International Orthodox Psychotherapy Conference in 2010

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CHICAGO: International Orthodox Psychotherapy Conference will be held on June 21-25, 2010 at Cenacle Retreat House, Chicago. The International Orthodox Psychotherapy Conference is held every two years in venues across the globe. The purpose of the conference is to bring together Orthodox psychotherapists, counselors, social workers, clergy, students and lay persons for a professional level gathering of Orthodox who provide mental health care.

The conference provides the opportunity to share information, learn new approaches to problem solving, offer support to Orthodox professionals and interested clergy and laity, network and better apply Orthodox principles to their work.

Primary Organizers of this conference are Dr. Frank Johnson, an Orthodox gynecologist and professional counselor in Newcastel-upon-Tyne, England and Fr. Stephen Plumlee, Orthodox priest and psychotherapist in Sarasota, Florida. The first conference was initiated by Dr. Frank Johnson and Fr. Stephen Plumlee at St. Albans in the UK in 2001. Since then attendance has grown significantly for the next conferences. 2010 conference will attract Orthodox clergy and professionals from every corner of the world.

For more information contact Fr. Stephen R. Plumlee, Ph.D, MDiv (941-954-2125)
Email: [email protected] visit website

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