7 More Bishops for Malankara Orthodox Church

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holy-episcopal-synodKOTTAYAM: Sabha Managing Committee held today at Devalokam Aramana had decided to hold a separate meeting in September 2009 to discuss further on the recommendation of the Holy Episcopal Synod to elect 7 more bishops for the church in 2010. “This matter will be included in the agenda of the September meeting and the decision will be taken appropriately.” Said Dr. George Joseph, the Sabha Secretary to Orthodox Herald today after the meeting.

Holy Episcopal Synod of the Malankara Orthodox Church convened here on August 26 had decided to hold an Association meeting on Wednesday Feb. 17, 2010 to elect 7 more bishops for the church. This recommendation was welcomed by the managing committee and decided to hold another meeting with this agenda for a final decision. The next managing committee will also decide the date and venue of the coming Malankara Association. The age bar recommended by the Synod is 40 to 58 and Holy Synod authorized the Catholicose for extending the age up to 61 if needed.

The managing Committee also had decided to celebrate the centenary of the re –establishment of Catholicate in India in the year 2012 in Delhi and Kochi Marine Drive.

A committee was formed to revise the salary pattern of the priests of the church.

His Holiness the Catholicose Baselios Marthoma Didymose I presided over the meeting.

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