Episcopal Election 2010: Post Your Opinion and Participate in the Exit Polls

on Jan 9th, 2010 and filed under Episcopal Election.

“The election process is governed by the criteria and code of conduct approved by us and which has subsequently come into effect.

As per this code of conduct, campaigning, overtly or covertly, by any candidate is sufficient reason for the disqualification of his candidature.

Through this Kalpana we inform you that we have appointed a Monitoring Committee with H. B Paulose Mar Milithios, the Catholicos Designate as Chairman to observe such activities and report to the Holy Episcopal Synod.

In case any Episcopal candidate who has submitted his nomination engages in any sort of campaigning directly or indirectly, overtly or covertly, the matter should be reported to the Chairman of the Monitoring Committee in writing with the name and address of the person reporting.” (Kalpana No. 482/2009 dtd November 24, 2009 from the Catholicos)

While reading this (the Kalpana does not define the implementation dates -when to when)

1. Many think that this Kalpana is not in force after the screening committee published the list of 14 candidates as instructed.

2. If the Kalpana is still in force, many wonder then what the meaning of the word “Election” is.

3. Some may think that it is a kind of Episcopal activism, sidelining the authority of Managing committee and the Malankara Association. Ultimately the very democratic nature of the church and its administration will be overturned. A kind of constitutional lapse.

Article 64 of the Church constitution says ” The Catholicos in consultation with the Malankara Association Managing Committee and according to the recommendation of the Malankara Episcopal Synod allocate Dioceses to the Metropolitans”

On the contrary, the official website of the Church says “The bishops rule the diocese assigned to them by the synod”. Is this a deliberate move to sideline the authority of Sabha managing Committee? Is the church itself violate the constitution?

What do you think on this? Post your opinions here and participate in the exit polls on this page and check back every day for new polls.

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15 Responses for “Episcopal Election 2010: Post Your Opinion and Participate in the Exit Polls”

  1. Dear All,
    I don’t understand why some people are wasting their time and money for degrading other Bishop Candidates. The Almighty God is already been decided and voted for those Candidates which will declare on 17th Feb 2010. You may please pray for them.

  2. Prof.K.K.Mathew says:

    I am sad to see some letters published to tarnish the image of Fr.V.M.James.
    If Gods wish is there I hope our Achans & all members who are eligble to vote will do the right thing

  3. Jacob Mathew, Bahrain says:

    Any Election requires a procedure and norms to be maintained.. Sabha is trying to streamline the procedure..

    The ultimate aim should be to get the right candidates for this holy position. It should not be mandatory as the candidate should be Ramban.

  4. I am an orthodox believer and awas a candidate for the last “ATMAYA TRUSTEE Candidate. I love my sabha and I am the 6 th generation. I am fromSt. Thomas Malankara Orthodox church in Philadelphia USA. I am closely following the election process. If I want to express my opinion representing the 99 % people.

    We need more unselfish,service oriented people.here after. The selection should be based on merit and contributions to sabaha so far. Who ever is coming out by this election should declare their assets to sabha and Should declare as part of our Sabha,not part of their family.

    I feel ashamed when my kids ask for this steps of election. I am not against the election.The minimum eligiblty for the candidates should be minimum 5 years of service as remban. Accept the rules and regulations of other religions for election. We need complete change in our system. I am sorry if I offend any one. We are the part of the whole system and our opinions should be valued. I need more of their contributions to ur sabha so far The eligibility should be judged impartially. My vote is for the most qualified person.

    Dr. Kurian

  5. Yesudasan,Ireland says:

    Why is the Exit Poll details removed from the site.Pl Continue with the same,atleast after the Managing Committe on 21st.

  6. Yesudasan says:

    where is the exit polls table.pl continue with the same.

  7. Yesudasan says:

    The association members are likely to get the datails of the candidates after the final selection of 11 candidates by managing commmittee.

  8. Editor says:

    Dear Varghese:

    This exit poll has nothing to do with their ratings. IOH only wants to prove that the Church does not give enough publicity to the candidates by giving their profile in any of their media. This is something unfair. USA voters know only their candidates. Likewise if the voters were from other region, they may not know these candidates too.

    Let me conclude. If this is an election, some means of publicity is needed either by the candidates nominees or by the Church itself, that we are lacking here. IOH thinks that it is an injustice done to the candidates. Without proper understanding of their candidates how will the Malankara Association Members would take part in voting?

    This is our concern too.


  9. Yesudasan says:

    Thank U Mr.Tharayil.

  10. Varghese says:


    If you notice the candidates who has majority in this current exit poll,the top 8 has served for American diocese and the voters of this exit poll are mainly belongs to american diocese.”How many of the episcopal candidates do you know personally?” is the poll.

    So defenitly this poll has no impact on real “Election”.To my knowledge all the candidates are equally good and on 17th Feb God will choose the eligible


  11. George Varghese Tharayil says:

    mr yesudasan thank u 4 for your comment,i am not interested,oru kariyum onnu parayatte ,ethil oru athmeeyumilla.good luck 2 u &ioh teams 4 exit poll survey.

  12. Yesudasan says:

    Everybody has got some wish or the other,it doen’t mean one has to heed to it,but we should see the likeings of majority.So let the church members have their choice atleast through exit polls,as all cannot attend the malankara association.Let us see the church members choice through this exit polls.IOH keep it up.

  13. Yesudasan says:

    If Tharayil is not interested,don’t vote , but there are others who wants to see their candidates coming up.

  14. George Varghese Tharayil says:

    Why orthodox herald is conducting such a exit poll or survey ???
    This is not a good idea for an episcopal election.This is not a parliamentary election system
    George Varghese Tharayil, Toranto, Canada

  15. Yesudasan says:

    This exit poll has nothing to do with the code of conduct.This is private seeking the church members opinion.The final result comes through the ballot on 17th feb 2010 at Sashtamkotta through the Malankara Association.

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