South West American Diocese Passed the Budget : 10% Goes for Charity

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HOUSTON: The ad-hoc committee of the Diocese of South West America was held on Friday August 7, 2009 at the Diocesan Aramana office in Houston and unanimously passed a budget for $230,000.00 for this fiscal year. Diocesan Metropolitan Alexios Mar Eusebius presided over the meeting. Ad-hoc committee secretary Fr. P. M Cherian presented the first budget of the new diocese.

Centralized salary, home allowance, and family health care for the priests will be implemented in the diocese shortly. The committee approved a diocesan level grant for priest welfare and priest annual retreat expenses. Diocese will take initiative in supporting the theological students of the diocese and approved a grant per student from the diocesan account.

All diocesan spiritual organizations (Balika Bala Samajam/ Sunday School, MGOSM/Campus Ministry, OCYM/FOCUS, Martha Mariam Samajam and Prayer fellowship) will be reorganized. The committee recommended the Diocesan Metropolitan to appoint Vice presidents / General secretaries for all spiritual organizations.

The demarcation of the South West American Diocese into five regions for the convenience of coordinating the spiritual activities, seminars and conferences was approved. The regions are South East, Mid West, South, West, and North West.

A  Diocesan counseling center will be opened shortly. Fr. John Kunnathusseril (St.Marys church‐Dallas) has been appointed as the counseling Center director by the Diocesan Metropolitan. He is given the responsibility to start the Christian premarital counseling courses, to propagate family counseling awareness programs in all the parishes.

10% of the total diocesan income will go for charity and this will be implemented with immediate effect.

Metropolitan appointed K.V. Chacko (St.Thomas, Houston), Thomas Mathew (St.Stephens Houston) and Varughese Kuriakose (St.Gregorious Houston) as subcommittee members. A supplementary budget for purchasing the temporary Bishop House has been approved by the committee.

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