Episcopal Election 2010: Malankara Association Today

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Malankara Association venue: Baselios Mathews II Nagar -Sasthamkotta

SASTHAMKOTTA: (Feb.17 -7.30am IST) The Malankara Syrian Christian Association, the parliament of the Malankara Church, will be held today at Mount Horeb Ashram- Sasthamkotta at 12.30pm to elect 7 priests to episcopate.

11 priests have been short listed for election. Fr. Dr. George Pulikkottil, Fr. Dr. John Mathews, Fr. Dr. Nathaniel Ramban, Fr. V. M. James, Fr. Yuhanon Ramban, Elavukkattu Fr. Geevarghese Ramban, Fr. Skriah OIC, Fr. Dr. Sabu Kuriakose, Fr. M. K. Kurien, Fr. V. M. Abraham and Fr. J. Mathukutty are in the official panel of the Church presented by the Sabha Managing Committee.

The seven candidates will be elected through secret ballot. Metropolitans, priests, managing committee members and lay representatives will cast their votes in the election.

The registration will begin at 9am. Association members will have to verify themselves at 41 counters according to the dioceses set at the entrance of the Association Nagar from morning 9 am to 12 pm. After verification of Document of Legitimacy (Adhikara Pathram) the delegates will receive identity cards from respective counters. The members will have to submit their Adhikara Pathram at the counter and thereafter they will get the official leaflets on election procedure.

Catholicos of the East and Malankara Metropolitan Baselios Marthoma Didymos I will preside over the Association. It will begin with a prayer at the Mar Elia Chapel of Mount Horeb Ashram at 12.30 p.m. Thereafter the Malankara Metropolitan and other Metropolitans will proceed ceremoniously to the dais.

Around 4,000 delegates from across the globe, including those from America, Europe and African Continents, Gulf Countries, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia will participate in the Malankara Association 2010.

“A Five-Member Tribunal, chaired by the Catholicos-elect, Paulose Mar Milithios, would look into the complaints over the list of delegates for the association meeting”, Dr. George Joseph, the Association Secretary, said. Fr. K. A. Abraham, K. T. Chacko I.A.S, Adv. P. G. Jacob and Adv. K. K. Thomas are onboard as jury members of the ‘Tribunal’.

Polling booths will be arranged and counting of votes will be held immediately after the polling. Alexander Daniel IPS, the additional Director General of BSF is the returning officer for the Episcopal Election 2010.

9.00am IST : Registration started
11.00am IST : Lunch for the Association Members began
12.30pm IST : Procession began
1.00pm IST : Association meeting began with prayer
1.20pm IST: Fr.Bijesh Philip -Nagapur Seminary Delivering the devotional address.
2.15pm IST : Polling began
3.15pm IST : Polling Closed
3.30pm IST: Sorting of ballot paper began
4.00pm IST: Counting began

Total Voters registered
Clergy: 901
Laity: 2094
Minimum vote to pass
Clergy: 451+1
Laity: 1047+1

9.00pm IST : Election declared . 7 priests won

Name : Clergy vote : Laity vote : Total

1. Fr. George Pulikkottil (714 – 1677) = 2391
2. Fr. John Mathews (769 – 1475) = 2244
3. Fr. Sabu Kuriakose (701 – 1536) = 2237
4. Fr. Yuhanon Ramban (599 – 1619) = 2218
5. Fr. Nathaniel Ramban (611 – 1510) = 2121
6. Fr. V. M. Abraham (544 – 1384) = 1928
7. Fr. V. M. James (497 – 1184) = 1681

Congratulations to the Metropolitan Elects from the family of IOH!

Circular- page 1 Page 2
Circular from Asso. Secretary

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13 Responses for “Episcopal Election 2010: Malankara Association Today”

  1. There should the full list containing the details of votes of all the all 11 candidates.

  2. congragulations for the newly elected bishops

  3. The results is a clear indication that neither God nor representatives of the church favoured the manipulators, who left a black scar on the selection process with only self interest and with out any love for the church.This is also a warning for the future screening committee members.

    Thomas Kuttikandathil,


  5. rony says:

    pls update the result, its a request

  6. ojir says:

    dear mr.James,
    this is a very good update!….really very very nice..
    and i also thankyou for leting me view the election results.
    i am really very glad to know about it

    thankyou very very much for the information mr.James.


  7. Votes (Laymen, Priests), Fr. George Pulikkottil (1625, 713), Fr. John Mathews (1414, 768), Fr. Sabu Kuriakose (1535, 700), Fr. V. M. Abraham (1382,544), Fr. Yuhanon Ramban (1617, 590), Fr. Nathaniel Ramban (1510, 610), Fr. V. M. James (1182, 497

  8. Philip A.C, Auckland says:

    Fr Varghese Yohannan Vattaparampil’s prediction is correct.
    Nathaniel Ramban,Yuhanon Ramban-Holy Trinity,
    Rev Frs George Pulikottil,Sabu Kuriakose,V M James,V M Abraham,John Mathews
    have won the election

  9. Dejy Paulose says:

    We are all waiting for the result Hope the elected and defeated shall work together
    to take care of the spiritual upliftment of people of this great Church spread in all continets

  10. V thomas says:

    their woul be only four elected candidates this time. five looks bleak

  11. Dear Mr. George,

    Please update the progress in counting.

  12. The winners will be Nathaniel Ramban,Yuhanon Ramban-Holy Trinity,
    Rev Frs George Pulikottil,Sabu Kuriakose,V M James,V M Abraham,John Mathews

  13. Dear Mr. George,

    Your reporting and timely update are really good and appreciating you for the same. Please update the details including more photos and videos if possible.

    May GOD bless you.

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