Episcopal Election 2010 : Flagpole Rally to Sasthamkotta on February 12

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SASTHAMKOTTA: The Flagpole Rally to mark the beginning of the Malankara Syrian Christian Association will commence from Thiruvithamkodu Church near Thiruvananthapuram. St. Thomas, the Apostle founded seven and half Churches in India and Thiruvithamkodu Church is famed as the half Church. Metropolitan of the Thiruvananthapuram Diocese, Dr. Gabriel Mar Gregorios, Fr. Baby Thomas and I.C. Cherian will lead the rally. The rally will pass through Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Kundara, Kallada to reach Mount Horeb Ashram.

The ceremonial Flag Rally commences from Mattanchery on the same day itself under the auspiciousness of Kochi Diocese. Mattanchery is the place where the Coonan Cross Oath took place. Metropolitan of the Kochi Diocese Dr. Yakob Mar Ireaneios will lead the flag rally.

Association Torch Rally will begin from Parumala Seminary under the auspiciousness of Mavelikara Diocese. Metropolitan of the Mavelikara Diocese Paulose Mar Pachomios and Fr. Abey Philip will lead the torch rally to Sasthamkotta.

The Catholicose Elect Paulose Mar Milithios had installed the Tent Pole for the Malankara Association back on February 2nd.

Sabha Managing Committee will hold a special meeting on February 16 to evaluate the arrangements for the Malankara Syrian Christian Association, which is to be held on February 17 at at Mount Horeb Ashram, Sasthamkotta.

The main agenda of the Malankara Association is to elect 7 priests to the episcopate to fill the vacancies of various dioceses. From among the official panel containing 11 Episcopal Candidates the Malankara Association through voting will find out the new Episcopas.


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7 Responses for “Episcopal Election 2010 : Flagpole Rally to Sasthamkotta on February 12”

  1. Shibu Thomas says:

    Congratulations to our newly elected candidates. May the good Lord shower his choicest blessings upon them in leading the lost soul to the heavenly kingdom.

  2. Congratulations to the winning candidates and the voters to use their voting rights to fullfill the need of the Church and obeying our spiritual head of the Church H.H. Catholicos.

    The gallop poll result of The Orthodox Herald is exactly correct and even the order of the vote also the same. So I was just thinking that a gallop poll in Orthodox Herald is enough to find the Bishop candidates in future , so we can save some money (Just a Joke)

  3. Eapen says:

    The election of 7 new bishops are a welcome steps because we need young and energetic persons for the betterment of our Malankara Shaba. But last election there was an age limit but this time why did not have such a criteria for the selection. There is no fixed rule. It is always good for young generation to lead the Shaba under the supervision of their seniors. We should have a permenant rule for the selection.

  4. Best wishes for the the New 7 metorplotians and gratefull thanks for the all organisers for the big arrangements for the Today’s Malanakara Associations and Thanks for the TVM.Mavelikkara.Niranam/Cochin diocese for their distributions for this big Function.

  5. fr.v.george says:

    my brothers its a humble request to all of u why cant we stop commenting abt the ordination of bishop barnabas its already more than a week now so pls stop it. there are many matters to be discussed abt our church then why to discuss unwanted things, this is not to hurt anyone.

  6. Rajan Philip says:

    All the Best , Jai, Jai. Catholicose

  7. Philip A.C says:

    Prayers and best wishes for the organisers. Happy to hear the Flagpole rally starts from Thiruvithamkodu Church. Wise decision

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