In America Canons Of The Church Dont Matter Right? Other Serious Violations Of Sacred Canons:

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We wrote rather extensively about it, because there are violations of this principle occasionally by some priests. We know priests who have chrismated persons of other faiths when it was morally certain that he/ she would never practice Orthodoxy. For example, one priest chrismated a woman, who was to be become the spouse of an Orthodox young man, when it was positively certain that the woman would never practice Orthodoxy; the woman was a Protestant minister, who is said to be still in the Protestant ministry. This incident was brought to the attention of his superiors; but no action was taken, because it was not politically correct.

A priest blessed another marriage in a Protestant church. In this case the bridegroom was a Protestant and the bride was Orthodox. The groom was never chrismated, because he did not want to go through any such rituals. The family of the bride asked the priest for an Orthodox wedding, and the priest went to the Protestant Church of the groom and solemnized that marriage! It is that easy. It was done, because it was also politically correct. Again, no action was taken!

Another example from this writer’s pastoral experience: An Orthodox young man was proposed to marry an Evangelical bride, who happened to be a physician. In order to get a physician as bride for their son, the parents bent all they could and consented for a wedding performed by a congregational pastor. This writer did not attend the marriage, but warned them that the boy would be automatically out of the Church if the couple had not come back to the Church and after chrismation of the bride marriage had not been sacramentalized within the Orthodox Church. The marriage took place at the Protestant Congregational Church as planned; but the couple did not show up for sacramental rectification. Another priest in the same town, after a year, accepted this couple into his parish without any sacramentalizing rites to bless their marriage and baptized their first baby! Priests do not have the scruple to do such things of blatant violations of Orthodox canons. Again, it was brought to the attention of his superiors. Either the priest or his superior should be scrupulous. None of them was. We think these superiors are either sleeping, or playing politically correct games.

It is in the canons of the Church that our priests should never distribute communion to heretics and schismatics. There are few exceptions to this rule, if the communicant is from an ancient Church that teaches the same or almost same doctrines regarding the Holy Eucharist (if the communicant is coming from a heretical group this is never applicable). For example, during the World War II, there was no Roman Catholic chaplains in the British Army in India. The Papal Nuncio in India requested the Orthodox Church to offer sacramental services to the Roman Catholic soldiers. The Catholicos of the East appointed Bishop Mar Thoma Dionysius, later Metropolitan, to be the military chaplain not only of the Orthodox Syrian soldiers in the army, but also of the Roman Catholics. Bishop Dionysius heard the confessions of the Roman Catholic soldiers, pronounced absolution over them and gave them communion. These are not normal circumstances. But what about a person who left the Church to become an Episcopalian, the American counterpart of the Church of South India, a Protest denomination? A novice from one of our convents did the same, and approached for communion from this writer, which he declined. But she found another Orthodox priest who was very willing to serve communion to this woman whenever she visited his church. This was brought to the attention of a Committee that sponsors faith-related activities of a region. There was no one to declare that this priest was doing something wrong. To spotlight him was not at all politically correct.

This same priest has a reputation for serving Holy Communion to non-Orthodox people in the past. He is still continuing that practice. Did any hierarch point his finger at him and say that he was doing wrong. No one had the courage to face him and tell: “Shape up or ship out”. Again, it was not politically correct.

During an ecumenical function, an Orthodox priest conducted an Orthodox Liturgy. In the middle of the liturgy, during the Diptychs, out of courtesy, this Orthodox priest asked the Protestant minister, who was standing by, to recite all the priestly prayers, and the latter indeed said those prayers. Why didn’t he ask the Protestant minister to offer the prayers of consecration and epiclesis also? He would have been more popular then! Did any superior take any action against him? No. It was not politically correct. It is said that this Orthodox priest is serving a congregation in the western United States with more ecumenical fervor.

An educated Orthodox priest invited Marthomite ministers to preach sermons in Orthodox retreats and conventions. His superior was informed about it. But there was no action of reprimand. The mother church in India does not permit any of her clergymen to be part of Ecumenical Evangelistic Conventions. Tragically, it is reported that Orthodox priests are active participants of such conventions in Chicago and Dallas.

Will the Orthodox Syrian Church of India remain faithful to her apostolic faith when Jesus comes back? This writer seriously doubts it. It is this writer’s opinion that we posses a lackadaisical priesthood within the episcopal and presbyteral orders.

Let us all pray for our hierarchal and presbyteral leadership so that they may understand what true Orthodoxy is, and they may understand what they re called for

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5 Responses for “In America Canons Of The Church Dont Matter Right? Other Serious Violations Of Sacred Canons:”

  1. John Mathew, Toronto says:

    Too bad we don’t have more priests like Chor Episkopos Thottapuram. The degradation of the Orthodox Church in America (whether Syriac or Indian) is sad to see. Unfortunately, as always, we lack good leaders to enforce good discipline. Of course, it would be better yet if we had knowledgeable scholarly priests like Fr. Thottapuram.

    Unfortunately, we’re at a cross roads: we maintain the historic hyper-respect for priests and bishops out of tradition — even when the fraudulant and incompetent one’s due damage to the Church.

    Will the Church ever regain a Synod comprised of decent, saintly, scholarly fathers? Or are we doomed to this downwards spiral of ignorance, incompetence and corruption?

  2. SamThomas says:

    The Editorial Article By Very.Rev .Thottupram Chor-Episcopa regarding violationsof sacred Canons are to be looked inton by the hierarchy seriously than getting money/favours from rich violators who consider the church is their own convenience.

    Another issue is Baptism. Many people baptsize their kids in church without preserving the values and traditions of orthodoxy.The parents and Godfather/mother must follow/observe church regulations.In one of NY parish therewas a baptism ceremoney held,after the Holy Qurbana. The God father did not participate in Holy qurbana. He came for baptism after an hour later of Holy Qurbana.The Priest gave him holy sacrement after Baptism .The Godfather do not usually attend orthodox church service.He only attend orthodox church in twice a year on christmas day and Easter sunday whereby the guy usually come during Besmelko.How can such a guy be a God father who can profess orthodoxy?How can he bring up the child in Orthodoxy.

    In america thereare no such canons any times it is like “The Fence eats self the harvest”


  3. Saji ( Thom) says:

    I strongly believe and agree with Mr. George Thomas. However the words ” flipping all Orthodox cannons to suite our situations and likings( more than situations , the likings is the suitable word). Our priests are forced to bow to the desires of the strong men who claim to be the structure bearers of the Church. The canons and the traditions of the Church have no value here and are manipulated to the conveniences.. that’s correct.

    I sincerely pray for the Diocese to ……………

  4. George Thomas says:

    It is an eye opener. In my 5 years of life in the USA I have found we flipping all Orthodox cannons to suite our situations and likings. Our priests are forced to bow to the desires of the strong men who claim to be the structure bearers of the Church. The canons and the traditions of the Church have no value here and are manipulated to the conveniences. The higher ups too are shutting their eyes to all these attrocities and attacks on the Chuch, as that seems to be politically correct. Are there any body who are listening?

  5. Dn Geevargheese says:

    Excellent. It’s about time.

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