Malankara Association Concluded: Seven More Metropolitans to Malankara

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SASTHAMKOTTA: Seven more Metropolitans to the Malankara Church. Malankara Association Members gave an over whelming and standing ovation with heaven breaking applause to seven Metropolitan elects, when the Malankara Metropolitan declared their names as winners of the Episcopal election 2010 at Mathews II Nagar (Mount Horeb Ashram), Sasthamkotta at 9.00 pm local time.

Some of the Association members, who were in an ecstatic mood, were literally elevating their loved candidates, who have been confirmed by their mother Church as befitting candidates to lead them deep into the 21st Century!

Fr. Dr. George Pulikkottil (714 – 1677) = 2391, Fr. Dr. John Mathews (769 – 1475) = 2244, Fr. Dr. Sabu Kuriakose (701 – 1536) = 2237, Fr. Yuhanon Ramban (599 – 1619) = 2218, Fr. Dr. Nathaniel Ramban (611 – 1510) = 2121, Fr. Dr. V. M. Abraham (544 – 1384) = 1928 and Fr. V. M. James (497 – 1184) = 1681 are the seven priests, who have won the Episcopal election.

When the Malankara Syrian Christian Association President, Malankara Metropolitan and Catholicose Baselios Didymos Marthoma I declared their names and invited them to the stage to garland and congratulate, children of the Malankara Church all around the globe had also approved their accord with pleasure.

The Association concluded with prayer and apostolic benediction by the Supreme Head of the Malankara Church, the Catholicos.

The home parishioners and loved ones of the Metropolitan elects from their respective dioceses received the Metropolitan elects with delight and have led them to their residences with motorcade accompaniment. On their way home prominent parishes of Malankara will also extend their joy and love to them by extending warm welcome.

“It is the second time in the history of Malankara Church that the desired number of candidates has been elected to the bishopricate. This reflects the depth of prayerful and saintly stature of His Holiness,” the priest trustee Fr. Dr. Jones Abraham Konatt said to IOH. He went on to reflect that the prayers and blessings of His Holiness’ predecessors, especially Baselios Marthoma Mathews II, whose mortal remains rests to the second coming of the Lord at the Association venue, have visibly reflected in the proceedings.
Malayalam Edition

Profiles of the Meropolitan elects

Fr. Dr. George Pulikkottil (42) BSc, GST, BD, M.Th, PhD
DOB: 17 May 1967
Member of St. Mathias South Cross Parish, Kunnamkulam. Parents: Late Mr. P. V. Pavu and Mrs. K. V. Anna, Present Address: STOTS, Nagpur, Post Doctoral Research Fellow. Diplomas in Sanskrit, Hebrew, Greek, Latin and German Languages. Priest since 1992 and served in different parishes under Dioceses of Kunnamkulam, Kottayam, Madras, UK Europe, and Canada and Diocese of America. Lecturer/Professor at OTS Kottayam & Nagpur since 1994. Served as Registrar of Divyabodhanam, Program Secretary of Sophia Centre – Centre for Inter-religious Dialogue and Cultural Studies, Resource Person for Oriental Studies, Associate Secretary of the Kerala Council of Churches, Member of the Association of Professors and Research Scholars in Germany for Study of Religions, since 2002. Authored more than 10 publications.

Fr. Dr. John Mathews (57) MRE., PhD.
DOB: 18 December 1952
Member of St. Thomas Cathedral, Kollam. Son of Samuel Mathews, Pulimoottil, Kollam. B.A. from Kerala University, M.R.E from America, Ph.D from Fordham University U.S.A, Serves as Professor of New Testament, Orthodox Seminary, Kottayam, Registrar of Divyabodhanam English Section, Secretary of Orthodox Vaidika Sanghom, Secretary of Inter- Church Relationship Committee of the Orthodox Church. Author of Gospel According to St. Mark – An Interpretation.

Fr. Dr. Sabu Kuriakose (43) B.Sc., BD., M.Th., D.Th.
DOB: 11 March 1966
Principal Secretary to H.H The Catholicose and working as Lecturer in the Dept. of Religion and Culture, OTS, Kottayam. Home Parish: Chungathara St. George, Malabar Diocese , Permanent Address:Tachiruparampil, Chungathara, P. O Malappuram Pastoral Work: Vicar- St. George Cathedral, Kozhikkodu, Asst. Vicar- Mar Gregorios, Salem, Asst. Vicar- St Thomas, Bangalore and St. Gregorios, Tumkur, Vicar- St. Gregorios, Nilambur,Vicar, St.Stephens, Karappurum, Vicar- St. Marys, Akampadam, Vicar, St. Marys, Shornur, Vicar, St. Thomas, Nattassery . Present Vicar of Thazhathangady Mar Baselios & Mar Gregorios

