Geevarghese Mar Barnabas: A New Metropolitan in Jacobite Church

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PUTHENCRUZ: The consecration of Ramban Geevarghese Thengumtharayil to the episcopate as Geevarghese Mar Barnabas was conducted at the headquarters of Jacobite Syrian Church- Puthencruz Dayara on February 1, 2010 by the Sreshta Catholicos Baselios Thomas I and the Holy Episcopal Synod of Jacobite Church.

Metropolitan was a student of Kottayam Orthodox Theological Seminary and a batch mate of Dr. Yuhanon Mar Chrysostomos, Mathews Mar Theodosius, Nathaniel Ramban and Fr. Dr. M. O. John. He was in charge of Panayampala Bala Bhavan for many years since its inception as a very dedicated worker. According to the Metropolitan he left the Malankara Orthodox Church for the politics and undercurrent tactics played by the leaders of the Malankara Orthodox Church.

The new Metropolitan is a strict monk, very straight person, dedicated his life to the ministry of the Lord. He had handed over his family properties to the Church and started Mt. Moria Ashram there. At Keekozhur, Metropolitan founded Mar Gregorian Study center to inspire the youngsters of the church to learn more on spirituality.

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106 Responses for “Geevarghese Mar Barnabas: A New Metropolitan in Jacobite Church”

  1. George Varghese Tharayil says:

    Why all r writing all these scrap n argumentsit doesn’t make any sense at all.please ,please pray 4 this church 2 b united.when we laymens pray 2gether parish get united,when parishes get united diocese get unite,when dioceses get united church get unite,and finally when church get united all faction get unite and come under 1 roof.its impossible 2 happen, bcoz both r grown in all sphere’s 2 one another.,but god say is possible with him.let bend ur knees and pray,god we r giving our selfs this church in front of u,please make it peacefull&united,so that our next generation will be able 2 say “THIS IS THE CHURCH WITH GOD PRESENCE”.

  2. Abu says:

    In my previous post, I didn’t mean to disrespect or belittle the Godly work majority of our dedicated clergy are doing. Please pardon me if it sounded that way.

  3. arun says:

    dear brother manu they only says the things which there are holy people but in person i know why militheous went to the orthdox fraction . first u should know the one thing iam not a person of this malankara church. do u think that the activities inside ur church is one the basics of truth. do u know what role manorama play that led to the partion of the church. and do u know what was the verdict of supreme court on 1995. do u think the his holiness partirch is against the malankara church?

  4. Abu, Saint Paul says:

    I am Syrian Orthodox by birth and I value my 2000 year old Malankara Nasrani heritage. But in front of the thrown of Grace neither qualification is relevant. Though, the teachings and traditions of my church provides me with immense resources and means to approach thy thrown.

    The split in the church in 1972 stole from my generation the opportunity to grow spiritually. Ordained leaders of the church had to spend lion’s share of their talents to fight for the “thrones” and they lost their credibility and witness to preach the Gospel of our Lord.

    When you dig down to understand the root cause of the dispute, it’s the same old original sin. DISOBEDIENCE. Nobody wants to obey their spiritual or temporal authority. Let’s thank God that both our churches have so many efficient and learned bishops. If they are really “called”, our churches are going to see immense blessings. If they are “elected” , Satan’s work will continue to flourish for generations in making God’s children fight each other and keep them from witnessing to the 1 billion Indians.

    The quarrel between the factions can be ended if both churches bent their knees and pray and humble themselves and see his brother better than the other. Hoping for a unified church is a pipe dream- but nothing is impossible if we turn to Him. If we can agree to respect each other and let the majority faction in every church provide the resources to build a reasonable church building for their weaker brother, share the cemeteries, share the disputed common places like Alwaye, at least the next generation will have a blessed life devoid of church politics. 1934 or 2002 constitution is not going to bring peace – they have only helped in more court cases and fodder for fight and wasted the best century. Going to court for any church dispute exposes the spiritual bankruptcy of our churches. Prayer and Fasting is the only solution to open the eyes of the people who are feigning blindness. Hope the elected and called clergy will be more mindful of their own teaching that it will be asked many fold of them.

    I am still hopeful. I don’t know of the IOC, but a lot of spiritual revival among the SOC laymen is happening all over the church, may be as a result of the tireless work of the new bishops. I believe and pray that God will bring peace in his Church in our lifetime, if not, I have no hope of seeing any of the elected and called people of either faction on the “other side” of life. Look forward to the day when IOC and SOC as two sister churches work together to reach the Gospel to all parts of India (a mission we failed to accomplish because of our pride).

  5. Jenns, Vakathanam, New York says:

    All the jokers who are crying foul when one of our own went to other side should also remember that we welcomed with open arms when people in their side swithced sides. We parraded them around Kerala like prized trouphy.

