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Bombay Diocese Conducted Workshop for Sunday School Children

MUMBAI: Bombay diocese has taken a new step to familiarize the traditions of the Holy Church to the Sunday school children. A series of workshops are planned on Faith and Order in this connection.  The diocesan Metropolitan Geevarghese Mar Coorilos, on 8 August, 2009, inaugurated the series with the topic on “Holy Confession and Holy Qurbana” at St Mary’s Cathedral, Dadar.

Metropolitan Mar Coorilos, Fr. Jacob Thomas Karakkal (Sunday School diocesan Vice president), Fr. Jacob Koshy, Fr. Scariah Varghese, Fr. Jiji K, Fr. Joshua Abraham and Sunny Pariyaram, Sunday school diocesan secretary were the leaders of the workshop.

The workshop started with prayers and then an action song by Ritty Basil which the children enjoyed well. Sunny Pariyaram, introduced the theme to the children. He briefed the importance of Holy confession and Holy Qurbana.

Fr. Jacob Thomas, in another session briefed on Jesus’ life, important events of Malankara Church

On the topic “Holy confession” Metropolitan demonstrated on the preparation of confession, need for a true confession, preparations to participate in Holy Qurbana and preparations to receive Holy Qurbana.

Thereafter Fr. Scariah Varghese continued on the topic “Holy Confession and Hoy Qurbana” He emphasized Christ as a precious gift from the Heavenly Father.

The session ended with a song by Basil Kuriakose. Concluding  prayer was said by the Metropolitan.

“We look forward for the next workshop in this series. From this workshop we learned so much on our faith.” responded the kids after the workshop.