Fr. Yuhanon Ramban (47) MA., B.D., MTh.
DOB: 8 Oct 1962
Parents: (Late) Sri. P.Mathai and Thankamma Mathai,Nediyavilayil House, Pandalam, Superior of Holy Trinity Ashram, Ranni, Home Diocese: Chengannur, Home Parish :Kurampala St. Thomas, MA Sociology (Kerala), GST (OTS, Kottayam) B.D (Serampore), S.T.M (in Patristic Studies) from General Theological Seminary, New York, USA M. Th. (Spiritual Theology) Course completed from Indian Institute of Spirituality, Bangalore, Served the parishes in the Dioceses of Trivandrum (1987-92), America (1992-2003) and Madras (2006-07), Served as Secretary to: (Late) H.G. Geevarghese Mar Dioscorus (1981-’82 & 1988-’92) at Trivandrum and H.G.Mathews Mar Barnabas(1992-2003) at New York and as the Diocesan Office Secretary at New York. Attended various conferences of NCCA in 2000 and 2001 as delegate of the American Diocese. Member of NAMS since 1984. Author of the Book: Baptism Eucharist Ministry. Chief Editor: of “Diocesan Voice”, a quarterly publication of the American Diocese.

Fr.Dr.Nathanael Remban (57) BA., BD., M.Th., D.Th.
DOB: 10 February 1953
Superior of St. Paul’s Ashram, Puthuppady, Principal of St.Paul’s Mission Training Centre, Mavelikara, Son of M. George & Thankamma George, Thoppil, Vazhuvady Thazhakkara, Mavelikara, Parent Parish – Mar Baselios, Vazhuvady, Mavelikara, B.A. (Economics). M.A (Philosophy) Osmania University, BD, M.Th & D.Th (Serampore), Secretary, Orthodox Church Mission Society & Mission Board. Governing member of: St. Gregorios Balagram, Yacharam, St. George Balikagram, Pune, St. Paul’s Balagram, Ittarsi, Kalahandi Development Project., St. Gregorios Dayabhavan & Palliative Care Centre Kunigal, Bangalore, Mar Osthathios Sharing Trust. Written & Published 12 Books in the area of Theology, Philosophy & Spirituality. Published more than 30 research papers and 3 Thesis, Managing Editor – Doothan Tri Magazine

Fr. Dr. V. M. Abraham (40) BD., M.Th., D.Min.
DOB: 28 December 1969
Member: St. Basil Dayara, Pathanamthitta, Home: Vadutala, Mathoor, Pathanamthitta, Home Parish: St. George Valiya Palli, Thumpamon Erom. Education: B.Sc., M.G University, B.D., (Serampore) from OTS, Kottayam, M.Th., Dharmaram College, Bangalore, Pastoral Counseling, Elmhurst Hospital, Elmhurst, IL, Doctor of Ministry – Chicago Theological Seminary, Chicago, IL, General Secretary – MGOCSM since 2005, Sabha Managing Committee Member since 2006, Governing Board member Thadagam Ashram since 2005, Sabha Mission Board member since 2005, Mar Eusebius Memorial Project Director Board member since 2009,Kerala Council of Churches delegate since 2007, Director, St. Gregorios Shanthinilayam Counseling Center(1997-2000), Secretary to L/L HG Philipos Mar Eusebius (94-95). Parishes Served: St. Gregorios, Tumkur, Karnataka St. Mary’s, Thirumuttom, St. Basil Dayara Chapel, St George, Mukkaluman, Thumpamon, St. George, Angadical, St. Gregorios, Oak Park, IL, USA

Fr. V. M. James (56) GST., BD., M.Th.
DOB: 24 February 1953
Member of Budhannur St. Elias Orthodox Church, Chenganoor Diocese, Son of late T. K. Mathew, Budhanoor, M. A from Kerala University. B. D and M. Th from Serampore University, Served as Vicar St. Thomas Kollam, St.Gregorios, London., Higher Studies in Eastern Spirituality and Monasticism in England. Now Director of St. Basil Bible School and Orientation Centre, Sasthamkotta. Superior Mt. Horeb Ashram, Sasthamkotta. Member of Dr. C. T. Eapen Trust. Author of Pravachaka Sandesam in Divya Bodhanam Series.

Profiles prepared by Philip A. C

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22 Responses for “Malankara Association Concluded: Seven More Metropolitans to Malankara”

  1. Fr.Mathew.V says:

    Oh! Lord you have blessed Your Holy Church
    with new 7 more bishops.
    Glory be to you, Oh Lord!

    Send Your angels and guard them,
    so that they may not be lost on their way
    Be their tongue and talk us
    so that we may make no mistake.

    Mathews Achen

  2. Philip A.C, Auckland says:

    Congratulations to all the Elected Candidates. I uphold the views and advice of Vattaparambilachen. Even if they follow one of the seven advices, they can make a difference in the community.
    Wish them the very best.