    “Don’t we read in the Holy Bible like, shame to the man who creates division, because it is better for him to tie a stone around his neck and drown into the mid sea…..” ha ha we could quote the bible for anything nowadays…What happened when their bishops switched over and created division among them. Didnt we have a bible at that time.

    Please this fight is about nonsense!!!
    Read this hundred times.
    “We reap what we sow… “

  6. Editor says:

    Readers are requested to maintain dignity over writing opinions.

    Misuse of freedom by the readers will not be encouraged at this posting section and will be removed immediately. Only intellectual and not emotional comments are expected.

    Editor In Charge

  7. oommen puramattom, Dubai says:

    Dear manu,I belong to jacobite church.With curiosity i am following the discussion in IOH regarding the ordination of HG BERNABAAS . Manu why u r annoyed on something purely our internal affairs. We jacobites have a strong and ,able leadership ,we are blessed with our sreshta Bava .Our church is progressing in all spheres.Above all we accept any decisin HB takes ,unlike in yor group,HG Bernabaas was with us from 2004 ,our decision makig bodies found him good and selected him as a bishop . ..If u are jelous we cant help it. Perhaps like the Father from Ireland u can also murmer and utter the jacobite are skeletal in numbers.However atleast think sometmes why all the political leaders are after Sreshtabava .Please go through Malankara syriac voice to see the beautiful churches HH and HB consecrated in last month in places where orthodox church dont have even a place of worship.Also I invite u for the consecration of jacobite Dayora in Mallappally thebirth place of Vattaseril Thirumen.

  8. John, New York says:

    Dear Eldho,
    Where in his speech do you see him trying to support the other faction. The thing that I respect about Fr. Geevarghese and Fr. Shebaly is that they don’t support or oppress the other faction. Clergy such as Fr. Geevarghese and Fr. Shebaly are the ones that we need in our church to bring unity. I believe that they both made good comments about the present situation of or church. One comment I don’t understand of fr. George “I fear what is going to happen in Kerala is a ‘flood of bishops’. The Patriacrchal faction in Kerala with a skeleton membership can claim to their credit a number of 31 bishops without much things to do.” What is meant by a skeleton membership?? They too have many members in their church. Is there any need to offend?
    I am also in accord with the previous posters on the way the election process is taking place. One poster said that the Jacobite church just comes and ordains a bishop in two days. Well maybe they just made it known to the public in these two and had conversations in their synods. I find it disrespectful that the names of all 20 some what candidates are posted online. Is that really necessary?? The election of bishops should be made by the holy malankara synod, not whoever has a higher poll number. I even find the poll at the top of the page to be offending. What is this, a popularity contest??
    God Bless, John

  9. Manu Varghese says:

    Dear Brother Arun,

    Please dont talk about politics. Its shame for your Puthenkurizesociety.If you have time please go and visit Pampaday.There is a ex bishop or retired bishop of Puthenkurize is staying in his house. H.G Mar Philoxinos( former Malabar /Meenangadi Dioc)He will speak about the real politics in Puthenkurize gorup. He will explain how he got retirement. He dont have money now. Now his friends of Kottayam district is supporting him.(Both Orthodox and Patriach gorup)
    Onother thing you just go and meet your synod secretary H.G.Joseph Mar Gregorios. He will exaplain how he moved to Orthodox group along with Mar Milthios and Mar Athanasius, and why he back to Puthenkurize? He will expalin as a top secret story…So brother Arun, Please pray for your church.May be good things will come after this Sreshtan time.

  10. Dn New York says:

    Fr. George, I think your blind uncompromising thinking is getting the best of you. Extremism and Fanatism does not come from God. Excommunication of anyone that joins the patriarchal faction by our Church is meaningless because Church is One. Have you ever wondered why our church didn’t excommunicate H.G. Abraham Severious when he went back to the Jacobite Church or how come H.G. Geevarghese Mar Barnabas is not excommunicated by our church? We are bend on unity of two factions and believe that the church is one. If we truly believe this in essence, how could someone throw so much mud at Mar Barnabas instead we should admire his courage. He was with H.B. from 2004 and only after six years he was ordained with such pomp and glory. Such is his character. Compare this with the overnight ordination of Mar Gurgan who had to be ordained with the church doors closed. Filing cases is not the answer as Fr. George suggested. We filed so many cases in many churches after the four Bishops came to us in Kandanad, Thrissur and America. Name one church where our Catholicose is able to enter where we got favorable judgement. The most we were able to do was celebrate some Munsif Court Judgment which gets reversed in no time. When we claim that those Thirumenis came and joined during the parumala association, it is false. People who know the facts know otherwise. And they all didn’t join together but at various times. Mar Nicholovas being the last to join. Let us accept ground facts and see this as a positive development. Like Milithose thirumeni says very often that they didn’t come from anywhere but were part of the same Church which was and is One and Mar Geevarghese Barnabas didn’t go anywhere because the Church is One. Instead of confusing the poor layman and leading them into conflict, we should accept that the church is One in its truest spirit. I think that is the only way out of this never ending litigation. When Bishops of both faction maintain very good relationships with each other, when Priest from both factions maintain very good relationships, when wealthy families from both factions maintain good relations thru marriages and being in the same status class why should some poor layman be thrown into the streets to bark at each other because of the hatred taught and spread by a hand full of persons. Believe in essence that the Church is One and spread that Truth.

