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Global Meet of Orthodox Entrepreneurs at Kochi on November 27

ramda-resort [1]
KOTTAYAM: One-day global meet themed as Global Orthodox Vision “A Beacon into the Future” will be held on 27th November, 2009 at Ramada Resorts, Kochi as per the recommendation of Sabha Managing Committee.

The main intention of this global meeting is to formulate the opinion of a cross section of the members of Malankara Orthodox Church including the intelligentsia, entrepreneurs, businessmen and other professionals across the globe.

“This being a public holiday, preceding the weekend, it would be easier (and tempting, of course) to spend the weekend in Kochi! On behalf of the Managing Committee, I request you to kindly make it convenient to set apart one day (27th November, 2009) for the Church and be an active participant in shaping the destiny of our Church. As a true son of the Orthodox Church, you would, I am sure, make this happen. It is your sacred responsibility and let not other pre-occupations prevent you from attending this Get-Together” said Dr. George Joseph, the Sabha Secretary in his circular on this.

His Holiness the Catholicose Baselios Marthoma Didymos I in his encyclical (No: 445/2009) reminded his faithful to attend the conference and to make the event a success.

To know more about the meeting and to participate, Sabha Secretary should be directly contacted at Mob. : 944 651 5099 or E-mail: [email protected]


1. To share in a common VISION of a Global Church
2. To recognize individuals who have excelled in their own fields and contributed to Church and Society
3. To get introduced to each other and NETWORK
4. To receive an update of the current happenings in the Church and create an effective feedback mechanism
5. To be partners in the MISSION of the Church. What can we do collectively for the future?
6. To work towards building up of our regional presence to the global level.
7. To open new avenues of investments and job opportunities.