Kerala Council of Churches Celebrated Sapthathi

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KCC Sapthathi inaugutation ceremony: Marthoma Valia Metrapolita lighting the lamp

KCC Sapthathi inaugutation ceremony: Marthoma Valia Metrapolita lighting the lamp

KOTTAYAM: The 70th anniversary celebrations (Sapthathi) of the Kerala Council of Churches, the umbrella organization of the various non-Catholic churches in Kerala, began in Kottayam on Thursday 26 August, 2009.

Marthoma Valia Metrapolita Philipose Mar Chrisostum inaugurated the Sapthathi celebrations of KCC by lighting the lamp.

Presiding the Sapthathi meeting, president of KCC, Bishop Abraham Mar Paulos of Marthoma Church said the organization had always taken positions which it deemed good for the society. This was taken in spite of the fact that, individual member churches had expressed dissent on various issues.

The Bishop said KCC would strongly intervene against the Court verdict that has decriminalized Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code. Pointing out that the Church leadership in Kerala had not reacted to the issue in a strong and effective manner, Bishop Abraham Mar Paulos said while decriminalizing the Section, the issue of Fundamental Rights was considered only in letter and not in spirit.

The Bishop also took serious note of the recurring controversy over admission in self-financing professional colleges during the past few years, especially during the admission period. Education should be viewed as the society’s long-term investment in the coming generations.

Rajan Gurukkal, vice chancellor of MG University,was the key note speaker.

Bishops Yuhanon Mar Milithos ,Thomas Mar Themotheos, Bishop Dr. sam Mathew, Euyakim Mar Coorilos, Kuriakose Mar Ivanios, Kuriakose Mar Eusebius- Fr. K.V. Paulose, Jaisey Karingattil and many others spoke. The Assembly ended on Friday.

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4 Responses for “Kerala Council of Churches Celebrated Sapthathi”

  1. Chacko says:

    Dear John Mathew!!
    Rare is to read , hear an opinion like yours. The unfortunate part of the church is that there are few “read” ( I am not mentioning “well read”) priests or layman, The animosity against the catholic church is so high that they prefer to identify with Marthomites

    Another interesting point is even the Holy Bible in the our church will be a protestent Bible. This is true in most of our churches (close to 100%)

  2. John Mathew, Toronto says:

    “Kerala Council of Churches, the umbrella organization of the various non-Catholic churches in Kerala”

    This has got to be the height of absurdity!

    Since when is the dividing line between the Catholics and the non-Catholics? And if the division is as such, since when have the Orthodox Churches been on the non-Catholic divide? We’re *NOT* in the same boat as the Mar Thomites!

    If we’re going to have such “umbrella” organizations, then certainly both Orthodox Churches should be in the same group as the Catholics — and *not* in the same boat as the heterodox Mar Thomites. The former are bona fide apostolic Christians with ancient rites and valid orders — the latter are thoroughly invalid heretical cults.

    Is there a Catholic/Orthodox only fraternity in India? Perhaps our Church should focus on building such relationships, rather than fraternizing with bogus heterodox cults such as the Mar Thomites and the CSI.

    When will we get real leaders in our Church? The Mar Thomites may have some “familial” relationships with us, since their schism happened more recently than our departure from the old Malabar Church from which both the Catholics and the Orthodox claim origin. So, our familial relationships with some Mar Thomites may be strong via intermarriage — but such genetic relationships have no bearing on the relationships between Churches proper. The Orthodox and the Mar Thomites are poles apart.

    The MOC and the MJC both belong in a group far closer to the Catholics. We are Catholic after all, barring our objection to the recent innovations if the Roman Church. The Mar Thomites on the other hand, are an unapostolic, uncanonical, heterodox, local cult of India. Their priesthood is invalid, and the orders are worth naught.

    It is shameful that our so-called leaders attend such foolish meetings.

    Yet another reason why an Orthodox renaissance is in order. Let’s purge the Church of these crypto-Protestant bishops and bring back some old fashioned, conservative Orthodox bishops to lead us.

    Or has Serampore and the fluffy, meaningless, useless “Doctors of Divinity” from Protestant universities saturated our Church with their novelty and

    How absurd is it that the Orthodox can battle the Jacobites for silly trivialities — with official sanction — yet we still let the Mar Thomites occupy *our* ancient Churches:
    1) in Maramon
    2) in Chengannur
    3) in Kottarakara — where the relics of our Saintly Priest Yohnan are buried without any respect or any dukrono?

    Let’s stop fighting against our brothers, the Catholics and the Orthodox, and rather get back our ancient Churches from the heterodox.

  3. Editor says:

    Yes, Fr.K.V.Paulose of Orthodox Church is seen in the picture posted there.

  4. Did our Church participate in the centenary celebration of KCC?
    I could not identify any of our Thirumeny in the picture.

    CCM achen
    East Brunswick, NJ
    September 2, 2009

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