  11. Eldho Bangalore says:

    Fr. Geevarghese , are you really a priest of Malankara Orthodox Church. You speak the same language as shreshta bava uses

  12. Arun, Kayamkulam says:

    Fr George do u think that the court has authority to judge the church if u think it is wrong

  13. Fr. T.George,Ireland. says:

    Dear Geevarghese Achen,
    I don’t know much about bishop Moosa Gurgon. But you said he was expelled from the Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch. In such a juncture, there was no other way for him but to seek asylum from the Indian Orthodox Church as we did in 1653 and in 1912. As an expelled person, he was a free a bird to roost on another tree. And I think he was consecrated not as a bishop for the Malankara Orthodox Church. Hence it does not and need not come under the perview of the Malankara Association. He has an autonomous church of his own which accepts the “Spiritual Supremacy” of our Catholica bava. Fr. Eldos Kaungupalli too has not yet been accepted by us. But this was not the case of Mar Barnabas thirumeni(Jacob varghese achen). As far as I know, he was never expelled from Malankara Orthodox Chruch. Instead, he left us of his own will for selfish ulterior motives. Please note that Mor Militius, Dr Mar Athanasios and Mor Nicholovas were accepted into our fold when the Malanara Association met at Parumala in 2002. It was a merging of two factions based on the constitution of 1934 of the Malankara Church and on the direction of the honourable Apex court of India . Yet,unfortunately, we could not tame the remaining faction that is still under the leadership of Shreta bava. The position of these three bishops were regularised and ratified by that historic Association held in Parumala thanks to God.

    If you have any complaint about the present system of election process,and if you are sure of your rights, you can challenge that in court?

    Be sensible!

    God bless,
    George Achen,Ireland.

  14. Dear Geevarghese Achen,

    You hit the spot, thank you. Congrats to Mor Barnabas Thirumeni.

  15. Fr. Geevarghese says:

    Dear George Achen,
    Moosa Gurgan Mor Severious from Syriac Orthodox Church, Germany was ordained as bishop by His Grace Dr. Thomas Mar Athanasios Metropolitan of Kandanadu Diocese & His Grace Dr. Yoohanon Mar Milithios of Trichur Diocese, of the Malankara Orthodox Church. He left Syriac Orthodox Church quarrelling with former Metropolitan of the archdiocese of Europe Mor Julius Yeshu Cicek. The Monk Moosa Gurgan was expelled by the Late Syriac Orthodox Archbishop Mor Yulius Cicek for indiscipline. He then joined a Roman Catholic Monastery. Now the new Bishop is being installed for a new autocephelous church named the Syriac Orthodox Archdiocese of Europe. If this new archdiocese will be completely independent or will be under the Catholicose of the Indian Orthodox Church is not known and is not clarified yet. Is he accepted 1934 constitution…..?
    You said “They stood for a ‘Principle’. Their decision was ideological.” …What ‘Principle’?…What ‘ideology’ ..?
    We have a strong procedure for electing a bishop. Is there any special rule to ordain a Bishop by two bishops and some priests without the knowledge the Managing Committee and the Malankara Association? They violate all the procedures of the Holy Church.
    . I could say it is the sad chapter of our church history or the “dark days” of our church. Two (junior) bishops ordaining another bishop without the approval of Malankara Association. (Remember, these two Bishops were not elected by the Malankara Association) It is a blatant disregard for our constitution and a deliberate action of two newcomers with some ulterior motives. Who knows that they want to form a third faction within the Malankara Orthodox church? Bishop consecration is the job of the Holy Synod, but the election of a bishop is the right of the people (Malankara Association). In this case, no constitution was followed. (We did not follow any constitution to accept the defected bishops from the other faction. We need to develop constitutional provisions to deal with such situation)

