Dukrono of Catholicos Augen I Observed at Devalokam

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Incense prayer at the tomb of the catholicose Augen I-Devalokam Aramana Chapel -Photo by MOC media.

Incense prayer at the tomb of the catholicose Augen I-Devalokam Aramana Chapel -Photo by MOC media.

KOTTAYAM: The Malankara Church observed the Dukrono of the blessed memory of His Holiness Moran Mar Baselios Augen I, the forth Catholicose from Malankara at the Devalokam Aramana Chapel on Dec 7-8, 2009.

Catholicose Baselios Marthoma Didymus I, was the chief celebrant for the two day observation. Catholicos Elect Paulose Mar Milithios, , Metropolitans Dr. Mathew Mar Severios, Dr. Gabriel Mar Gregorios and Dr. Joseph Mar Dionysius assisted His Holiness. Rassa and incense prayer were conducted on Dec.8 after the Holy Qurbana.

Many priests, monks, deacons, seminarians and faithful from all across Kerala came to venerate the tomb of the Catholicos, Augen I, the holy father of the Church.

For further reading visit IOH Malayalam Edition – Dec 10,2009.

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1 Response for “Dukrono of Catholicos Augen I Observed at Devalokam”

  1. John Mathew, Toronto says:

    We must lament the loss of great leaders like Mor Augen who worked hard to translate Syriac texts into Malayalam. Unfortunately, we no longer have such useful scholars in our ranks.

    How many Syriac texts lie in a decaying state, unused and untranslated. We don’t even have a Fenqito in the Church nor a Beth Gazo translated into Malayalam (to say nothing of English!).

    For some reason, our Church abounds with “Ph.D.” and various “scholars” yet, none of them seem to want to do any translation work. (They do seem to be very good at raising money, however).

    The English populace is particularly poorly served by our bishops — we have to go to the Syriac Catholics for translations (which SEERI and Kurishmala Ashram — the later under the direction of European Catholic Priests — has fortunately engaged in).

    Perhaps we should have a rule: before a bishop is given charge over a diocese, he must produce at least one *high quality* translation of an unknown Syriac text into the vernacular.

    But please … no more transliterations which serve no purpose whatsoever. The human being is not a parrot nor a robot; we have minds that need to be engaged by proper translations of the liturgical texts that we can *understand.*

    Mor Augen — thank you for the texts you have provided us. Many of us lament the loss of such intelligent, capable leaders.

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