Geevarghese Mar Barnabas: A New Metropolitan in Jacobite Church

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PUTHENCRUZ: The consecration of Ramban Geevarghese Thengumtharayil to the episcopate as Geevarghese Mar Barnabas was conducted at the headquarters of Jacobite Syrian Church- Puthencruz Dayara on February 1, 2010 by the Sreshta Catholicos Baselios Thomas I and the Holy Episcopal Synod of Jacobite Church.

Metropolitan was a student of Kottayam Orthodox Theological Seminary and a batch mate of Dr. Yuhanon Mar Chrysostomos, Mathews Mar Theodosius, Nathaniel Ramban and Fr. Dr. M. O. John. He was in charge of Panayampala Bala Bhavan for many years since its inception as a very dedicated worker. According to the Metropolitan he left the Malankara Orthodox Church for the politics and undercurrent tactics played by the leaders of the Malankara Orthodox Church.

The new Metropolitan is a strict monk, very straight person, dedicated his life to the ministry of the Lord. He had handed over his family properties to the Church and started Mt. Moria Ashram there. At Keekozhur, Metropolitan founded Mar Gregorian Study center to inspire the youngsters of the church to learn more on spirituality.

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  2. hi,

    Due the politic in IOC , Malankara rith was formed

  3. abeesh jose says:

    the dispute is really related to faith than any other matter.

    while jacobites believe in the spirtual supremacy and grace of patriarch indian orthodox people dont like this .

    now in disputed churches which are in control of either faction those who want to continue their belief have to change their faith according to the control of church.

  4. arun says:

    the fact of the orthdox belivers is that they need patriarch in constitution but canno recoginize him in public

  5. Jobi Joy says:

    Hi dear brother’s and Achan’s,
    realy , Is any one got any life for God? what you are writing? I am asame and pity for these kind of Priest we had(both facation).
    “Experience the power of remission of sins and peaceful life through the shed blood of Christ on the cross and fulfill the holiness and ministry of Jesus Christ to prepare for the rapture at the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ
    Best Wishes

  6. Alex says:

    Jacobites will never use H.G Barnabas thirumeni as a tool to capture any catholicos faction churches. Its a human beings freedom to choose which church he wants to. No one can question that.
    Just one more question, did H.G taken any common property of catholicos faction along with him when he joined jacobites?
    But at the same time u guyz see what MVPA Athasious thirumeni and Milithious thirumeni done and what they are doing now.
    Even an LKG kid can answer this

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