Metropolitan-Elects: Consecration Pre-poned

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KOTTAYAM: Consecration of Metropolitan-Elects is likely to be on Wednesday, May 12, 2010 at Kottayam, Mar Elia Cathedral, IOH has learned from dependable sources. Fr. Dr. Nathanael Remban and Fr. Youhanon Remban are among the seven Metropolitan-Elects and the rest five priests, namely, Fr. Dr. John Mathews, Fr. V.M. James, Fr. Dr. Sabu Kuriakose, Fr. Dr. George Pulikkottil and Fr. Dr. V.M. Abraham, would be professed as Rembans likely on March 21 at Parumala Seminary.

According to the proposal of Holy Synod, these dates were April 15th and September 23, 2010. September 23 was, however, declared as Panchayat Election in Kerala and therefore, there arouse a need for change for the date of consecration. It was in these circumstances that the Catholicos has decided to pre-pone the dates to make it more convenient, assumes IOH.

Preparation for the five priests ahead of their profession as Rembans is planned at Kottayam, Njaliyakuzhy Dayara.

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  1. Jacob says:

    pre pone is very much correct. This is one of the English words contributed by Indians and Indians are proud of it. Refer to oxford dictionary or wikipedia

  2. Johny says:

    Pre-pone is not a word :))

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