

    God Bless,

    Sony Alexander

  17. Thomson, Haryana says:

    Dear Father,
    We understand the pain you are going through . But i really dont support the idea of an open letter blaming the catholicos designate, we need to understand that there will be lot of problems in any administration, some like it and some dont like it . we need to find a better way to resolve the problem and in future this does not happen again.There are lot of viewers reading this article. Lot of people will be confused seeing this open letter since it clearly questions the ability of few people.i humbly request to withdraw this article.


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