“Orthodoxy – the Feeling of Orthodox Doctrine” – CD is Out for Sale

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ALBANY: Eight hours of presentation of the Doctrines of the Church by various reputed theologians, teachers and Fathers of the Church. This is a unique endeavor offering an exhaustive collection of materials on CD for the study of faith in Indian Orthodox Church.

The CD touches on various topics of faith of the Orthodox Church, known to cause confusions among the laity because of the clever planting of questions from Protestants who take advantage of the ignorance of our faithful. The CD positions itself to educate the faithful on the doctrines of the Church, as able defenses when questioned by those outside the Church, and for clinging onto in the midst of life’s challenges.["Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have" - 1 Peter 3:15]

Even though many outside Kerala cannot read and write Malayalam, they can listen to and understand the language. The topics are dealt with in depth to provide a comprehensive understanding of the faith doctrines.

Topics Include:
Blessings by HH Baselios Mar Didymus I Catholicose
Holy Virgin Mary – HG Dr. Thomas Mar Athanasius
Christian Symbolism (pratheekangal) – HG Dr. Mathews Mar Severius
Charismatism – HG Dr. Gabriel Mar Gregorios
Fasting – HG Dr. Zachariahs Mar Theophilos
Child Baptism – HG Dr. Mathews Mar Thimothios
Holy Saints – HG Dr. Yuhannon Mar Dioscoros
Church and the Bible – Rev. Fr. Dr. T.J. Joshua
Holy Sacraments – Rev. Fr. Dr. Jacob Kurien
Priesthood – Very Rev. Fr. Dr. K.L. Mathew Vaidyan Cor Episcopa
Christian Family Life – Rev. Fr. Dr. O Thomas
Are you Saved? – Rev. Fr. Dr. Kuriakose Thannikodu
Malankara Sabha – Rev. Fr. Dr. Jose John
Holy Cross – Rev. Fr. Abraham Thomas
Holy Qurbana – Rev. Fr. Jiji K. Joy
Tongues – Rev. Fr. Mohan Joseph
The Departed – Rev. Fr. Rinju P. Koshy

For enquiry please contact Fr. Rinju P Koshy at rinjupkoshy@ yahoo.com – 949 632 1455, 04734224255.

You may also send an email to mat430_2000@ yahoo.com for enquiries and if you need to order copies for your parish in the US.

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  1. Saju Chacko Kuttickandathil says:

    I have a copy of this Cd, Really wonderful work. We expect many more from Rimchu Achen

  2. Ron Bray says:

    I would like to purchase on rent CD’s on the Orthodox doctrines and other teachings. Any suggestions? Thanks

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