12th Anniversary of Dr. Philipose Mar Theophilose

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Philipose -Mar -Theophilos
ALWAYE: The 12th Dukhrono of Late lamented Dr. Philipose Mar Theophilose, the former Metropolitan of Angamaly and Mumbai dioceses will be celebrated on September 27 -28th (Sunday and Monday), at Thrikkunnathu Seminary, Alwaye.

The memorial services will be led by Geevarghese Mar Coorilose, Metropolitan of Mumbai Diocese, Paulose Mar Pachomiose Metropolitan of Mavelikkara Diocese and Yuhanon Mar Polycarpos, Metropolitan of Angamaly Diocese along with other Metropolitans and Priests of the church.

Mar Theophilose was born to Korah and Mariam of Kochupurackal family in 1911 and totally devoted himself to the service of the Church at a very early age.

Metropolitan was a beaming beacon of the Malankara Orthodox Church in international Christian world. Metropolitan was then called the ‘Ambassador of the Malankara Church’.

A documentary on Dr Philipose Mar Theophilose entitled ‘Dhaivathinte Snehithan’ (Friend of God), reflecting HG’s contributions to the Church,Society and even to the WCC, will be telecasted on Asianet Newschannel on Sunday, 27th September 3.30 pm IST.

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  1. Varughese (Georgekutty) Punnoose says:

    I cant wait to see the documentary. Theophelos Thirumani was a real stalwart of our Church. The one thing that still so fresh in my memory is the elegance and the spiritual radiance when His Grace stands up to adress a gathering, his deep and penetrating voice, scluptured words wre unique for Him. Let me mention an incident that happened in our life while we were members of St. Thomas Orthodox Church, Kalyan. We had to pass by a ‘sarpakkavu’ on our way back home (from Church and from a neighbour’s house). On Sunday evenings and in the evenings after a visit to that neighbour, our son used to cry unconsolably without any imaginable reason. One of the elder members of our Church thought there may be something to do with passing by the sarpakkavu and as per his advice we had Thirumeni lay his hands on our son and pray. In deed The Lord rebuked the enemy through His servant and our son did not have any crying episodes. Abhivandy Pithave prarthikkename.

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