    Goal does not justify the means. These bishops with their adherence to Marxian philosophy used that materialistic thinking to justify their action. They must have persuaded the hierarchy to that end, who knows?
    Recently we accepted Fr Eldhose Koungampillil from London, now he was ordained as a Cor Episcopa by Bishop Moosa Gurgan Mor Severios. All these things are happened because of the politics in both factions.
    We have a failed unusual system of administration. We impose the constitution on poor faithful members and clergy but never read it when it comes to an action by a bishop. For example, seminary training is mandatory to ordination but many of our clergy were ordained at the will of their bishops. Then they will justify that action quoting St. Gregorios of Parumala or Valiya Bava. How many families have suffered even at the funeral service simply because of the constitution? How many churches are being closed because of this constitution? Does it mean that constitution is only for the people and not for the bishops? Why can’t we withdraw all cases and negotiate with the patriarchal group and bring about peace and reconciliation to develop a unified Indian Orthodox Church? Because of the divisions, money and persuasion/influence twist the constitution. Are we doomed like the Roman papacy of the middle ages? Well, it is our call and duty to stand up for our rights and justice for all. We believe in a God of justice, peace and order. St. Paul reminds us to do everything in “order”. Let us work for the restoration of peace, discipline and order in our church.

  16. THOMAS, Kuwait says:

    please prayer for unity of our chruch

  17. Philip Abraham says:

    Yes, what George Achen, Ireland said is indeed correct.
    I quote him ” Don’t equate him with HH Augen bava, Mor Milithios, Mor Athanasios, Mor Nicholovas. They stood for a ‘Principle’. Their decision was ideological. What they did was accepting the 1934 constitution of the Holy Church as per the directions from the Apex Court of India in 1995. They took this drastic step for a noble cause- the dream of a United Orthodox Church in India. They dreamt of Peace in our holy Church and wanted a streamlining in the adminstrative system in the Malankara Sabha. I don’t think they joined us not to achieve any position here. They had been enjoying many more privileges in patriarchal faction than what they enjoy here today. Yet as part of the collective decision of their former group, they agreed to and still stand firm. This is what they did. For that they are suffering a lot from within and outside of the church. What Fr. Jacob Thengumtharayil did to become a “Barnabas thirumeni” was merely for personal gain and not for the common good.

    Indeed, as the saying goes ‘Failures are the stepping stones to success’.

    When otherwise everything was getting along fine but blaming someone else when one is not successful is an unhealthy way of viewing failures, rather than it being “what was it that I lacked that lead to my failure and correcting my failure to make it a stepping stone to success the next time”.

    Running away to ‘somehow achieve ones own goal’ is self-interest and cowardly.

    Yes, there are lapses in all electoral systems and our electoral system is no different. Each time a lapse is noticed, that has to be refined and refined to achieve better results. What we need is contribution by all, especially the candidates who was unsuccessful to come out to testify what went wrong with the electoral system and to give positive suggestions to correct the defects in future, rather than being disgusted and running away for personal gains. If that was the case, after each electoral process we would have had a flock of migrants I don’t know to which all destinations? We need young dedicated people like Dn.Geevarghese, who one day would be in the forefront standing for Principles.

    Again HH Augen Bava, H.G. Mor Milithios, H.G. Mor Athanasios, H.G. Mor Nicholovas, they stood for a ‘Principle’. Their decision was ideological. They took this drastic step for a noble cause- the dream of a United Orthodox Church in India and not for personal benefits.

    Philip Abraham,
    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

  18. Arun, Kayamkulam says:

    Fr T George shall i ask the same doing inside your church that now the orthodox facton decided to have 7 bishops what about it brother? brother you are mistake the his holiness was planning to take an action against Mor Nicholas that is why he quickly jumped to the orthodox faction the similar thing to Mor Milithios

  19. Arun, Kayamkulam says:

    dear brother manu do u think that augen only know the truth after 1958 do u know the exact meaning of supreme court verdict. please study about it from the person who are not biased. iam oursider of this church i know that there is more politics in orthdox fraction tan the syriac orthodox. do u think that nicholas came to church because of the truth? ny answer is a big no. all are power hunger.

  20. Johny Switzerland says:

    don’t behave like a bunch or jokers fighting over some divide that makes absolutely no sense. There is no divinity or any kinds in either of the church, given that the factions can do a lot more for humanity than spend time and money over some power struggle, weather it is catholicose from east or west.

    I don’t think the bible has anything to do with either in this fight…its presided by a few people who want to stay important…


  21. Fr. T.George,Ireland. says:

    Dear Geevarghese Achen,
    First of all, let me make it clear that I have no personal grudge to Barnabas thirumeni. When he was my vicar in St.Thomas Orthodox Church, Alleppey, I was a great admirer of him for he had many virtues. But now I lament on him just because he has forsaken his integrity. Let me ask you, on what ‘principle’ he moved on to the other faction. You know that he was a man who was not selected as bishop in the Malankara Association which hapens to be the decision making body of the holy Church. Had he been veetoed by the synod after having been selected in the Malanaka Association, I would have supported him morally atleast.

