The Statues Of God And His Kingdom

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ministry of the royal priesthood. This is what the New Testament tells us. And we understand that worship of God, holy life; ministry and self-sacrifice are also essential factors.

The Kingdom of God remains a great mystery. It is revealed to those who approach it with faith. The parable of the Sower illustrates this truth (St. Mark 4:3-9). Many hear the word of the Lord. But holy life is given only to those that find the strait gate (St. Matthew 7:14) ‘which leadeth unto life’ (St. Luke 13 :23). Entrance to the Kingdom of God is limited to the small flock of sheep that hear the call of God and follow Him faith- fully (See St. Luke 21:32, St. Mark. 4:11, St. Matthew 13:1-15, Luke. 8:20).

Miracles and Signs

The miracles of Christ aroused the curiosity of the people. Most of them asked from where He got the power of healing and of casting out evil spirits (Mark 11 :28.). As long as they failed to understand the Source of His power, His miracles were bound to remain a mystery to them. Christ’s objective was not to arouse their curiosity but to guide them to the path of repentance, faith and everlasting life (St. Matthew 11:21, St. Luke. 10:13). That is why he refused to perform miracles at the request of the people.

It is the believers and the group that understand the real meaning of miracles and the signs of the Kingdom of God; they alone get the right to enter the Kingdom. We view the miracles and signs of Our Lord as the fulfillment of the prophecies in the Old Testament, the signs of the Kingdom of God, emancipation from Our state of bondage to the demon, and the signs of the second coming of our Lord.

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