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Kaimuthu Issue – Much Ado About Nothing


There has been much ado about nothing (kaimuthu to the Priest). Kaimuthu is the fee given to a Karmikan for the Karma (wedding, baptism, house warming etc.). I remember to have heard from late H.G. Thoma Mar Dionysus two things about this. Thirumeni said that if Karma has to be perfect,the Karmikan has to be given the fee.

1. Late H.H Gheevarghese II used to make a Priest celebrate Holy Qurbana for His Holiness parents. Each time such Qurbana was completed,the Priest use to come and meet Thirumeni, Thirumeni used to give him a fee. On one occasion, a Priest who celebrated the Holy Qurbana and Doopaparthana was given the said fee as usual. Very politely he refused the fee from Thirumeni and Thirumeni told him that “if my Parents have to get relief and consideration, you have to receive this fee”. Only when the Karmikan gets the Karmic fee, the karma will get the full effect. Also I had several occasions to see Thirumeni compelling the persons who wanted to celebrate the Karma to pay to the Achens, Semmashans and drivers and also the Achens, Semmashans and drivers to receive the same.

2. Thirumeni told the Priest the example of the Qurbana sacrificed by Cain and Abel. Cain gave not the best he had. On the other hand Able gave the best he had got. Naturally Cain’s sacrifice was rejected and Able’s sacrifice was accepted. So the fulfillment of the Karma is in the perfection of the fee that you give for the Karma. Of course the Kaimuthu you are giving to the Priest or the Bishop is for the Karma they are doing. The drivers do not offer Karma and naturally they are not be given as much as that of the fee given to Karmikan. But the driver has helped the Bishop to come to the church and offer the Karma. Similarly a Deacon helps the Bishop to perform the Karma perfectly. So in that way they also are important in the Karma. Thus they also deserve a fee. It is not in the big amount given to them. It is the fullness of your mind is counted.