    Don’t equate him with HH Augen bava, Mor Milithios, Mor Athanasios, Mor Nicholovas. They stood for a ‘Principle’. Their decision was ideological. What they did was accepting the 1934 constitution of the Holy Church as per the directions from the Apex Court of India in 1995. They took this drastic step for a noble cause- the dream of a United Orthodox Church in India. They dreamt of Peace in our holy Church and wanted a streamlining in the adminstrative system in the Malankara Sabha. I don’t think they joined us not to achieve any position here. They had been enjoying many more privileges in patriarchal faction than what they enjoy here today. Yet as part of the collective decision of their former group, they agreed to and still stand firm. This is what they did. For that they are suffering a lot from within and outside of the church. What Barnabas thirumeni did was merely for personal gain and not for the common good. I fear what is going to happen in Kerala is a ‘flood of bishops’. The Patriacrchal faction in Kerala with a skeleton membership can claim to their credit a number of 31 bishops without much things to do. “Unemployed biships” if I borrow the words of their faithful believers. If things go like this, we can see in the near future a bishop for each parish. What a novel idea it is, Is n’t it?
    God bless,
    George Achen,Ireland.

  22. Fr.Varghese Yohannan Vattaparampil says:

    Dear Geevarghese Achen
    Augen Bava and others changed the faction when they realised the real fact in 1958,similarly Dr Athanasios,Dr Milithios,Mar Nicolovas changed faction knowing the true fact through the supreme court verdict in 1995.But here Thengumtharayil changed faction to get elevated as a bishop,his hunger for power and position,which his mentor Osthathios thirumeni never had.Also church should have bold leaders like vattasseril thirumeni,kuruchi bava,vattakunnel bava.Let us hope the same attitude of these leaders with atleast the catholicos elect milithios thirumeni.after him the strong person is Severios Thirumeni,Eusebios thirumeni.

  23. Manu Varghese, Abu Dhabi says:

    Dear Dn.Geevarghese,

    We need deacon like you. Now i am happy there are youngsters also supporting the truth. Yes VattakunneL Bava is a great leader.

  24. Manu Varghese, Abu Dhabi says:

    Dear Fr.Shebaly/ Fr. Geevarghese,

    May be i am fanatic. This is my own Churh,. This is our St. Thomas Church. This is our Jesus Christs Church.So i am fanatic in this. I want to ask one simple question . Did any body from Puthenkurizeu side, same like Fr. Thengumtharayil( New Mar Branabas) to Our Indian Orthodox Church , what will happen? Our H.H can able to give maximum a Ramban or a Ramaban Cor Episcopa.Do you think any body will become Bishop with out Malankara Association Election. This is the main difference between us and them.(Becuase of Our Great Malankara Sabha Bhasuran ST.DIONYSIUS( Vattaseril Thirumeni) , we recvd a beautiful constitution( 1934) ) I am accepting our church is not a POLITICS FREE CHURCH. There are politics. We need leaders like H.H. VATTAKUNNEL BAVA.(H.H. BASELIUS MARTHOMA MATHEWS 1). Please pray for that!!

  25. Dn. Geevargheese says:

    Dear Father Geevarghese,

    Vattankunnel Bava Thirumeni’s father, Kurien Kathanaar, had been the vicar of Mannarcad Church for a very long time. When he passed away (I believe this was in the 1940′s), it was the desire of Mr. V.K. Mathews (Vattakunnel Bava) that he be buried at Mar Elijah Cathedral in Kottayam. However, the faithful of Mannarcad Church requested the family to have Kurien Achen buried in Mannarcad. Initially, members of Kurien Achen’s family resisted. Eventually, they succumbed to the request of the Mannarcad Church members. Mr. V.K. Mathews remained strongly against the decision. Being the youngest member of the family, he eventually had to consent to decision of his family. HOWEVER, HE DID NOT ATTEND THE FUNERAL OF HIS FATHER OUT OF MERE PRINCIPLE.
    Let this be very clear. The first time Vattakunnel Bava Thirumeni visited his father’s grave was when the CHURCH was unified [only after 1958].