  3. Manu Varghese says:

    “My Lord and My God” .Congratulations to 7 newly Elected bishop candidate of The Indian Orthodox Church. Again our Holy Churh got 7 more bishops because Our leader H.H.Baselius Marthoma Didimos 1 Bava is a man of prayer.Jai Jai Catholicos.Marthomayude Simhasanam Neenal Vazatte.

  4. We the Vicar,Members of the Managing Committee anf Parishners of St Marys O S Parish, Dombivli of Bombay Diocese,congratulate the new Bishop Elects with an advice to remember always that The Bishop is from the Church,by the Church and for the church, so be faithful to the Church and its development, also 1) Devote fully on the activities of the Dioceses assigned,Take care of the Diocese and its flocks. 2) Have cordial relations,faith,Trust,Confidence in the Achens as they are the backbones of a Diocesan Bishop and entrust them with activities of the Diocese with full confidence, guide them and also seek their opinions too.3) Visit the Parishes of the Diocese regularly,atleast once in a year and interact with the parishners, so that almost all issues can be settled.Conducting Marriages,Baptisms and Feasts are good, but should not be treated as a parish visit.4) Avoid frequent flying for private purposes,other than the Diocesan activities,Managing Committee,Holy Synod,Malankara Association, using Diocesan Fund, Use such funds for the welfare of Diocese,Achens and the needy.5) Whatever activities are done should be for the Church and not for personal gains or interest and fame.6) Be transparent and impartial in all decisions. 7) Avoid false promises in order to get rid of certain situations/ persons.

    Best of Luck.

    Fr.Varghese Yohannan
    Vicar St Marys O S Parish, Dombivli,
    Bombay Diocese.

  5. “Let us pray for the new elected bishop candidates to guide the church without fear and partiality. Congrats all, but remember you all are bound with more responsibilities.”

  6. Hearty Congrats to all the Bishop elects.
    Our Bava Thirumeni’s prayer is the only reason for such a result the second time in succession. Long live our Bava Thirumeni.
    Now the time is approaching to pray for an unified Church. Pray for the unification of the Church. Let it happe during the tenure of this Bava Thirumeni.

    God Bless the Church



  8. T.CHACKO says:


  9. ”May we take this opportunity to congratulate our newly elected bishop candidates and humbly requests to remember all of us in daily prayers and Holy Qurbana for abundant bestowing of all sorts of celestial blessings up on all of us”.

  10. Thomson says:

    God bless all the 7 elected Bishops and give them strength in guiding us

  11. ojir, Louisiana says:

    thanks to god almighty who made these possible.

    i also extend my sincere thanks to mr George.

    thankyou sooo much.

  12. Congratulations…. FR GEORGE PULIKOTTIL,FR SABU KURIAKOSE,FRV.M.ABRAHAM FR JOHN MATHEWS,FR NATHANEIL RAMBAN,FR YOUHANON REMBAN,FR JAMES … lead us in the spiritual and temporal affairs of The Church and particularly to lead the Church in its mission of witness and service of the world and provide liaison and leadership in the quest for Christian unity in ministry, mission, and structure and in the search for strengthened relationships with all other living faith communities

  13. ojir, Louisiana says:

    may the god really bless with his beatiful,wonderful and colourful showers of blessings to all the newly elected people.

    i sincerely thank mr James for this beatiful website with complete knowledge.


  14. god bless all newly elected bishops

  15. Congrats to all Newly elected Bishops,Let GOD Almighty Shower blessings to all your activities as Bishops.

  16. Publish the list of votes of all the 11 candidates.Congratulations to bishop elects.

  17. Ofcourse the prayers of our Bava Thirumeni and his predecessors have brought in glory to the church.Let us pray that in future too their prayers and their successsors prayers also bring more glory and fulfull all the tasks and wishes of the Church in whole.Also my best wishes to the new bishop elects.

  18. Hearty Congratulations to the newly elected shepherds of our Church. Let the almighty God bless you all and grant the wisdom to guide us and our church in the path of righteousness.
    With love & Prayers,
    George Pulikkottil. North Richland Hills, Texas.

  19. Congratulations! May the Lord guide and bless all of them to lead us to a new Journey

  20. Fr. T.George,Ireland. says:

    Today’s election testifies to the fact that God has been with us. We succeeded in selecting yet another 7 priests to the bishopric rank. May God’s name be glorified. Long live Indian Orthodox Church! “Malankara Sabhe nee ethra dhanya!” Congratulations to the newly elected ones and all the best to everyone!
    God bless us,
    George Achen,Ireland.

  21. Once again the Malankara Orthodox Church has honored by the members of the Malankara Association with another episcopal election. As a priest of the Malankara Orthodox Church , I send prayers, respect and obedience to the newly elected successor to the St.Thomas, the Apostles of India and kudos to the members of the Malankara Association.

  22. George Varghese Tharayil says:

    deivam albootham nadthy

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