Orthodox Church Welcomes the Court Order to Open Thrikkunnathu Seminary Chapel

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ALUVA: The Kerala Highcourt after considering the petition submitted by the Orthodox Church, finally ordered to open the Thrikkunnathu seminary Chapel between January 23 and 24 for prayer to both Orthodox and Jacobite factions of Malankara Church and maintain the Church by the Orthodox faction under the observation of the advocate commissioner appointed by the court.

A tension was prevailing while the Jacobite faction of the Malankara Church had announced early this month that a relay prayer meet would be held before the Perunnal of Thrikkunnathu seminary between January 22 and 26.

The Catholicos Elect Mar Milithios said on last Friday that the decision by Catholicos Baselios Thomas I of the Jacobite group to resist the ban and pray at the tombs of the Fathers at Thrikkunnathu, near Aluva, was a challenge to the rule of law in the State. Though prohibitory orders were in force at the tombs of the Fathers of the Church at the Thrikkunnathu seminary complex, the laity was allowed to visit the tombs and offer prayers.

The decision to open the Chapel to offer prayers for four hour each on January 23-24 to both factions under the observation of advocate commissioner by the High court was welcomed by the Orthodox Church.

The catholicose Baselios Marthoma Didymos I urged its faithful to attend the perunnal and receive blessings.

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2 Responses for “Orthodox Church Welcomes the Court Order to Open Thrikkunnathu Seminary Chapel”

  1. sali says:

    Please send the telephone number

  2. J.V. George says:

    As reported in the media, this year’s perunal at Thrikkunnathu Seminary went of peacefully moreover cordially between both the factions. It is with proud I would say that our Diocesan Bishop Mar Yuhanon Policarpose has added many a good friends from the Patriarchal faction since he took charge of the Seminary, as he maintains cordial relations with one and all who meet him.

    While the onus goes to both sides for maintaining the decorum during the feast days, the roll played by the Diocesan Bishop and the Secretary Very Rev.Fr.Mathai Edayanal Corepiscopa and the Seminary Manager Rev.Fr. Yakob, for opening the church to both the factions cannot be ignored. It is only due to their efforts and consideration to accommodate the warring faction this was made possible.

    The opposition feels that they have scored a point by getting an opportunity to equally share the praying time. They went on to claim the ‘rightful’ rather ‘riotful’ owner entered the Seminary. Instead of praising God for the opportunity they have got, they went on to convene a Press Conference and played the same number related to the ‘rekha’ (document) HB Thomas I has. This so called Rekha which HB Thomas is talking appears to be the same on the palm of his hand as narrated by Very Rev.Mathai Edayanal during the Kottayam Mahasamellanam.

    To counter the false claims raised by HB Thomas I, our Diocesan Bishop and Secretary were forced to convene another press conference to clear the doubts resulted out of the press conference of HB Thomas I.

    For those who have been to the disputed Thrikkunnathu Seminary Chapel will notice the condition of it. There are many churches in worst conditions than this due to factional feud. Will any human being keep their own houses like that?

    One should have been inside the Chapel when it was opened after 32 years. It was only due to God’s providence no body became sick after the cleaning. I also take this opportunity to appreciate all OCYM members along with the President incidentally our Diocesan Bishop for taking the initiative to clean it up overnight.

    Meanwhile, let us take into account the rough expense incurred on the Perunal days towards maintaining law and order.
    The Court fees, Advocates fees etc. should be roughly Rs.1,00,000/-
    Advocate Commissioner – Rs.25,000/-
    500 policemen for two days – each @ 300 per day – Rs.3,00,000/-
    Transportation cost is extra.
    I am not taking into account any other normal perunal expenses like Food, Kaimuthu, lightings, sounds etc.
    Add the individual expenses incurred by the Bishops, Priests, and laymen of both the factions who were forced to attend the Perunal to show strength of either side.
    Can we term this as genuine expenses? Aren’t they criminal waste of money?

    Instead of convening meetings and wasting money and time of faithful, if one has to practically think, the whole factional feud can be restrained. Can I suggest something practical? Let the litigation take its own time.

    Every Diocesan Secretary in consultation with the Diocesan council should contact his counterpart from the other faction and discuss the issue and find out means to work together to achieve the following.

    1. List down the number of churches closed in their diocese due to factional feud.
    2. Assess the condition of the church with the help of a structural engineer.
    3. Get an estimate for doing the maintenance work.
    4. Let both the factions equally share the expense for the work.
    5. Decide on equally sharing the church at an agreed time for services.
    6. Conduct joint prayer meetings atleast once a month.
    7. Find out possibility for out of court settlement.
    8. If not possible, await for the final verdict from the court.
    9. Agree that they will honor the court verdict and will not create trouble.
    10. The side that wins the verdict should then repay the expense incurred for the maintenance work by the looser with interest.

    I have a request to the Thirumeni’s from both the factions who are reading this posting, can’t your graces instruct your diocesan secretaries to take the initiative. Also the Diocesan Secretaries, please don’t wait for your Bishop to respond. We are not stepping back on our stand but we are keeping a stepping stone for peace.

    Jesus Christ during His ministry in this world was particular with finances. He paid the taxes and also acknowledged the two pence of the widow. There are so many widows and poor people who are offering their fewer pence in our offertory box. We will definitely be accountable if we do not use them wisely. This request in a forum like this may not be acceptable for many because it has not come from a learned court after paying lakhs and crores. Some may even consider this as a suggestion for giving up! But I am sure these are simple practical suggestions that can be practiced in any form of organization. Let Almighty prevail upon us.

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