  26. Fr. Geevarghese says:

    Congratulations to Barnabas Thirumeni,the newly ordained Metropolitan in the Malankara Church
    According to the Supreme court Judjument there is only one Church- one patriarch and one Catholicose. But two groups The faith is one, the traditions are one, the liturgy is one and so on But the administration is different. The Jacobite think that their administration is better. Thre is simony and bribe in both sides. There you give cash to one Bishop Here now you give to the bishops in the screening committee
    There is no harm in moving from one side to other according to convictions. That is what history teaches us
    Why Nicholovas Thirumeni changed the side ?
    Why Athanasuiose thirumeni of Kandanadu and Milithiose thirumeni of Thrissur changed side.?
    Does the Holy Catholicos and the Holy Synod approve it. Mar Nicholovas, Mar Athanasiose and Mar Milithiose became what they are only because of the Jacobite Church.They aslo wrote many things and shouted slogans agaist the Catholicose . Fr. T. George, Manu and all others who criticise Mar Barnabas are just ignoring facts and history. Why they cant criticise these bishops using same rule or scale
    Augen Bava changed side from the Ptriarchal group to Catholicose group. There are so many priests who were in the Patriarchal group changed side after 1958. Seminary Malpan Koruthu Achan, Konattu Malpan, Mannaraprayil Cor Episcopa Edayanal Cor Episcopa, Nooranal Achan were all in the Ptriarchal group.
    Paulose Mar Gregoriose and Mar Osthathiose were veetoed by the Holy Synod. If the division would not have occured in our church again in 1971 they may not have been selected again for bishops post.

    The whole process, the screening,the voting in Screening committe, the voting at Managing committee etc. have becom real politics in our Church That is why Fr. Dr. M.O.John, Fr.M.S. John , Fr. O.P.Varghese, Fr. P.C. Thomas, Fr. Titus George etc. were not selected. Fr. Dr. M.O.John is well known in all our Churches in both sides. He was denyed seat because of the personal rivalry of some leaders. And you call it Gods will. Then this is also Gods will. That is why Mar Barnabas! Congratulations to Barnabas!! Let more and more Barnabas come up as good lessons to our Holy Church.

  27. Dn New York says:

    I dont know why the so fanatics in our church are making such a fuss about this. Where was the so called election process when we ordained Bishop Gurgan. All peace lovers in our church will see this as a positive development. This only to atain unity is by having peace first and this could only happen when we interact with each other. Didnt we acept Bishops from Jacobite side when they crossed over. And they did some great things for our church. Try to see further then your noses.

  28. Dear Rev.Dn.Geevarghese,

    What you mean “The Church”. You are thinking only about The Malankara Orthodox Church. If you are loyal to “Christ and His Church” you should work and pray for the unity of the Church.
    We have to accept others. That is what Jesus said, “love your enemies, bless them that curse you,do good to them that curse you, and pray for them.” (Matt:5:44).

    We know what is going on in our church.Some leaders (the self proclaimed king-makers) are not interested in skilful, knowledgeable and challenging personalities like Fr.Dr.M.O John and Very Rev.Dr.Yoohanon Remban, to lead the Church. Why they are avoided, only because of the dirty politics among “some” leaders. Once they “may” realize and repent. So please…..
    Fr.Johnson Punchakonam

  29. Dn Geevargheese says:

    Dearest Achen,

    I truly believe the Orthodox Church is Christ’s Church. The Jacobites are also fully Orthodox; I never claimed they were not. This is not a Jacobite vs. Orthodox debate. This is simply about Geevargheese Mor Barnabas (the former Fr. Jacob Vargheese).

    Dn Geevargheese

  30. Fr.Shebaly says:


    You said that My loyalty is to Christ and His Church.
    Which Church? Malankara Orthodox Church?

    This is our problem. If we reinterpret Christ Jesus words as Malankara Orthodox Church, then we will be nowhere.

    The bible never instigate others to be fanatics. The true Christianity never spread hatred, instead love and love only.

    shebaly achen

  31. Dn Geevargheese says:

    Dearest Achens,

    The news that Managalam Church people left comes from the other group. I know personally that nobody left Mangalam Church with him. In fact, the only person that went with him is one of his disciples from the dayara. I also agree with Joy Achen who says, “Administrative disagreement with diocese/parish or priest is not a criterion to destroy any individual.” I have no intention to destroy this individual. I speak of what I know, seen and I have ample evidence to back up my claim. Nonetheless, I am not going to get into a “war of words” with my older Achens. Forgive me, if I have spoken ill of your batchmate. My loyalty is to Christ and His Church. May God bless the newly ordained shepherd.

    Dn Geevargheese, NY

  32. Editor says:

    News is news. The facts are reported well. It is published under the world news and not church news. If it was an article we could have write different perspectives.

    News is covering the event. That is what we have done.

    As you said, then why the Mangalam parishioners joined with them and left the church. Are the parishioners all foolish, If my information is correct.

    If there are factual errors in this report, please send us the details we will correct it.

    The reason for leaving the church is his own words, not IOH’s.

    The comment section for the readers. You can post your opinion.


  33. Fr. Dr.Joy Pyngolil says:

    It is good practice to find the goodness in others instead of tarnishing one’s reputation. Deacon, people leave and join any religion or political party according to their conviction. Administrative disagreement with diocese/parish or priest is not a criterion to destroy any individual. I do know Mr. Jacob Varghese and later Jacob Varghese Achen well enough to say that he was a dedicated individual to his calling. Leaving a faction joining another faction is not something new to us. We do have bishops once launched cross-fights with us with similar slogans. Slogans are emotional ideas not rational.

