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The Youth Must Face The Changes Of The World Courageously


As lion share of the members of the Orthodox Parishes in UAE are youngsters, these Parishes could be called Youth Parishes and the youth could donate very valid and creative contributions than elders, with their unity and enthusiasm, said Fr. Dr. K.M George. He was presenting the main theme (the presence of Christ in a changing world) of the annual Zonal conference of the Youth movement units in all parishes in UAE, held at St. George Orthodox Church, Abu Dhabi on 2nd Dec 2003. Whenever a new President takes over the office in USA, in his maiden message to the nation, declares about the steps planned for the changing world in the coming years. This is on a misunderstanding that he is responsible for the world order. It is only because of a false understanding known as ‘Megayo media’. It is a renewed attempt of colonization of the past. This truth is revealed clearly in the famous poem in English “A Whitman’s burden” H.H. The Pope gave the rights of the countries in the west to the Spanish and the right of the countries in the east to the Italians in the16th century. As a result a team under the leadership of Vasco De Gamma reached India and another team under the leadership of Columbus reached the North America and they established their colonies. In those days the Popes believed that it was their responsibility to look after the world order.

We could come to know that there was a world order from the creation, as explained in the Holy Scriptures. Cosmos is the right word to be utilized in the meaning of Universe and all the creations in the universe. Its literal meaning is the order. It has got another meaning ‘beauty’. The word related to the beautification is cosmetic. The melodious and dynamic world order established by God has it’s own uniqueness, attraction, transparency. In the view of the contemporary Presidents of USA, all world orders are in great disorder. That is why the Government of USA has occupied Afghanistan and Iraq. Indian Orthodox Church is a founder member of the World Council of Churches from 1948 onwards. WCC had selected ‘Man’s order and disorder’ for the study and perusal in 1948. Instead of disorder sometimes we use the term ‘violence’, (in Malayalam, we use ‘Akramam’ meaning which is not in the ‘kramam’/order) which also literally means disorder.

In 1998 H.H. The Pope John Paul had invited all Catholic Bishops to Rome to think about the stand to be adopted in the new Millennium. Fr. George was lucky enough to attend the Synod, representing the Indian Orthodox Church as a special invitee. During the Synod days H.H. The Pope used to invite a few to dine with His Holiness. One day Fr. George was also invited for the dinner with His Holiness. When Fr. George got a close audience with His Holiness, he asked the Pope, “Today the entire world is looking forward to the future with fear. What is your Holiness’ advice to the world?” The answer was not spontaneous, but very quietly and affectionately His Holiness answered, “I don’t think that there is nothing to worry as there won’t be frightening and poisonous events in the 21st century as in the case of 20th century.” Fr. George considers this answer from the practical knowledge of His Holiness, as he might have seen the cruel brutality of Hitler when he assassinated 6 million people cruelly.

When we analyze the main changes in the world in the past, we come to the conclusion that the changes do occur without pre-intimation or pre-knowledge. No one could provide prophecy. The origin and development of religions had a decisive role in the changes in the past. When Buddhism was originated, its impact in India was not much. But it had tremendously affected the neighboring countries of India. All are aware of the changes that took place across the globe, soon on the establishment of Christian and Islamic religions. In the beginning years of Christianity and Islam, the changes were so vivid and superfluous. They had resulted in the wonderful results. The changes under any circumstance, would pave the way for the betterment of men and society, For example he pointed out the progress achieved by the UAE. Within a short span of 30 40 years, these areas, where we find lines of thousands of skyscrapers, number of trade centers, as well as a number of beautiful and convenient gardens, with net works of most modern net works of roads. As a matter of fact, now all cities are having high density of population. This sort of changes is always ideal and beneficial to mankind.

Fr. George exhorted the young men to be alert and brave to do good in the world, which is always changing. We all know that Mother Teresa is equally honored and respected by millions of people of different faiths in India At the same time one western popular writer has written a book on Mother, where he has criticized Mother thoroughly in the book. The young men must attain braveness to resist the evil powers, which hinder the growth and development of all sorts of deeds for the good of society. St Gregory of Nazianzes has rightly said, “The evil nature has no matter or permanent signs of presence. It is just like the blackness, and the absence of goodness is the evil”. We are sure that the darkness in a room could be vanished by bringing a small /big lamp in. When the light spreads, the blackness will disappear. In the absence of clear lights a piece of coir on our way on foot might be misunderstood as a snake and the sudden fear and anxiety rose in us could not wiped out completely so soon even after confirming that it is not a snake, but only a piece of coir. The lack ness of the real wisdom and understanding is the main reason for the unnecessary fear and anxiety. By quoting (the late) H.G. Dr. Paulose Mar Gregorios, he said that the chances are plenty for the youngsters could attain bravery and unity and the roots is the base of our faith. The rational thinking has no influence in the faith and no one could follow faith with rational thinking. Fr. George exhorted the youngsters to learn the definition of our St. Gregorios of Parumala about prayer by heart and also to follow it them in their lives. In the honey verses of the saint it is said that the “prayer is the enthusiasm of the young age, the dependence of the youth and peace of the old age”.

He advised the youngsters to attain transformation of their minds so that others in need would consider them worthy to depend. All youngsters were requested to accept the prayer life as their own identity as a person who is in constant and continuous prayer could not cheat or disturb others. Usually our dreams would turn as realities. Those who dream a good future have to aim the goodness, prosperity and blessings of the society, with an open mind. So also we should not permit selfishness to reign our dreams. By quoting (the late) H.G Paulose Mar Gregorios, he insisted the youth to include the society around us in our dreams and to long for the better position of it. He exhorted all listeners to enjoy the abide ness of the Lord God who remains in the changing world without any change and also enable others around us to enjoy this great experience. By reminding the responsibility of one and all in sharing the joy out of enjoying Godly presence with others, Fr. George concluded his speech.