Enthronement of Metropolitan Alexios Mar Eusebius on May 22

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HOUSTON: The first Diocesan Assembly of the Diocese of South West America will be held at St. Thomas Orthodox Church, Houston, Texas from May 20-22, 2010.

On May 22nd the diocese will conduct the Sunthroneeso (Enthronement Service) of its Metropolitan Alexios Mar Eusebius. Catholicos Elect Paulose Mar Milithios will be the chief celebrant on the occasion. Dr. Mathews Mar Severios, the Secretary to the Holy Episcopal Synod will be a special guest of the diocese at the ceremony.

The Assembly will begin with evening prayer followed by Clergy Business Meeting on Thursday May 20, 2010. The Diocesan General Assembly will be held on May 21, where the election of its first diocesan council will be conducted. The Council will be with Diocesan Secretary, two priests and four laymen. A Diocesan Auditor will also be elected by the Assembly at the time of election.

A committee is constituted for the success of the event with Fr. P.M. Cherian as the General Convener. Clergies are to lead various sub-committees for the smooth functioning of the program and as follows. Geevarghis Aroopala Chor-Episcopa as Finance Committee Chairman, Fr. Mammen Mathew as Reception Committee Chairman, Fr. Dr. V.C. Varghese as Program Committee Chairman, Fr. John Kunnathusserril as Election Procedures and Registration Committee Chairman, Fr. Thampan Varghese as Food Committee Chairman, Dn. George Poovathur as Invitation Committee Chairman, Fr. Rajesh John as Liturgy & Worship Committee Chairman and Fr. Dr. C.O. Vargis as Publicity Committee Chairman.

“There will a meeting of the parish Managing Committee members and Leaders of all Spiritual Organizations in the South Region (Colorado, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas) on Saturday, February 20th at 10:00 AM at St. Gregorios Orthodox Church, Houston to finalize and expand the sub‐committee” informed Manoj Mathew, the P.R.O of the diocese to IOH.

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5 Responses for “Enthronement of Metropolitan Alexios Mar Eusebius on May 22”

  1. Orthodox Kid says:

    The photo is not bad.. but the flash wasn’t necessary.. :)

  2. ABY JOHN says:

    Thanks for using my picture, you made my day happier…

  3. Simon Paul says:

    Conducting a Sunthroneeso (Enthronement Service) and ordering all parishes to pay $800 is not fair. In USA there are many parishes which are hardly managing to pay the mortgages and other expences, we are just surviving, that’s all. As a member of a small congregation under SW Diocese this enthronement Service is another burden to us. May it is because our thirumeni have seen only the glittering wealthy side of the orthodox christians in USA. Please look down towards us too!

  4. Enthronement (“Sunthroneeso”)
    An enthronement is a ceremony of inauguration, involving a person—usually a monarch or religious leader—being formally seated for the first time upon their throne. Enthronements occur in both church and state settings, since the throne is seen as a symbol of authority, both secular and spiritual. Enthronements are most popular in religious settings, as an armchair is seen as the symbol of the authority to teach. Thus in Christianity, bishops of almost all denominations has a ceremony of enthronement after they assume office. The Roman Catholic Church has of late referred to Latin Rite enthronements as Episcopal “installations”, but the substance of the ceremony remains the same. However, Orthodox Churches, Eastern Catholic Churches, and the Anglican Church retain the term and often have elaborate ceremonies marking the inauguration of their episcopates.

    St Thomas, being one of the 12 apostles, had his own throne according to the scheme of Our Lord Jesus. Matt.19:28″Assurelly I say to you that in the regeneration, when Son of Man sit on the throne of his glory, you who have followed me (The Apostles) shall also sit on twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel”.”Gregorius Bar Hebraeus (1226-1286 CE), in the Hoodoyo Canon, Chapter VII, Section I refers to the ceremony of “enthronement” for bishops. Bar Hebraeus regards St Thomas as the first bishop of the East.”Thooma Sleeho reesh kohne kadmoyo de madanho”. Even bishops had thrones, and since St Thomas was regarded as the first “High Priest”(“Maha Purohithan”) of the East, the use of the term `Throne of St Thomas’ is appropriate.

    “Melchizedek was the first example of a “High Priest”, in which Christ would be the fulfilment. Archaeological records inform us that there were others who were very much like Malke-Zadek and Abraham. We learn of Gilgamesh, an ancient priest-king from the Sumerian city-state of Uruk and we learn of other Sumerian tribal settlements which were enthroned and ruled by “Priest-kings”.

    God Almighty showers all the blessings to the ceremonial function and H .G. Alexios Mar Eusebius to enthrone as the Metropolitan of the Diocese of South West America.


  5. Fr. Mathew V says:

    Enthronement was a practice of of the Church before the transfer of Bishop was introduced. Now the transfer of Bishops has been implemented by the Sabha Managing Committee.

    Now is it relevant?

    Holy Synod is yet to take a decision on it. The old tradition church and the concept behind the enthronement (Bishop is wedded with a diocese) is no longer in force.

    Hope the Holy Synod will look on to this matter.

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