    As stated earlier, let’s hope and pray that “one day our unity will be restored” and the church will be one again to carry out his mission.

    Joy Achen

  34. Dn Geevargheese says:

    Whoever wrote this news does not know what he is talking about. He, the former Fr. Jacob Varghese, destroyed many parishes while he was in our Church. He was kicked out of several dicoeses before joining Chengannur diocese. Mangalam Church (the home parish Mor Geevargheese Ivanios) was singlehandedly destroyed by this prelate. Please get your facts straight before publishing something absurd. He left our church because lost the election in 2004. There is no doubt that the Jacobite Church has produced some great bishops in the last few years. However, I doubt this is one of them.

    Dn Geevargheese, New York

  35. Fr.Dr.Joy Pyngolil says:

    I know Jacob Varghese in his seminary days. Yes, to a certain extent he was frustrated with the church politics that led him to leave the “church of his upbringing” to another group within his Church of origin. He was in America for a short period of time and left unsatisfied. Indeed he takes his calling very dear and do all the hard work to live up to his mission. May God bless him to serve and bring reconciliation between the groups. There is still hope to see a “United Indian Orthodox Church”.

    Joy Achen

  36. Philip Varghese says:

    By publishing a news such as this on your website you are supporting the dissident faction. He might the classmate of the priests who commented but has left the Holy Church for temporal positions. Priests need to be obedient to the bishops. Oh well it cant be expected when the priests in USA run their own Inc and LLC churches
    Philip Varghese, New Castle

  37. Fr.Shebaly says:

    Dear Manu:

    Yes I know this Metropolitan as my class mate and very personally. I can tell you that he is a very dedicated person and he is the one with no lies in him. He is the one who built the Panayampala Bala Bhavan in all sense. He is a very caring and loving personality.

    Many of us are clever to speak well. But how many of us are willing to work for the kingdom of heaven. Those who speak well be known to others and they get positions here.

    Please do not be so fanatic. Malankara Church is one. The other faction is our brethren. We may have difference of opinions. Still have the same faith, same priesthood. Talking ill of the priesthood is insulting God who is the high priest. Do not judge.

    We are fighting and fighting. What for? Do you think that the ever loving God the father loves us only and hate the other faction?

    Think about how God is paining when His children are fighting for no reasons and deviating from his purposes, for worldly assets? Is that the Kingdom of God is all about? Do we have a real love that Jesus showed us?

    I pray for my Malankara Church, not as Catholicose or Patriarchal faction, but as my church. I respect all the hierarchy of my church.

    My dream is one day we all will be one again. Then God our father will reign over us as in the past.

    shebaly achen

  38. Fr.T.George says:

    Dear all,
    What the newly ordained Mar Banabas thirumeni(formerly Jacob Varghese achen) did on 1 February 2010 was swallowing what he vomited to the sea of Arabia in 1982. We can expect many more such things in the days to come. If things go like this how can we have an organised system of church adminstration? Anyway, I wish him all success and Godspeed in his minisitry. If his elevation as a bishop has been the will of God, I too yield to His will. God bless us all.
    George achen,Ireland.

  39. Fr.Varghese Yohannan Vattaparampil says:

    Ramban Thengumtarayil joined the jacobite faction and got elevated as a metropolitan.My doubt is whether this metropolitan if coming back to our orthodox faction with an apology in future will the orthodox faction accept him.

  40. Fr. T.George,Ireland. says:

    Dear All,
    The newly consecrated bishop of patriarchal faction -Mar Barnabas Geeverghese- had served for a while in St.Thomas Orthodox Church, Alleppey when he was a priest. I was there at that time. In 1982, when the holy Church celebrated the 70th anniversary(Sapthathi) of the establishment of the Catholicate, under his leadership the parishioners went for a rally held in Kottayam. On our way, we all were shouting slogans in one voice. He was in the lead. One of the slogans was thus: “Andhyokyayude melkoyma, Arabikadalil.”. The shouting voice of Jacob Varghese achen(Barnabas thirumeni) still echoes in my ears. I wonder how come a staunch Orthodox celibate priest relinquished his mother church and embraced its waring faction and became a bishop there? If he were straight forward, he would have the patience to wait for until he was selected by our Malankara Association. Instead, he opted rather a perverted way. He has now earned his bishopric post by offering his wealth to the other faction. Wasn’t it a simonic sin? What integrity he showed as a dedicated and disciplined son of the holy church? He owes much to the holy church more than what the church owes him. He is now what because of the holy Malankara Orthodox Church. Can anyone nagate this fact? A monk is and is supposed to be chaste, obedient and poor. Was he a disciplined disciple of Christ Jesus? He can never be equated with Mar Osthathios or Mar Gregorios. When they were elected in 1963, their selection was vetoed by the then catholicose. They did not resent on that action, instead, they patiently yielded to the will of God until they got elected as bishops for the the second time in 1974. There lies their dignity. It is a fate of the church that most of the celibate priests in our holy church, though they claim that they have relinguished everything, covet this prime position in our church. It is my humble suggestion, since almost all the celibate priests long for bishopric post, why cann’t every celibate priests be elevated as episcopas ? If it is done so, we can avoid periodic Associaion meetings and thus we will be able to save lots of money. Let those, who long for becoming bishop, bring their wealth at the feet of the holy synod and get consecrated. What we bind on earth will be bound in heaven!
    With prayers,
    George Achen,Ireland.

