South West American Diocese Passed the Budget : 10% Goes for Charity

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The adÔÇÉhoc committee recognized the faithful of the church living in small groups in different towns/cities where they have no privilege in attending any Orthodox prayers. In order to coordinate these scattered members of the church, a Congregation Coordinator will be appointed shortly. The ad-hoc committee also recommended the Diocese Metropolitan to appoint a full time Aramana Manager who can help the Diocese Metropolitan in administration and co ordinate the new congregation activities.

An efficient Inter church and Public relations department will be formed to develop and establish a good relationship with other orthodox churches as well as our sister churches. Also to keep a good relationship with the Media, Community leaders and dignitaries as well as getting out the Good News we preach and good activities we practice to the outside world. Manoj Mathew (St. Thomas, Houston) has been appointed by the Diocesan Metropolitan to take charge of the new department.

The diocese will Give a high priority to launch a diocesan website has been discussed and approved.

The diocese will celebrate the diocesan day on first Sunday in June every year. The Diocesan Metropolitan also emphasized the need of celebrating Catholicate day and improving the collections in the diocese as it has been pointed out that the American Diocese was not fulfilling the anticipated target amounts. Metropolitan will be visiting the 5 regions in the diocese during the great lent to propagate the importance of Catholicate day and its collections.

Fr. John Kunnathusseril (Dallas), Fr. Joseph Kalapurayil (San Francisco), Fr. Mathew Koshy (Atlanta), Fr. P. M Cherian (Houston), Abraham Eapen (Houston), Alvin Thalappillil (Orlando), C. Thomas (Edmonton), Mathew Varghese (Detroit), Peter Varghese (Chicago), Dn. George Poovathur (Chicago), Dr. Zachariah Thomas (Houston ) and Manoj Mathew ( Special Invite, Houston ) attended the meeting.

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