New Office Bearers for Spiritual Organizations of South West Diocese of America

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HOUSTON: Metropolitan of the Diocese of South West America, Alexios Mar Eusebius had appointed following priests and laity to serve the various spiritual organizations and ministries for the Diocese until further orders through an encyclical to the parishes of the diocese.

Ad hoc Committee Secretary : Fr. P.M. Cheriyan (Houston)
Diocesan Finance Promoter : Fr. Joseph Kalapurayil (San Francisco)
Inter-Church & Public Relations Officer :Manoj Mathews (Houston)
Diocesan Auditor : Thomas Cherian (Austin)

Midwest Region : Fr. Daniel George (Chicago)
Northwest Region : Fr. Philipose Philip (Edmonton)
South Region : Fr. Mammen P. Mathew (Houston)
Southeast Region : Fr. Mathew Koshy (Atlanta)
West Region : Fr. Abraham Philip (Los Angeles)
General Secretary : Fr. Mathews George (San Antonio)
Joint Secretary : Dn. Mathew Alexander (Dallas)

Director of FOCUS & OCYM : Fr. Raju M. Daniel (Dallas)
General Secretary : Joe Varghese (Chicago)

Director of Sunday School : Fr. Mathew Koshy (Atlanta)
General Secretary : Alex Alexander (Dallas)
Director of OVBS : Dn. Joshua George (Dallas)

Director of Prayer Fellowship &
Mission Work : Fr. K.Y. Wilson (Dallas)

Martha Mariam Samajam:
Vice-President : Fr. George Paulose (Tampa)
General Secretary : Susan Thampan (Dallas)

Director of Counseling Department: Fr. John Kunnathusseril (Dallas)

Clergy Association Secretary : Fr. Rege Mathew (Dallas)

Family & Youth Conference
Diocesan Coordinator : Fr. George Daniel (South Florida)
Regional Coordinators
Midwest Region : Fr. Ham Joseph (Chicago)
Northwest Region : Fr. Philipose Philip (Edmonton)
South Region : Fr. Mathews George (San Antonio) & Rev. Fr. Sam Mathew (Austin)
Southeast Region : Fr. Jacob Mathew (Orlando)
West Region : Fr. Joseph Kalapurayil (San Francisco)

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