  41. Manu Varghese says:

    Dear in Christ,
    Its very shame to Puthernkurize society. Fr. Geevarghese tried 3 times in Indian Orthodox Church for bishop selection, at last he left our church. I am also from his same district. We never heard about this priest. In indian Orthodox Church there are lot of steps and Screaning for Bishops selection( Its not easy to become a bishop with in 2 days as Puthenkurize societys drama) . Now in Puthenkurize , bishop selection is also like Chevelior, Commander etc. ( Fr. Shebaly & Fr. Punchakonam knows A to Z of our Bishop selection. Now he is closing his eyes and he is sending Congratulations to his old class mate. ) Our Church is more than a friend.How can we immagine 31 bishops for a Ernakulam Ditsrict based soceity ?.ITS SHAME FOR OUR CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY!!!

  42. Fr.George Abraham, Doha says:

    All the Best Thirumeni
    Ellam daiva namma mahatwathinnu aaayi theeratte

    I pray come that great day when this two Sabha will be one body in Christ.

    Fr.George Abraham, Doha – Qatar

  43. sujith varghese says:

    sorry Mr.Varghese & amp;Mr.George,try to understand the real fact.Please make a comparison between our Bishops candidates and Geevarghese Ramban. Did you think that he had more support in our community. Did you know how many of our members know his name.I am belong to the same district of Ramban. I heard his name only when he left from church. I cannot able to see any more quality in him than the other candidates. Members at that time even Christaporus Ramban didn’t get enough vote.It means that candidates at that time is more qualified.

    The procedure of the bishop candidate election in our community was too good as the others.It is a real fact.In other church,their patron or influencing people decide a name .But here people select their right candidates.

    Before that please check,how many of Jacobite friends know the name of Geevarghese Ramban. That shows their selection procedure is faulty.

  44. George Varghese Tharayil says:

    100% u r right varghese mathew.epol 2004 randle nashttam,namkayi matty,enthe aishwariyum anne aa thirumeniyude muhathe.thejomayam aya mukham,athu oru deiva kripa anne, 6 varshathine shesham deiva kripayal nashttapettathe nanmmakayi theerthu ,all for the best,ellam nanmakayi swargathathen chezitheedunnu,nirnayamvili kettavarkkum,deivathinesneham arijnavarkkum.
    ethupole palarum povum,ee naanamketta rashtriyum kalikumbol.epol palarude mukhathe jhalyatha ayirikkum.

  45. V.Varghese Mathew, Auckland says:

    I would have not responded if I had not seen these words in your news, …. he left the Malankara Orthodox Church for the politics and undercurrent tactics played by the leaders of the Malankara Orthodox Church…What a forgone conclusion?

    Many Priests like Rev. Frs. O.P. Varghese, V.J, Thomas, M.S.John., M.O.John etc. who have not yet been lucky to become a Bishop have not yet realized this. Does this mean only a strict monk, very straight person, who dedicated his life to the ministry of the Lord who shift camps to establish centers to inspire the youngsters of the church to learn more on spirituality, will realize such undercurrent tactics? Or is it because the said priests are reluctant to handover their properties to the Church?

    Can you name an individual of the MOC or MJC who has not had a bad experience from their church in one way or the other? How many are still facing this and will face this? Why leave Priests, what about laymen? For them it is no undercurrent, it is direct current. That reminds me of a story that Edayanalachen says. The people blame the priest, the priest blames the bishop, the bishop blames the Catholicos and the Catholicos blames God and the blaming game continues.

    Now our innocent faithful will say, See what an impressive personality, he would have become our Bishop!

  46. Congratulations and best wishes to H.G.Mar Barnabas Metropolitan.
    Benny Achen

  47. Congrats and best wishes to His Grace Dr.Geevarghese Mar Barnabas Metropolitan. May God Almighty shower all the blessings.

  48. Fr.Shebaly says:

    Congratulation to my dear old friend Thirumeni and my best wishes.

    Your old classmate in seminary

Comments are closed

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