Christ Is Born; Adore Him And Venerate His Humility

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His temple, and you rejected Him. That temple was destroyed by the Roman army 38 years in AD 70 after His ascension. No would-be Messiah could come into that temple after AD 70 in order to make this scripture prophecy true. Having all the temple records regarding Jewish ancestral genealogy destroyed in AD 70, how would you substantiate the “lineage of David” for any future Messiah? During the Holy Week, the Syrian Liturgy laments: “O Jews, your house has become totally empty …”

Yes, the Messiah came into His temple.

Even the very act of crucifixion of Christ was according to the Old Testament prophecy. “The Scepter shall not depart from Judah… until Shiloh (Messiah) comes …” (OSB Genesis 49:10). Actually the Jews lost their self-determining power as a nation immediately after the birth of Christ, around AD 7. They could not exercise the ultimate authority of administering capital punishment. They had had the absolute authority to condemn a criminal to death by stoning. But since AD 7, that authority was taken away from them by the Romans. That is why Jesus, instead of being stoned to death for blasphemy, was crucified by the Romans- the ultimate punishment inflicted by Roman law. This was to fulfill the prophesy that “…they pierced my hands and my feet” (OSB Psalms 21: 17).

St Paul in Galatians tells us that God sent forth His Son when the fullness of time was come (4:4). Jesus was to be born before the scepter departed from Judah, His birth at Bethlehem was determined by a Roman decree, His death by crucifixion was determined by Roman occupation of the land, he also had to come into his temple before it was destroyed and before records of his ancestry were destroyed….

Readers: This is not the folklore of a religious culture; it is history closely woven into divine prophecies. This is not the story of a Buddha or a Krishna or a Rama, the so-called avatars in eastern religions, or the prophet of any religion. This is the story of God becoming human. This story started with the Holy Trinity in eternity finding its meaning in time and space two thousand years ago by making the whole event part of human history.

About 900 years ago Anselm asked: Cur Deus Homo? (Why did God Become Man?) The Answer is simple: To restore the image of God in man. Unless we realize that there is total transformation needed in the totality of our person, we would remain still disfigured with the wounds and scars of sin. Sadly, we Christians do not realize that our divine similitude still remains distorted with our sins of pride, ego, impurity, sexual lust, fornication, adultery, gluttony, blasphemy, deception, and all the foundational sins that destroy the icon of our Creator in our persons. WE are Christians nominally; peripherally we act like Christians, look like Christians, worship like the early Christians and pretend to be Christians. From the top of the hierarchy to the bottom of the laity, we lack the presence of the Holy Spirit, because He cannot reside in us as a result of our belongingness to vices of this world.

Repentance usually is a theme for the Lenten Season before Pascha; but we urge every Christian to genuinely repent about his sins and humble himself in order for him to be cleansed from his iniquities. Then the Holy Spirit will abide in us and Christ Jesus will be born in our persons, our souls.

Jesus, we glorify Your compassion towards us! We venerate Your humility! We adore Your incarnation for our sake!


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