Ecumenical Christmas Celebration in the Nation’s Capital Concluded

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WASHINGTON D C: The Ecumenical Council of Kerala Christians in the US Capital celebrated 2009 Christmas on Saturday December 5, 2009.

On a wintry day blessed with the first snow falling, Priests and members from twelve churches and their friends assembled in the main sanctuary of the Southern Asian Seventh-day Adventist Church in Silver Spring, Maryland to participate in the Christmas service and to present colorful entertainment programs.

Priests from member churches led the Christmas service and added spiritual beauty to the program.

Celebration started with a singing procession led by the Spiritual Advisor, Fr. K.P. Varghese.

Renowned Evangelist and Educationist Rev. Dr. Sathynath Clarke delivered the Christmas message.

Dr. George Varghese highlighted the spirit of Christmas, and ECKC mission to help the needy brothers and sisters in our Homeland.

ECKC Vice President Dr. Mercy Thomaskutty distributed checks to member parishes equal to Indian Rupees Seven lakhs for aiding in the areas of “marriage, medical treatment, higher education, home for homeless, etc”.

A colorful souvenir with the address directory of church members was released by Joy Joseph on the occasion.

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