Who Rules Our Lives Today – God Or Money?

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Money is important and we need to have enough of it in our lives. However, there is another way to live responsible lives upon this world. We should pursue lives of stewardship instead of slavery. It is called the way of the cross, the way of faith, the way of love, trust and thanksgiving. It means learning that our lives are not defined by what we have, but by what we do with what we have in the service of Christ. It means learning to be content with whatever the Lord has in store for us good or bad. Learning to be good stewards of all God puts in our hands little or much. Working hard while trusting God in his plan for our future, both in the abundance as with the scarcity, caring for our neighbor as ourselves, putting our gifts in Gods service, not only to help ourselves but caring also for others.

The truth is that a man’s life consists not in the abundance of the things which he possesses – Luke 12:15. Life is more than clothing, eating, drinking and money. Wealth is not the greatest good. It is just a tool and as all tools it should be in our hands and not in our hearts. Wealth is not the greatest rest, it is not the greatest happiness. It is not the ultimate blessing or the unconditional sign that God is with us.

There is a richness, of which wealth knows nothing. It is the richness of the abundance of faith, and charity and compassion and love and peace. It is the blessedness of a heart filled to overflowing with the grace and goodness of the Lord. Such a heart can be deprived of all the benefits of this world and is still content, because of the greatest riches of the spirit, which cannot be taken away, which remain for ever. And this is where a catastrophe like the Tsunami, Katrina and Earthquake may come to help us. It gives us and opportunity to examine our priorities, to see where the treasure of our heart really is. Which Master are we pursuing? In which God do we trust? Is it God or wealth/mammon?

All the evil related to the human side of wars, catastrophe, problems within churches and parishes can be traced to the demon of self-interest, and egotism. The principles that govern God’s people according to his righteousness are directly opposite to the demon of wealth. Wealth cares for things over people. God cares for people over things. Wealth cares for comfort over kindness, while God for mercy over affluence. Wealth cares only for self. God cares for self and neighbor. Mammon cares for money. God cares for stewardship. Mammon loves temporal glory. God cares for eternal glory. Mammon cares for appearances but God cares for truth.

Our church has run into trouble because it has ignored the teaching of Christ. Whenever the righteousness of the kingdom has been compromised by worldly interest and temporal glory the Church of God has suffered loss. We have abandoned his true worship. Our church is in the forefront when it comes to charity but we are still at war with our neighbours. The elder generation might tell us that we do not understand the sentiments attached to all the faction fights that go in the Church. True peace and love can never be restored when the Gospel is compromised…however high the stakes.

‘Seek ye first his kingdom, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.’ No one can serve two masters. We must chose between the justice of the kingdom or the service of mammon. We cannot serve self interest first and the kingdom of God at the same time. All of us are charitable by nature and we do a wonderful job but let me take this opportunity to make a humble request to my young brothers and sister who have jobs. Please GIVE openly and freely. Never has anybody in history become a pauper because of his/her charity. God loves a cheerful giver. This is a time to examine ourselves and reassess our priorities, to order them according to the values of the kingdom. Let us renew our vows and commit our whole lives to the honor and service of God and his kingdom.

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1 Response for “Who Rules Our Lives Today – God Or Money?”

  1. kc thomas says:

    Excellent article.
    It certainly calls attention to the corrosive effect of affluence on the soul and the personally destructive effects of materialism. Although Capitalism has improved peoples lives tremendously and alleviated untold suffering, it has a much lamented Dark Side too.

    This detrimental effect on the individual leads to an inevitable coarsening of society if not tempered by some sort of spiritual awakening. From what I have seen of Kerala, it’s youth are in the midst of an unleashing of these forces of modernity (capitalism and individualism along with a sexual revolution) – both the good and the bad. And so for Kerala as elsewhere, “Things are in the saddle and ride mankind” – at least for the immediate future.

    “The elder generation might tell us that we do not understand the sentiments attached to all the faction fights that go in the Church.”

    And therein lies a tragedy in the making. A young person might well ask how strong really is the transformative power of Christ’s teachings if the egos that foster factionalism are unable to make peace over what appear to be relativley simple matters of Pride. In the impressionable minds of the youth, we are weighed in the balance and found wanting.
    One might suspect that the damage in terms of the church’s ability to reach its youth, and thereby ensure its future, may well be incalculable. Especially in America where in the vigorous free market of ideas, they have other churches to turn too if they so choose. Parental wishes with regard to such issues do have an influence on their children’s choices, but they are not determinative by any means.
    It is a grave mistake to underestimate the disempowerment of the Church’s mission as a consequence of factionalism among its members.

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