Annual Winter Show 2010 of MGOCSM North America on January 9

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NEW YORK: The Annual Winter Show 2010 of the MGOCSM of the Northeast American Diocese will be held on Saturday, January 9 from 12pm to 5pm. Festivities will take place at Saunder High School, 183 Palmer Rd, Yonkers, New York 10701.

“We are looking forward for all its members’ prayerful presence at this fun filled event” said the MGOCSM General Secretary of North America, Dn. Gheevarghese John.

The show will be restricted to the pass holders and the ticket price will be $10.

For more information on this event, contact Linju George, Bronx, Westchester and Boston area MGOCSM Council Member at: [email protected] or view the flyer

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